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The Xbox One vs PS4 battle is taking an unexpected turn

Xbox One vs PS4: Microsoft is turning the tide

Believe it or not, the Xbox One is actually making a real comeback at the moment in its “fight” against the PS4. Sony has been leading in the “console wars” for ten consecutive months until November when Microsoft finally ended that winning streak. Now according to the latest data disclosed by Google, it seems that people have in fact been been very interested in the Xbox One this year. The console managed to grab seventh place in the search giant’s top 10 trending consumer electronics list for 2014. In other words, a plethora of people used the search engine to learn more about the Xbox One, while also undoubtedly looking up all the various promotions and price cuts announced by Microsoft these last several months. But what about the PS4?

Strangely enough, Sony’s console is nowhere to be found on the top 10 list even though most people would agree that it sold more copies and is arguably more popular than its rival. Be that as it may, people’s search patterns on Google reveal that the Xbox One actually sparked quite a bit more interest than the PS4 did. It’s worth mentioning that this list is in regards to global search results, although the situation in the US is more or less similar. According to the statistics, the Xbox One ranked sixth in the United States this year while the PS4 is still missing in action on this list as well.

At the end of the day Sony continues to lead in the console wars by a few million units in terms of sales. However, both consoles are now just one year old and the situation might very well change next year for all we know. But sales aside, in 2015 we’ll see plenty of great exclusives for both the Xbox One and the PS4, so we can safely say that next year will be an awesome one for gamers regardless of your platform of choice.

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  1. Microsoft will never win in the long run. Playstation have bigger community, better games and cooler consoles

    • sounds more like : guess, opinion, and personal preference.

    • Can’t believe someone actually said “cooler consoles”.

    • Wow fanboy alert everybody hide bullshit in coming.

      • You can feel the great saltyness from afar. A financial shipwreck like Sony cannot afford to win in the long run, damage is too big to control.

        #GoP FTW

    • “Never” is a very big word considering that these consoles are only one year old. Anything can happen in the new few years.

    • Bigger community? In what games besides Battlefield? Have you played Killzone? It was a ghost town after 1 month. Barely had over 1000 players at a time but after a month in was in the hundreds. Great community for an exclusive. I got a PS4 for Killzone because I thought it had potential in the competitive community. Boy was I wrong. I don’t count Battlefield because Dice readily admits that PC is their targeted platform.

    • Xbox is arguably the “cooler console”. The PS4 is a great console, and has better GPU. With that said all it does is play games, it is just a souped up PS3. The Xbox does quite a bit more than PS4 in terms of features.
      I also have a feeling that despite all the ribbing MS took for the Cloud, that along with DX12 will increase the Xbox capabilities over time.
      Jan 21st and the Windows 10 event may lead to more “cool features”. If MS brings universal gaming and apps on Windows 10 systems and Xbox that will be cool.
      Not trying to discount the PS4, it is a great video game console, but when you factor in all the Xbox other features, and things that I think may be coming soon, thinking Xbox might end up a little “cooler”

    • Opinions they’re a wonderful thing.

  2. What come back? They sold because it was $330 with like 3 games. Thats a good deal. 3 price drops In one year n still behind. As for most searched video game, I believe people searched xbox one because they were interested in buying it or Intrested in laughing at MS bungles. No real big blunders from Sony yet. So not much negative info to search for. I like phil spencer tho.

    • The drop from $499 to $399 was not a price drop, it was a SKU change. You don’t get a $150 peripheral with the $399 package that is include in the SKU. Xbox has been discount $50-70 dollars over this holiday. Other than that it really has had only 1 price drop.
      What happens if MS holds it price at $349? My guess is that Xbox will hold lead going forward for a bit in the US/UK which will reduce gap in global sales.

      • The PS4 is a better system and offers more value. Xbox One can’t compete so Microsoft is hoping a lower price will fool people into buying one.

        • what substance is there to your rant? what are you basing this on?

          Microsoft has lied before… EA has lied before… Sony has lied before… Activision has lied before…. So don’t just look at one company and put them on an island…

          I have a PS4 and that camera can’t do what Kinect does… Don’t even try to put the cameras on equal playing fields…

          Your rant would hold more weight if you were to go with, PS4 games tend to look better than One games…

          And please expand on the more value thing… I would love more media options on my PS4, especially since my PS3 phatty just recently got YLOD…

          • Since when do people buy $500 consoles to run cell phone apps and CDs? You’re reaching really far Xbot. LOL

            The PS4 has all of the multimedia features you need. The PS4 has MP3 support, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Amazon, Plex, SUPERIOR WEB BROWSER, and soon it will have HBOGO. Everything else like DLNA, is just nit picking and redundant. Apps can be added to the PS4. Multimedia apps don’t determine a console’s value. Everything has these apps, like TVs and phones. All you really need is a web browser which the PS3 and PS4 have allways had.

            Microsoft had all of their apps locked behind their Xbox Live paywall because they’re greeding. Even Internet Explorer. Go look up PlayStation Vue. That is what next gen is really all about. It’s about new innovative services that are better than the old, which is somthing that Xbox One fails to deliver.

          • psn: showeezee … Look me up… so there ya go…

            is HBO-GO here now?… is DLNA here now?… PS4 web browser is superior compared to what? …

            Are apps locked behind paywall now?…
            Is Playstation Vue here now?…

            Let’s talk about right now… today… when you talk about value… don’t give me someones past, while hiding the skeletons of the other deep in a closet… Don’t talk about the future, because you don’t have a pinpoint answer to the release of future updates…

            Talk about right now today…

            You try to defend your position on what was… and whats to come… I didn’t pay $400 to wait years…

            I just saw 10consecutive months of updates on the One… 10 updates that brought features to a console..

            The type of productivity isn’t just exclusive to one company…
            It makes me question what Sony OS/features update team are doing…

            The have the best developement studios in the world taking care of games…

          • @ShowanW:disqus

            Media features don’t sell the consoles, games do. Sony learned that last generation, keep up brah! 🙂

          • so ur saying that you play games for 10+ hrs a day?

