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Over 30 million copies of Rockstar’s GTA Trilogy have been downloaded from Netflix

The GTA Trilogy by Rockstar has amassed over 30 million downloads on Netflix, which is a somewhat surprising but still interesting piece of news. Who would have imagined that such popular games would be played so extensively, given how easily accessible they were?

In December, Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas were released on the platform. To download them, you need a Netflix membership and a phone or tablet that works with the platform. Thanks in large part to the games listed, Netflix’s fledgling mobile game download business saw an immediate boost with the arrival of Rockstar’s timeless classics, tripling monthly downloads (thanks, Eurogamer).

By now, the year is halfway through, and over 30 million people—mostly in the United States using Apple devices—have downloaded these games, according to data gathered by mobilegamer.biz. The majority of players chose to go back to Grove Street; GTA 3 downloaded a respectable 3.3 million copies, Vice City 6.5 million, and San Andreas 20.5 million.

Have you been one of the millions of people to launch the GTA Trilogy on your smartphone? Do these impressive numbers from Rockstar’s back catalog come as a surprise to you, or is this expected? Don’t fill the comments section below with all of your data.

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