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Players in Helldivers 2 Help Sick Children, and Developer Arrowhead Gives to Help Save the Children

In the most recent Major Order, players of Helldivers 2 made the selfless decision to save a group of ill children who were left behind on Vernen Wells rather than using the available Anti-Tank Mines strategy again. Developer Arrowhead has performed a charitable act of its own by contributing to the actual organization Save the Children in honor of this ...

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The PS5’s Photo Mode for Alan Wake 2 Hints at a Few Surprises

These days, most significant releases come with some kind of photography feature, so it’s difficult to recall a time before photo modes. Some developers don’t always prioritize letting players take pictures, so this feature is added later. A recent update that is currently available brings Photo Mode to the critically acclaimed Alan Wake 2. As shown in the trailer above, ...

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Shawn Layden, who used to work for PS5, isn’t hiding how he feels about Xbox

Since Microsoft’s executives bought Activision Blizzard for an unbelievable $69 billion, they have been quick to say that they don’t like Sony’s marketing deal with the Call of Duty franchise. Phil Spencer, the boss, told IGN that he wants to let players choose “how you play your games” and that his company won’t do “slimy platform things.” He didn’t directly ...

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