            I paid $400… for $400 it better do more than “game with better graphics” thats what I’m saying…

            If I wanted to game only I wouldn’t pay $400… I would just get a Wii U

            Once you past $400 it better do more than game…

            So I’ll stay at it… brah…

          • @ShowanW:disqus

            so ur saying that you play games for 10+ hrs a day?

            Nope I said that Media features do not sell the consoles. You read English right? Try not stuffing words in my mouth, I can do well enough talking all by myself. I am a grownass man brah.

            I paid $400… for $400 it better do more than “game with better graphics” thats what I’m saying…

            It does more than just game, check out the Apps section in the PS Store! P:) Also if you are saying you PAID $400 for it which means you already have the PS4, so obviously a PS4 sans the media features you want is worth $400, by evidence of the fact that you PAID for it. 🙂

            If I wanted to game only I wouldn’t pay $400… I would just get a Wii U

            Given the lack of 3rd party title that would be a poor choice for gaming. Wii U has even fewer media options. Didn’t you play with your Wii enough as a teenager? 🙂 LOL

            Once you past $400 it better do more than game…

            Says the guy who already paid for the PS4.


            So I’ll stay at it… brah…

            Keep it real brah, REAL DUMB!

          • I brought a PS4 for gaming obviously.. Which was inFamous (which I didn’t like at all)

            But also bought it because it was bragged that it could do what the PS3 did and some…. still waiting for the “And Some”

          • Real talk brush wii u is better then a ps4 if we talking “gaming system “

          • You realize that Microsoft IS a software company? Of course they are going to be better with updates. You shouldn’t have expected anything less. If you did you were clueless. They hire the best programmers in the world with the best incentives. Sony is a hardware company and they make better hardware. That is why their machine is better. They don’thave the luxury of paying top dollar for the best programmers or have as many as MS. Programmers are more expensive to hire then Engineers and really MS has no need for them as they are mainly software company. For that reason Sony has better Engineers.

          • I know that MS is a software company… But updates (that add features) isn’t exclusive to them now is it…

            The PS4 is on the market now… The hardware for the system (Other than HDD Space) isn’t going to change…

            So guess who’s turn it is to step up… the programmers…

            The Xbox One will never be more powerful than the PS4 under the hood… But once the Xbox was out on the market… Microsoft made the programmers get on the grind.

            Im not asking Sony to give me an update every single month… They don’t have the programming team MS has… But they could have gotten 3-4 updates out for 2014

          • You must not have gotten my point that MS NOT ONLY HAS MORE PROGRAMMERS THEN SONY BUT HAS THE WORLD’S BEST. They make billions in profit and can afford the best programmers and also many more.

          • like I said… Sony could of still gotten more than 2 updates out… 2major updates since launch… No pass on this

            Once again, I don’t expect the PS4 updates to 1=1 to Xbox updates… Never did, never will…

            Just like I didn’t expect a software company to build a better box than the hardware company…

            but here is the thing… the xbox is out and MS isn’t resting on whats there, MS is on the grind to make turning on the Xbox into an experience.

            Sony has gotten they’re beast of a machine on the market… Why havent they increased they’re staff on the software front now. If the PS4 is carrying the WHOLE company right now, shouldn’t almost all eggs be in that basket (even if it’s only for a set amount of time.

            If they can ramp up staff for Xperia phones (which are VERY nice but don’t sell like Galaxy, Nexus Phones)..

            Then they can ramp up staff on PS4.. Which is selling in droves…

          • @ShowanW:disqus

            So what if your PS4 cam can’t do what Kinect does, the features of Kinect aren’t exactly in high demand or the Xbox One would be selling better. Obviously people do not care about Kinect in a general sense.

          • IF Kinect was so important MS wouldn’t allow Xbone to sell without it either. So I agree with you.

          • @gamezrule:disqus

            Given the GPU changes to give more power to the XBONE and not KINECT, MS realizes Kinect is kind of a gimmick too.

            It’s not as bad as NES ROB, but gimmicky nonetheless.

          • True.

            MS had to rethink the whole Xbone IMO. Hence why a new SKU was placed on the market, ( without Kinect ) while no longer making ( or needing ) developers to fully support Kinect in their games or for Xbones basic functionality?

            The whole Xbone was built for online usage around Kinect and IMO nowadays the Xbone has since done the complete opposite due to the outcry from gamers. While PS4 remained with the basic ideas?

          • Millions of people who bought Kinect disagree with you. some people do not care about Kinect, but others do. Speak for yourself

          • Me and the the wife are using it for Xbox Fitness its incredible. Plus with the PS4 you dont have everything connected to it. Xbox one is able to switch from Netflix to TV back to gaming and answer my Skype calls so its essential.. The PS4 is only used for Playroom.

          • Xbox fitness is a joke. You might as well just dance around the house like an idiot for hours to youtube videos. You won’t make any significant progress.

          • Have you actually tried it?? I am guessing no…Just the fact that my wife is engaged and have seen significant progress tells me you don’t have a clue.

        • U are probably the dumbest person or the dumbest Sony fan on earth to write such a comment and not worth answering ! Xbox has much better exclusive games this year, better UI and features, better controller, better online service, thus makin it a better system. It was Sony who copied other systems throughout the years, and not the other way around.

          • Xbox One is garbage. Don’t defend it. The Xbox One controller has no universal headset support, no touchpad, no speaker, no ruble motors in the handles, no motion controlling tech, and no rechargeable built in battery.

            Xbox One has less exclusives. It doesn’t have a single AAA exclusive while the PS4 has at least 2 AAA. The Xbox One exclusives re timed 3rd party scams with no value.

            Xbox One UI, is laggy, slow, and a messy cluster f*ck.

            Xbox Live is garbage. Microsoft had to copy PS+ because Xbox Live was such a scam and rip off. Xbox Live has less value, has no SharePlay, has worse DVR quality and less DVR features, has trouble Live Streaming, and has gone down more times in the past 2 months than PSN has in the past year.

