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The Epic Mickey Switch Remake successfully incorporates “Motion Controls To Analog Sticks” and greatly improves the camera functionality

In a recent Nintendo Partner Showcase, exciting news broke that Epic Mickey, a beloved Wii game from 2010, is set to make a comeback on the Switch. This time, it’s coming back in the form of a “faithful remake” called Disney Epic Mickey: Rebrushed. The senior producer of the remake, Pan Schröder, has recently provided additional details about the upcoming ...

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The End! Nintendo Closes 3DS, Wii U Online Servers

Today marks the long-awaited day when Nintendo’s promise to discontinue “online play and other functionality” for the 3DS and Wii U has finally come to fruition. Brace yourselves, for the end is here! The online services for both of these systems have been officially discontinued, signaling the conclusion of Nintendo’s network generation. In a puzzling move, Nintendo has decided to ...

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Splatoon 3’s upcoming Splatfest, centered around a weekend theme, is set to begin later this month

Nintendo has revealed the theme for the upcoming Splatoon 3 Splatfest, and as expected, it will vary depending on your region.The event in Europe is scheduled to take place on the 17th and 18th of February, centered around the intriguing question, “Which day of the weekend reigns supreme?” The availability of Team Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is open for anyone ...

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The award-winning cozy mining adventure ‘Core Keeper’ switches next year

Yesterday’s Indie World Showcase featured Core Keeper, a 2024 Switch mining sandbox game, and other adorable games. Despite being set in a mine, this pixel art farmer/builder has Stardew Valley-like vibes. Core Keeper by Pugstorm draws you into an ancient underground area via a mysterious relic. You can explore the caverns, defeat enemies, upgrade your skills, or gather resources to ...

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3DS/Wii U Online Play Ends “Early April” 2024

Nintendo will discontinue “online play and other functionality” for the 3DS and Wii U in “early April” 2024, a long-awaited announcement. Official confirmation: Nintendo: “In early April 2024, online play and other functionality that uses online communication will end for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U software. This also includes online co-operative play, internet rankings, and data distribution.” Remember, it’s “early April”—do ...

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Netflix Adds Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry, More Animation

With Devil May Cry and Tomb Raider getting their own animations as part of Netflix’s ‘Netflix Drop 01’, we’ll be eating well in the coming months. Although we’ll have to wait until 2024 to see either of these, Netflix has released short teaser trailers to indicate what to expect. We also got a new trailer for Captain Laserhawk and an ...

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Cute Pokémon-Style Roguelike ‘Evolings’ Hits Switch Today

Super Rare Games and Sørb released Evolings, a Pokémon-style roguelike, on the Switch eShop for classic creature-catching fun. This one lets you explore procedurally generated maps, find cute pixel art creatures, and build the best fighting team. From the challenge to complete the ‘Evopedia’ to the ability to evolve your team by battling well with them, this game has a ...

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Onimusha Shines in Netflix’s First Anime Trailer

Netflix released the first trailer for its November 2, 2023 Onimusha anime. Takashi Miike (Audition, Ichi the Killer) directs Capcom’s dormant action franchise, Onimusha, which released a remaster of Warlords in 2018. The show promises “realistic action” and stunning animation. Expect Miyamoto Musashi, the main character, to be familiar. His inspiration was Toshiro Mifune, a legendary Japanese actor who appeared ...

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