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Bandai Namco confirms a summer showcase full of news and announcements

Bandai Namco has confirmed that next month it will have its own “Summer Showcase.” On July 5, the presentation is set to happen at Anime Expo and is said to be “heavy with announcements, reveals, and first looks at anticipated anime games.” It works!

The show will begin at 17:30 PDT/20:30 EDT and go on for more than an hour. For those of us in Europe, this means that we’ll have to stay up late because the next day starts at 2:30 BST/3:30 CEST. Not at all ideal.

Still, this place might have a lot to see. There’s a good chance we’ll see Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero, Gundam Breaker 4, and the brand-new Sword Art Online game, Sword Art Online Fractured Daydream, again. We wouldn’t rule out brand-new announcements, though, because of the venue and the length of the show.

There have even been rumors that a new Tales game is about to be released. We guess that such an announcement is possible, but we can’t help but think that Bandai Namco would have shown it off at Summer Game Fest, where there are a lot more people. Thoughts and prayers are still with you.

Are you going to watch this one? In the section below, tell us all about your favorite anime.

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