            Xbox One has no new next gen features. Everything it does was on last gen or the PS4 allready does. Remote Play and SharePlay are next gen. Microsoft coppied Remote Purchases and Profile Bios from Sony.

            Xbox One is a weaker wannabe PS4 with less games, and more LIES. Sad but true.

          • That John Doe kicking Xbot’s asses with the TRUTHHHH

          • If he was telling the truth I would agree with you. But he’s not..

          • How is he not telling the truth?
            4 months later, the stuff he tells has only proven even more so to be factual evidence. Just wanted to chime in to tell you… we told you so.

          • I don’t know who “we” is but I still don’t agree with him. People tell me a lot of things, doesn’t mean they are true

          • Impartial Consumer

            While I will agree with your points on the lack of features in the xbox’s controller, the cluttered UI, you do however lose all credibility there after with your belligerent tone. Exclusive AAA titles? Maybe you’ve heard of Halo and Titanfall. If you want to argue specific to xbox one, then there’s sunset overdrive, but don’t tell me half the exclusives for Playstation count as many of them are remakes as well or they’re indie titles which aren’t what we’re discussing. I’m not even going to bother addressing your accusations against xbox live as a simple Google search will pull up the relevent facts there.

            As far as new features go, I wasn’t aware of the ability to snap in apps on my 360/ps3, or on the ps4. I could list more features, but you probably didn’t bother researching the console and instead joined in on the hate-train.

            Also, Microsoft isn’t the only company that’s lied. Sony just got in trouble for promising the ability to play games through the vita and ended up having to credit its customers. To address the xbox one’s performance, a little research will shed some light on the choices that were made regarding the hardware. An example is the esram size on the diespace vs gddr5 and it’s perceived availability at the time, and the issues that places on the number of available compute units for each console. In the end both companies cheaped out this generation as they were able to profit on the hardware from the start.

            Now I would like to point out that I do not own a PS4 simply because any games id want to play are either cross platform, or exclusive to Xbox. More importantly though I would never berate another person for simply choosing a different console than mine.

          • So basically for u a next gen controller is when it doesnt use AA batteries and supports universal headset and has a touchpad which is of no use and a blue light which no one cares about. The xbox one’s controller reachargeable battery life lasts 3 times longer than the PS4. Plus it has rotors inside the analog sticks and still is the best controller especially for shooting games unlike the PS4 controller. Another info that u dont know or u pretend knowing which is: Here is PS4 exclusives for until now (excluding the indies cause they are not considered AAA titles):
            PS4: Killzone, Knack, Infamous, Last Of Us Remastered, Drive Club.
            Xbox One: Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse, Dead Rising, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, and Halo: MCC.
            And i believe the whole world will agree that this year’s xbox exlusive are much better and bigger.
            Plus if u consider the PS4’s UI is better is because maybe ur blind or ur too much of a fanboy. Microsoft is the best software company in the world and always had the beat UI on every xbox console it created. Just look at the difference between the 360 and PS3. Plus xbox 360 had cross chat
            while PS3 didnt. And PSN was down for a month and used to crash and get hacked until now, whereas Xbox Live is a powerhouse. When xbox live was created in 2002, Sony didnt have anything similar or close to it during the PS2 era and waited for years and years to do something like it. So who’s copying who ? Plus when PS3 controller imitated and copied the Wii controller’s motion sensor, it failed and was a complete disaster, and with no rumble feature at the beginning.
            Stop pretending Sony did everything cause it didnt do shit since the original playstation cause it copied the idea from Nintendo. Bottom line is Microsoft is one of the most powerful companies in the world if not the most, and Sony is the one of the weakest. Seems ur a kid. Go educate yourself before speaking.

          • If only you knew what you were talking about.. if you did maybe people will take you seriously. Unfortunately it is all too obvious what a sad fanboy you are

          • Xbox is not slow it does rumble in the handles and I think in the trigger I do think that it needs to have a built in recharchable batteries but the touch pad I don’t want on my xbox controller that thang looks like shit and the sound that ps4 controller makes I have a headset that I can hear sound through I don’t need that eaither

          • The Xbox controller is superior to Playstation in ever way possible.

          • @Tony

            He makes a point, people don’t need their consoles to replicated their smart phones and tablets.

            Games sell consoles, Sony learned that with the PS3. Media functions didn’t hurt, but at one time there was more movie watching on PS3 than gaming and that didn’t help their perception as a game system.

        • The Xbox is one of the best consoles I’ve ever played on u just a PS fan boy

      • Maybe the US but not globally. US still beat xbox globally.

    • The reason why Xbox One was most searched is because people don’t type in “PlayStation 4” when searching for “PS4” news. PS4 and PlayStation 4 are different searches.

      Even with 2 price drops. Xbox One is less value than the PS4. Xbox Live Games with Gold offers less value and it is a rip off of PS+. Xbox One is weaker, has a more expensive web cam, and a less functional controller that runs on AA batteries with no motion controls, so Microsoft can rip you off with a recharge pack and a fat ugly headset adaptor. Microsoft also locks party chat and “free to plays” behind their garbage Xbox Live paywall while both are free on PS4.

      • I google “PS4” and “X”… which almost automatically googles Xbox One

      • You must not own a Microsoft system haha, you don’t know a damn thing. But, go ahead and tell us on this thread that you “own both” to gain acceptance in the stupid fan boy wars.

    • Tell me when a price drops isn’t a factor in console sells? If anything within the 10 months since launch, PS4 was cheaper …simple. It wasn’t because there was any more value difference from either console. Both played multiplats, provided similar entertainment and content value for a launched console and overall had on even mediocre exclusives. But the determining factor at the end was price.

      No real big blunders from Sony yet?! Name me a big blunder this past few months from Microsoft and I’ll name you the BIGGEST blunder from Sony now. ;D

    • Forgot to mention as well the people that jumped on the exchange discount most places were giving people who brought their 360’s and or PS3’s to buy a bone……. They were offering up any and all opportunity in order to move more systems.

    • lol
      microsoft is almost offering a ferrari to anyone who buys an xbox one.
      price cuts, plenty of bundled games, etc etc, and YET, all they manage to do is selling like 5% more units in the UK and North America. again, LOL.

      i love this gaming press. i really love.
      last gen, if the ps3 had sold like 10 million units, and the x360 had sold like 10.5 million, we would get thousands of articles saying “ok, it’s over, the war is over, microsoft won the war, they have sold an extra half a million units, it’s fantastic how it is performing great, definitely, the best console gamers should buy”.

      but this gen, when the PS4 has sold almost TWICE the number of xbox one, which currently, should be around 16-18 Million ps4 VS around 7-8 million xbox one (we know how microsoft and their magical excel sheet always tell the truth…specially with their ‘ohhh, 100 millions monsters were killed on X game, 150 million miles were run, on Y driving game, etc etc), and by the end of december, they should be close to the 20 million mark (i still have to buy mine, i could have bought it day one, but i had like 30-40 AAA games to play, bought and offered via PS+, it was really hard to resist, but at least, now, when i get it, i will be able to buy plenty of titles, +50-70% cheaper, like killzone sf, diablo 3, gta5, tlou, resogun, etc etc, and plenty of other fantastic titles, like infamous ss, etc etc), while the xbox one, will have barely reached the 9-9.5 million mark.

      and while last gen, 1 million difference would be enough, to declare the war won, this gen, with such huge difference, people keep saying the war isn’t finished yet, bla bla bla. double standard, for sure.

      fanboys may still think that suddenly, microsoft will catch up sony. but microsoft do know that this huge difference, it’s dead. do you fanboys seriously think that suddenly, the xbox one will start selling millions of units, and the ps4, will only sell 10 units per month, worldwide ?

      look at 2014, and the close to 20 million units sony will have sold. and that, with relatively few games. now, imagine 2015, where microsoft only has 1-3 big titles, that won’t be available before the end of 2015, while sony, the floodgates will be open since january, and ps4 owners will be getting more and more and more new AAA titles, and indie titles, too. bloodborne, the order, uncharted 4, and many other, are just a few titles from the huge list. do you fanboys think the ps4 will suddenly stop selling ?
      i can be an arm, that any driving fan, that doesn’t own a ps4, if the guy goes to his local store, and there is Driveclub, running on an upscalled 4k 55″tv, with the weather effects on, i am sure, 9 guys out of 10, after seeing how the game looks like the real thing, will go home with a brand new ps4.

      just like me, who will grab the ps4 now, there are millions of new guys that will do the same. my nephew just received his ps4 has a birthday gift, even though he spends most of his time playing gta5 with his friends. he loves playing fifa15 on his ps4, with his friends. there are at least 3-5 of his friends that are going to buy a ps4 as well.

      that ps4 will never stop selling. new gamers won’t be able to resist. even a 90yo grandmother knows what a playstation is. xbox ? what is that ?

      and gamers, they ALL KNOW the ps4 is much more powerful, and that, despite what big websites, like for bes, ig n, game s pot, pol y gon, ed ge, eu rog amer, etc etc, will state, with all their hate, by always praising their national brand, the xbox, and by bashing anything from sony, specially its exclusive titles.
      gamers DO know the ps4 can run games at twice the resolution, or twice the framerate, compared to the xbox. not only that, but textures, antialiasing, everything is better (no, the 26fps on aa creed unity on xbox one VS 24fps on ps4, that means only the game engine is a huge shiit). gamers know there are tons of exclusive games coming for the ps4, next year. gamers do know ps4 games will only look better and better, when devs finally start using gpgpu computing, the 64 command paths, the 18 acus, and the tons of fast gddr5. games gonna look incredible. just look at what the gpu computing can do with the weather effects, in Driveclub. that’s only the beginning. gamers do know the ps4 is the best console, period. all the crap from fanboys and all this american websites, who desperately bash sony, and give great scores to xbox games and console, even with that, almost 20 million ps4 will have been sold, in 2014. now, just imagine if these websites had written the unbiased and correct articles, and had praised the ps4 like it deserves: right now, there would be like 25 millions instead of 18. but hey, why would these american gaming websites tell their american gamers to go and buy a foreign ps4, instead of a national xbox one ? why would they do that ?
      as a result, fantastic ps4 games get average or low scores, ALWAYS. and the xbox one, any title will get at least a 9/10. everything is done to promote the xbox brand. ps4 exclusive titles get killed, one by one, with poor scores, due to arguments like “ohh, the game brings nothing new to the genre: it’s a 6/10”. meanwhile, a 720p running at 14-24 fps, with last gen ugly textures and graphics, like dead rising 3, will get tons of 9/10 scores.
      yeah, everything is done so this gaming press can say “hey, gamers, you see, the xbox one games have better scores, you should buy an xbox one”.

      despite all these articles, ps4 gamers aren’t stupid.they stopped believing in all those poor reviews from those big websites. last gen, there were always 2 separate reviews of the game, because it was important to show people that the xbox360 version was 1% better, and should be the definite version to buy.

      but strangely, i mean, strangely, this gen, now that the ps4 versions ARE ALWAYS far superior, in graphics or framerate, all these websites stopped doing 2 separate reviews. WHY ? is it because the ps4 would always get a much better score ?
      BUT, if the xbox one was the most powerful console, just like last gen, we would be getting 2 reviews, where the ps4 version would get a 8/10, and the xbox one, a 9.5/10, and the reviewer would be begging gamers to go and buy the xbox one version.
      BUT because the ps4 IS the most powerful, NO, no separate reviews and scores. NO. because we don’t want the 30-60 million of american gamers to read articles and reviews where the ps4 version is the big winner, with the best score, best graphics, best framerate, best everything. NO, this press don’t want that. that would hurt their national brand sales. SO, this gen, there will only be one review for all platforms.but now, you know why.

      microsoft turning tide ? lol
      what’s next ? the xbox one at 199$, with 8 games + a 65″ 4k lcd ?
      funny how all these articles make it look like the xbox one has outsold the ps4 WORLDWIDE. when, actually, it’s only in uk and north america, and only by a few %, during only one month. but when we see IG N article, it looks like “ok, it’s ok, folks, it’s done, microsoft did it, it’s outselling the ps4, nothing can stop it now, come on, let’s go and let’s all buy an xbox one, yeah”. IG N…

      rendez-vous in 2 months, here. and we’ll see how high the tide is.

      • Damn Microsoft screwed me out of a Ferrari!

      • PS4 is outselling Xbone and pricing hasn’t really got anything to do with it ( past console sales proved what I’m stating when the more expensive PS3 outsold 360 )

        So now Microsoft dropped Xbone in price to match PS4’s pricing it’s been shown that Xbone still hasn’t picked up in the sales department when compared to PS4. ( It took a Black-Friday / Holiday Nov- bargains to help sell )

        So it’s not pricing alone but when you look back at what MS wanted to do in their policies with Xbone you’ll find out that’s why gamers really haven’t took a shine to MS or their console. ( Hence why MS dropped many policies after the back lash made to them from the public towards their ideas and products )

        Gamers have always shared games and sold them ( MS tried to stop gamers from doing something we gamers have always done ) NOT a good move from MS or any company for that matter. In fact Microsoft had to backpedal on a lot of the system’s original ideas within weeks. Microsoft has been playing catch-up ever since.

        Yet Sony is doing very well selling PS4 with a relatively weak exclusive line up and has been outselling Xbone in World Wide Sales, so just watch the sales boom when the exclusive games start flooding in. ( The same thing happened on PS3 )

    • Exactly it will be a different tune after January, once it go back on par with PS4.$399.99 for the standalone and that AC bundle at $450+. Xbox One will go back to being runner up, let’s face it no one wants to pay the same price or more for the Xbox One standalone or bundles. I’m not being a PS4 fanboy, I own both systems but the temp price cut and free games good for MS temporarily. People screaming deep pockets but they are still in it for a profit. Nov/Dec MS taking $160 dollar hit with that Xbox One AC Bundle(Example:$50 price cut,ACBF$50, ACU$60). That’s why its temporary for a reason But loose that price cut and free games, goodbye momentum.

  3. Heh, watching fanboys arguing about console wars is funny.

    • True but look on any good news regarding the Xbox One and I guarantee the first poster will be a Sony fanboy with some non factual and completely boring negative comment.

  4. Bigger community? In what games besides Battlefield? Have you played Killzone? It was a ghost town after 1 month. Barely had over 1000 players at a time but after a month in was in the hundreds. Great community for an exclusive. I got a PS4 for Killzone because I thought it had potential in the competitive community. Boy was I wrong. I don’t count Battlefield because Dice readily admits that PC is their top platform.

  5. It is an inferior console, with an inferior fanbase.

  6. Sony is Garbage and they always have been bye bye tossers Playstation division up for sale soon

  7. Ponies are the dumbest fuckin fanboys ever man they are retarded read the comments below and mine and see what I mean sore losers can accept facts that PS4 is a failure

    • The Xbox One is a failure. Xbox fanboys can’t accept facts. Microsoft had to drop the price just to compete after lying to everyone for years. Xbox One is trash.

    • Look at this tryhard people. I see negative comments from both camps. The only people raging are the xbots. Xbox is only for dudebros and whiny kids. Proof? Look up any Multiplayer match on xbox and you hear a million kids shouting and cursing. And I talk to some guy about Xbox back at launch and that convo made mebrealize I made thebright choice. He said, something to this effect, “I likes dem xboxes, looks shiny and purty. Ps4 ain’t got nothing on xbox. (I pretended I was on his side and asked what he thought was better about xbox1) Merican made man, that’s why, whooo! Dem japanese fellers better watch it they make ugly machines because they ugly.” Imagine how shocked hebwas to see me pick up a ps4. Lol. This is your fellow xbot my friends.

    • The only failure is your stupid whore of a mother who neglected to have an abortion and spare the world your uneducated ranting. You say PS4 is a failure when it’s outselling the Trash – Box by a ratio of 2 – 1 wordwide? How much of a worthless POS does that make the Xbone then you ignorant fucking piece of scum?
      Uneducated, hypocrite, inbred hillbilly trash like you should be denied access to water or air.

  8. You are flat out wrong

    Xbox rats are desperate. Only thing MS made a comeback in is releasing the shittiest console of the gen.

    • If ever you want an example of a Sony fanboy here he is “you are flats out wrong” known to talk absolute crap, has about 20 user names and even used to use them to up vote himself until he was outed

      • You are flat out wrong

        Another nutjob. How are those no games working out for you?

        • Why don’t you up vote yourself ?, I see you are still “Patrolling” all the Xbox One news, i don’t see how you can possibly be using the PS4 and it’s indie games when you are patrolling 24/7.

          Anyway I’m off for a game of Sunset Overdrive and then a bit of Horizon 2, later on I shall be giving EA Sports UFC a try as it’s just been add to the EA ACCESS vault which is exclusive to Xbox One.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Obviously those aren’t my accounts if I’m not upvoting myself right now.

            How about you exercise a bit of thought? Oh wait, you’re an Xbot, you can’t do that.

            Gloating over that EA Access con too. Keep paying for subscriptions on top of subscriptions like a good gamer.

          • So true…the guy is a complete freak. Patrolls every xbox one article posting negative nonsense all day. ExtremeDerp, Demfax are 2 of his accounts. Embarassment to sony and the ps4. Dude did you see how fing sweet the storm island DLc expansion is on Forza Horizon 2 ?!?!

          • You are flat out wrong

            Awwww, how cute, FlopzaFailEver crawls out of his gutter to whine about regularly getting slapped about by yours truly. How about you stick to one account, loser? :^)

    • Calling people who have on a different platform “rats”. Obvious sign of a no good fanboy.

      • You are flat out wrong

        Just someone tired of the Shitbox malignancy.

        • You just have an unexplainable hatred for all things Xbox. you can phrase it however you like though.

          • You are flat out wrong

            That nasty reveal after three years of Kinect shit was enough to turn anyone against the Shitbox brand.

          • I guess if you take those things so personally… I never had the original Kinect and I didn’t mind the reveal. No used games would kind of suck but the family/friend sharing more than made up for that in my opinion. That was going to save me a lot of money.

          • You are flat out wrong

            “I didn’t mind the reveal.”

            Yeah, that’s how you can tell a shill.

            If you honestly think publishers would have allowed 10-people sharing when the current system is on two, I’ve got a oil-excreting mollusc to sell you. :^)

          • Uh yeah.. that’s what they were planning as far as I could tell. I don’t really sell my games so the drm didn’t bother me. I’ve gone almost all digital anyway, especially with the better deals on the Xbox store this generation. Haven’t had to change a disc since March.

          • You are flat out wrong

            I don’t either and that bullsh*t could f*ck right off.

            Enjoy being ripped off with those “better deals,” shill. :^)

          • I’ll decide if I’m getting ripped off. I feel more ripped off with my ps4 than my Xbox one. But honestly I don’t feel ripped off from either. Both systems are great.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Let’s be honest, those digital prices are laughable. May as well just go retail 95% of the time.

          • Just bought Dragon age deluxe edition for $45 on Xbox live. It’s been out for one month

          • You are flat out wrong

            And I’m about to buy Lords of the Fallen and Metro Redux which are substantially cheaper than retail for the first time ever. Congrats to us for finding the exceptions to the rule.

          • You make the mistake of thinking that there is a rule.

          • You are flat out wrong

            As long as no one else is affected by your head being buried deep in the sand, that’s OK. :^)

      • You are flat out wrong

        Truth hurts, eh mate?

        • I don’t know, you tell me. You’re the fanboy. The truth is you’re a no good fanboy. It doesn’t hurt me because I’m not you. So, does the truth hurt?

  9. ..haha no . xbox has only just reach 9 million (announced 16 hrs ago ) ps4 has reach from today 16 million . ROTFL!

    last time xbox was on 8 million and ps4 was at 14 million

    • Your talking about VGChartz !!!! you do know that is made up as there are NO official figures outside the US.UK and Japan right ?.
      That’s just poor damage control.

      Only MS and Sony know the numbers and until they officially announce them at their shareholder meet it’s all just make belive.

      • nope these are official numbers ! xbox still has sore arse!

        • Last month Microsoft announced that it sold over 10 million units of Xbox One, ((( which represented the number of units shipped to retailers ))) whereas the recent figure of 9 million units from VGChartz represents the actual sales to consumers. ( But NO official sales figures to consumers has been released from MS )

          • Sry, to correct you, but the “almost 10 million sold” figure from MS for the whole year, not nov. But yes, 9.1 million sold to consumers is more or less official.
            While the 16m from sony is only shipped (or sold to retailers). In the first few month, sony could tell you the numbers, because shipped = sold, because the ps4 was just outsold. but this changed a little while ago. the PS4 is meanwhile available everywhere. So 16m shipped/sold to retailers PS4s worldwide is correct.
            Both consoles are still selling very well. It was just the first year and we have an adoption of over 20m current-gen consoles. That’s really great. Also xbox is still not available in all markets. But I don’t think that this will make a lot of difference. MS seems to ignore almost every marked except US and UK. No big promotions or something like that, …. good deals, somehow yes but no one knows about them, e.g. because there is almost not tv-spot or anything about xbox (e.g. in germany).

          • *”Sry, to correct you, but the “almost 10 million sold” figure from
            MS for the whole year, not nov. But yes, 9.1 million sold to consumers is moreor less official”*

            What are you going on about? How are you correcting me?

            It was last month ( 12 nov 2014 ) that MS announced that it sold over 10 million units of Xbox One which represented the number of units shipped to retailers.. ( Not once in my post above did I post anything about sales being JUST nov-month sales alone lol )

            ( I’m correct )

            As for the recent figure of 9 million units from VGChartz representing the actual sales to consumers. ( There is NO official sales figures to consumers released from MS )

            ( I’m correct once more )

            Lastly the PS4 selling over 10 million units to consumers back in August is 100% correct too as like I stated ( Official figures from Sony ) showed this to be the case. Sony stated this figure at their Gamescom presentation.

            As for your 16 million PS4s, I don’t know why you go on about that as no official figures from Sony can back your claim up.

            The only claims that are official from Sony are the 10 million PS4s sold to consumers back in August and the later report from Sony that they recently released showing 13.5 million PS4s sold in the period of its launch last November 2013 through the month of September 2014 which was held in their quarterly report..

            So how have you corrected me?

          • Well Sony stated they sold 13.5 mil a couple months ago. 2.5 mil since sounds reasonable

          • As I stated, *So how have you corrected me?*

      • @Bramstons:disqus

        Actually VGChartz does a very good job of estimating data and updating it when there is an error. Most of the beefs people had with VGChartz were long ago, they aren’t as accurate as the industry sites, but there data is not that far off.

        They do a far better job with accuracy than this rag you are reading.

    • A Xbot’s argument would be… but… but… but… ” Today is opposite day! “

  10. Turning the tide? Don’t make us laugh. The PS4 sold more globally ( for 13 months ) Xbones WW-Sales are not even close to PS4 sales. It’s not looking good IMO especially considering the price cuts Xbones had over the last few months as well as removing hardware like *Kinect* to lower prices and it’s STILL not outselling PS4 world wide.

    There’s been price drops / SKU Changes and still Xbone lags behind PS4s WW-Sales. That’s no comeback, and that’s the truth☺

    • U an angry sony freak? Hating microsoft because you chose another system doesnt make your wishes come true. Fact is microsoft is a better company than sony…look at their financial positions….and xbox one a better console than ps4.

      • If you say so.☺

        PS: I’m not hating, but posting real facts. = The PS4 sold more globally for 10+ months / Xbones WW-Sales are not even close to PS4 sales.

        As well as

        Considering the price cuts Xbone had over the last few months as well as
        removing hardware like *Kinect* to lower prices it’s STILL not outselling PS4 world wide.

        As well as

        There’s been temporary price drops / official price drops / SKU Changes and still Xbone lags behind PS4s WW-Sales.

        All the above are facts ( not hating ).

  11. As it should be. Bye bye ponies.

  12. There have been articles and reports claiming this since the systems have come out. Except it is all speculation and has yet to show any validity.

  13. My god, so many negative Xbox comments. It amazes me how many Sony fans bash the Xbox for succeeding.

  14. /sigh… People, peeeeeople, PEOPLE!!! A healthy “war” is good for all gamers, period!

    Do you think we’d see the aggressive change in XBOne Microsoft policy (pricing, SKU change, etc.) if it weren’t for Sony? Remember when Microsoft thought they could treat us like sheep? I do. Sony has been guilty of this in the past as well. If either becomes dominant they will resort to the same anti-consumer/anti-gamer tactics of the past. These tigers cannot change their stripes and shame on us if we expect them to.

    We need to understand who these companies really are. They don’t care about you or me. It shouldn’t be Xbots vs. Ponies it should be Gamers vs. MicroSony. It is up to us to ensure a long fought battle in the marketplace and PREVENT the end of the war. If the war ends, we all lose.

    But as long as the war rages we benefit. So to Xbots I say “congrats on the Battle of November.” To Ponies I say “grab a Coke and a smile, chill out and play some f’in games!”

  15. I’m not a fanboy at all,I love games and I own all three consoles. All have great exclusives.Fanboys can say what they want but even though XboxOne is weaker than PS4, it’s the most complete system.I own my open world TPS and Sport games on PS4 and FPS and racing games on XboxOne just because of preferences in controllers.I personally use both consoles equally, but between my wife and kids it seems like my Xbox stays on all day.Enough said.

    • The games look the same and have better frames pwr second on xbox one. It has a superior cpu than ps4 which is what is the primary factor in power is. GpU is secondary. Dirext x12 coming soon and cloud power is a very real thing. Xbox one the more powerful system…you watch what arrives in 2015.

  16. Gee..with better games, features and online service on xbox one…this doesnt surprise me one bit. Havent touched my ps4 in months.

  17. @Jason Moth (Biased Author doing free PR for MS)

    A more powerful article would be on that cited a trend. You know if MS kept this up until next summer or at least next month. Microsoft heavily discounted the Xbox One this holiday. Likely people picked it up for the exclusive games. When the pricing goes back to normal the sales of Xbox One will normalize too.

    You have ZERO evidence to suggest otherwise.

    PS4 has well over a 5 million unit lead on Xbox One.

  18. Its good for Microsoft and for gamers to doing better but turning the tide?? Really? Surviving is more suitable I believe. It will probably be a healthy (financially) gen for MS but I don’t see how they will even stay close to PS4. Sony is there already without price cut and without any really good game (sorry that’s the truth). When they’ll start delivering good games, exclusives, price cut and maybe PS4 slim there will be no contest.

  19. Its really quite simple…xbox has better games, better features, a better online service and is developed and supported by a better company than ps4. Go ahead and look at microsoft and sonys financial positions…this tells you which is the better company. Successful companies sell quality products and support them to make them better. Xbox one is better than ps4 by far…and i started with ps4 and sold it in september.

    • “Its really quite simple…xbox has better games, better features, a
      better online service and is developed and supported by a better company
      than ps4”

      And yet Xbox brand as Microsoft has announced that after being on the market for a little over eight months, the Xbox One alone has lost the company $400m (€298m, £238m) while Sony’s Game and Network Services division made 309.5bn yen (£1.73bn) in revenue and reversed last year’s 4.2bn yen operating loss into a 21.8bn yen (£122m) operating profit.

      Overall MS has more money but for the gaming money PS makes it while MS losses it. But who cares as long as gamers get games right☺

  20. Why do you guys care so much about this kind of stuff? I’m really trying to understand because by the looks of it the people who own XB1 are buying more games than any of the other system owners so I guess they are enjoying the system of their choice.

  21. When I search for “why Xbox one sucks?” am I counted as interested in Xbox One?

  22. This has nothing to do with sales but since November the Xbox one is catching up fast I think the Xbox is getting better with all the games and updates like windows 10 will come to the Xbox one and directx 12 witch will make the Xbox one more powerful the Xbox one will have a bright future

    • How is it catching up if the gap gets bigger week after week,.. It is not catching up to anyone,.. I expect this time next year the gap will be 15milion+

  23. People just hate on the Xbox one because of its start

    • Although people keep bringing up the past it’s only done in their advantage IMO.

      Example could be that back in the day 360 was the more wanted console when compared to PS3 ( BUT it’s a fact that PS3 still outsold the 360 even when set at a higher price and launching a year after 360. ) But people seem to leave that part out.

      Now why would people leave that part out? ( Simple to answer really.) It takes away their advantages of post point. Example = PS3 was the more wanted console when compared to 360 ( sales show that fact ) just like PS4 sales show that over Xbone sales.

      Gamers still remember what MS tried to do with gaming in general. ( not sharing games / always online / ect ), so when looking at Xbone it’s already been said by MS they knew their mistakes with what took place with public outcry, and MS had no choice but to correct those mistakes, BUT by doing so they removed the mandatory Kinect ideas the console once had for gamers. ( not good for the gamers that bought the console knowing that Kinect would be a big part of their gaming needs only for that idea to be removed due to the mandatory device being dropped )

      People are still saying that Xbone has lost it’s true identity as a console the more time goes by. And with all the policy changes and mandatory devices being dropped I agree.

  24. They don’t need to type in Sony’s console.. cause almost everyone knows about it

  25. It’s not turning the tide at all. The Trash – Box is still in third place in lifetime hardware sales, which means that 13 months later and it’s STILL a worthless, weak, last – gen POS with garbage games and terrible graphics that only a moron would find entertaining.
    How delusional and desperate do Microsoft Xbone suckers have to be? Trash – Box had one good month after 12 months of nothing but lies and failure and all of a sudden it’s making a comeback? LOL, the third – place Poverty Box is STILL in third place in lifetime sales so it’s not much of a “comeback” is it???
    If Microsoft want thier last – gen POS console to keep it’s momentum they need to start releasing games people actually WANT to play, not releasing trash peasant games like Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable which are nothing more than shovelware garbage that aren’t worth a damn to anybody.
    13 months after launch and the third – place Plebian Box is STILL a broken, last – gen POS with no games and is STILL in third place where it belongs. Suck it, Xbone fagboys.

  26. Dont know why people say dont get a xbox one when I bet they have never played on one I have ps4 and xbox one and ps4 is a good system but I find xbox one loads better in fact I havent been on ps4 since sunset overdrive drive came out I find ps4 games list very boring same old tat and drive club is a joke but at the end of the day it comes down to peoples choice which they want not muppets on here saying dont get this one get that grow up

  27. Xbox One AC bundle at #2 and the the PS4 standalone at #4. The Xbox One standalone is no where to be found on the list. The ACU bundle is MS bread and butter right now. When MS dropped Kinect and went $399.99, it still couldn’t win a month while being the same price as the PS4. The tide isn’t turning one bit lol, once the holidays are over and official deals axed. It will go back to PS4 #1 and Xbox One #2 once again every month in hardware sales. Don’t come at with fanboy bs I have both consoles, I’m happy for MS but this was never a longterm strategy. That’s why I’m not buying into all the hype because if a temporary solution. The Xbox One standalone can’t Compete at $399.99 with the PS4. MS need these deals because the Xbox One Standalone can’t keep up.

  28. Ps4 exclusives suck when u look across the board Xbox one has every advantage in games
    infamous < sunset overdrive. the last of us < halo mcc. kill zone < titanfall
    Knack < Dead rising. Rose son of Rome the list goes on n on. U want a gaming system get a wii u. U want a outstanding entertainment system that plays the same games as the one that put all it's stock in hardware get the Xbox One. Pandora vevo popcornflex Custom back grounds. External hard drive all that is only in the Xbox one

  29. You missed the part where Sony had the same plans as Xbox and saw how they ideas were rejected and used that bad press to slingshot into first place in the console wars. But at the end of the day Xbox (like every other generation) will be better. Better games. Better community. Better experience.

    • What are you talking about. Please back up your stories with facts, clearly you are talking out of your butt which has a wild imagination.

      This was info was released the ps4 was confirmed at the Playstation Meeting 2 years ago prior to the Xbox one release statement…

      “Sony have also connfirmed that PS4 doesn’t enforce DRM, which isn’t the same as saying no DRM but rather its a developer’s decision if they want to use it. It’s the same set up as on PS3”

      Ps4 FTW

  30. Apples
    Who gives a fuc

  31. MS is turning the tide?… Well the first month of 2015 saw the PlayStation 4 as the No. 1 selling console in the U.S. PlayStation 4 was the top-selling console in January, it and remains the cumulative leader in the U.S., according to NPD data..

  32. I looked at how games ran and the ps4 was all hd were as the xbox one was lower resolution in nearly every game. As im moving from a p3s I need the higher resolution and the xbox just didn’t cut it here. And its a bit on the big side. But then again if I buy a xbox one and everyone else does then at least we can look forward to the got to always be online and no more sharing future that Microsoft tried to shove down our throats.

  33. I must weigh into this as I own both a PS4 and recently bought an XBox One 2 weeks ago.

    Firstly, they’re both good consoles. Games play great in both.but that’s where the similarities end and the XBox One reigns supreme for both games and entertainment.

    Firstly there are many more games on the XBox One and when backward compatibility is released soon there will be heaps more games to choose from than PS4’s very small library.

    Having a much greater choice is always better. The interface on XBox One feels much more thought out and customisable than the PS4.

    Next the all important controller. Both are excellent however I grew tired of all the warnings of low battery on my PS4. The charge doesn’t last long at all so at times of heavy gaming I had to charge it everyday. For the Xbox One I bought a plug and play kit and average about 5 days per charge with heavy gaming and I can play and charge as well.

    The huge disappointment was the PS4 Camera. What’s it for? I bought it and found it useless. There seems to be nothing but a tech demo called Playroom for it which is pure junk. So I’m getting a Kinect tomorrow but for what? Mainly for Skype. While the PS4 camera does zilch the Kinect lets me use Skype to speak with family and friends as well as exercise and fitness etc.

    Now XBox Gold vs PS+. So far I’ve subscribed to PS + for over 3 months and received nothing but trashy Indie games for free.

    My first trial with XBox Gold I’ve received Assassins Creed Black Flag.

    Having both consoles I am hands on to compare and the PS4 is a rip off. The PS+ offers poor games since I’ve subscribed and the camera is rubbish with no real use just a gimmick.

    It seems Microsoft really support their console and try to make it better whereas Sony just don’t seem to care about their products once they sell them

    On XBox you can rent EA games for $7 a month which is great value.games like Titanfall and FIFA etc so when you’ve played them just unsubscribe.

    I’m hoping Sony begins supporting their console and camera otherwise I wasted my money. Lack of games as well as poor plus free games and a dud camera only a gimmick presently give me very low confidence in Sony and their interest in supporting their hardware. With Windows 10 in a few weeks and backward compatibility to 360 titles Sony is losing the race to those who research thoroughly because you can do everything on an XBox that you can do on a PS4 but you can’t do everything on a PS4 that you can do on an XBox One.

    I’m glad I bought my XBox One but am disappointed in the PS4 and the Camera so far. It’s a matter of support because the hardware on both is almost identical. Microsoft however have done much more with their console than Sony has.

  34. you definitely are. You have now found the only company that will not only allow you to defeat your competition, but also save you thousands of dollars that you didn’t know you could have been saving all along.

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