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No Fallout 4 at E3, but game promises complex choices

If you’ve been hoping to see hints about Fallout 4 at this year’s E3 (coming next month), you’ll likely be disappointed. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful Bethesda will be revealing the highly anticipated sequel to Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas any time soon. The announcement came from Bethesda’s marketing executive Pete Hines, a person clearly tired of fighting off pleas for Fallout 4 information. He clarified on Twitter that Bethesda is not planning on revealing any major games for a long time to come, but did not outright eliminate the possibility of a Fallout 4 being in development, something that many industry experts are taking as a given at this point.

When confronted with the more exact meaning of a “long” time, Pete Hines explained: “We simply wanted people to know not to expect any kind of announcement any time soon. I don’t know for certain when it would be.” This likely suggests that Fallout 4 is indeed in development, although it’s also likely to be early in it and unfit for any type of release. Rumors would suggest the game is set in the Boston area, providing a historically rich area, ripe for exploration. We want to see it, that’s certain, but Bethesda is not a studio that likes to rush things, so don’t hold your breath just yet. One thing’s sadly certain: the game won’t be featured at E3.

In other news, a recent interview for Eurogamer with Fallout: New Vegas Lead Designer Josh Sawyer explained that he expects Fallout 4 to feature much more mature choice-making and impactful decisions.”Fallout games are best when the choices are – and this applies to role-playing games in general, but Fallout is a more desperate world – more agonizing.” He continued by stating that β€œThey feel more appropriate to the post-apocalyptic genre. So I hope that whatever twists and turns the story takes, it’s more nuanced than a black-and-white choice.”

Josh Sawyer also highlighted that Fallout players generally need the game to be challenging, and while some players love to casually stroll through the post-apocalyptic landscape provided, most players require a harsh, unforgiving game, and that he fully understands that. This is what we should be expecting from Fallout 4, and this is likely what we’ll be getting. For now, we’ll just have to see what exactly Bethesda is cooking up. What are you guys expecting to see in Fallout 4, and what do you think can be done better compared to previous titles?

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  1. Pete Hines is sick of us? Well the feeling is mutual. That dude needs to remember that the only reason he or any of the other worthless executives at Bethesda even have jobs is because of us. We never asked for a stupid WOW clone for elder scrolls so yes we wanna know about fallout if indeed Petey is sick of us asking then maybe he could announce it or get another damn job.

    • you’re the man

    • Never read truer words, friend.

    • Pretentious Fuckery

      God Damn, I’ve always enjoyed how full of themselves video game fans are. From the old Tim Buckley “Hey Jack Thompson, don’t fuck with “us” (Me)” to this.

      I swear, you folks are just an inch or two away from straight up using the Royal Plural.

      “I AM the fanbase!”

      • I second that notion. FalloutNow is the biggest ass I’ve ever seen for a fan. Seems to think the video game revolves around his little finger and doesn’t realize there are millions others who want something else or something similiar

      • BethesdaHasNoFansLeft

        Implying Bethesda makes any money off those other shitpiles they call games.

    • To be fair, they did spend all that time and money on the terrible new Wolfenstein game that was just released. I mean when their pal Gameinformer doesn’t toss their salad you know the game is bad.

      • They spent a lot of money on advertising it, sure, but they didn’t develop Wolfenstein. The merely published it. A lot of people have trouble separating the notion of a developer from a publisher, but the publisher has next to nothing to do with the creation of a game, except to rush the developers into creating an inferior product so they can see a return on their investment as quickly as possible.

        • bunch of hooey, nobody gives a damn about MachineGames name being on the game but they sure notice Bethesda and will associate a poor title with them.

      • Wolfenstein was actually really damn fun and a good throw-back to the shooters of old and also had a great feel to it. So no, that game was nowhere near bad.

    • Actually it’s not FalloutNow…Fallout was only recently bought by Bethesda a few years ago about 6 as a matter of fact. And Fallout has been in existence for 17 years…well Elder Scrolls celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary this year. Elder Scrolls is Bethesda’s signature game with Fallout only becoming a secondary. Sorry but if I had a game I had been making for 10+ years and then bought a second one, ok…I’d produce the second one just as well as I’d produce the first one, but if it came down to it, I’d produce the one I’d had longer first. Also drop the high and mighty attitude or go do the job yourself with millions of p*ssants pissing all over you and see how well you’d do the job. If not, shut up and wait like the rest of us

      • Cameron Rogers

        Thats…wrong. Fallouts IP was actually bought in early 2005. After Fallout: BOS (aka, Fallout POS) failed on PS2/Xbox, Interplay licensed out Fallout to bethesda for “Two Sequels and a Spinoff” (3, New Vegas, 4), but Bethesda bought the series in early 2005. So technically, Interplay has not owned Fallout for 10 years.

    • Cameron Rogers

      Exactly. This is how I feel about all game developers. They need to listen to their fans.
      We are the only reason them and their sad sack of shit family are not sitting in a box under a highway.

    • Pete Hines works for Bethesda Softworks, the publisher, a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media.

      ESO was developed by ZeniMax Online Studios.
      Fallout 3 and Skyrim were developed by Bethesda Game Softworks.
      Fallout New Vegas was developed by Obsidian Entertainment.

      ESO would’ve likely had little-to-no impact on the development of a new Elder Scrolls numbered title OR a new Fallout title.

    • Fucking shut up dude, he never said he was sick of anyone. Stop talking shit.

    • Well i am sick of Pete Hines so he can shove it, he’d better quit than.

    • Just got done reading alot of these posts. Your post stood out, because you couldn’t be more wrong. You whiny little bitches didn’t make bethesda who they are, Bethesda made bethesda who they are through hard work and dedication, and the fanbase goes back decades. It’s not going to hurt anyone if beth loses a fan like you, after all, with fans like these… who needs enemies?

  2. So no Fallout 4 also means no need to bother buying a new generation console. 360 it is again for another year!

    • I’m with you what a waste. I’m sticking to my current system until they can get there crap together. I’m tired of this cat and mouse game. Only two good games came from Bethesda. ES and FO. And if there not talking about either, than I’m not interested.

      • They must be taught severest lesson in who towers above them!

        • And what”s that lesson? We’ll bitch a lot on the internet and then make you fabulously rich when the game comes out?

          I’m sure they’ll be devastated.

          As for all this “OMG NO PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT!” nonsense, keep in mind that shortly before Skyrim was announced Todd Howard stated that they “Had no plans of ever making Elder Scrolls V” and then clarified that “They might make it some day in the future but had no present plans to make it.”

          You fucking people and your petitions and boycotts. Need a bloody history lesson as to Bethesda’s methods.

        • Sorry but Elder Scrolls has been out a lot longer then Fallout. Elder Scrolls was released in 1994 with Elder Scrolls 2 released in 1996. Fallout 1 was released in 1997. So 2 Elder Scrolls game before Fallout was even heard of, I think Elder Scrolls towers over Fallout

          • But but what if i play and love both equally i cant choose one over the other saying one towers over the other is pointless to me and probably most Bethesda fans

      • God dammit, you people are getting really annoying. Look, a short while before Skyrim was announced, Todd Howard claimed that they had no plans of *ever* making Elder Scrolls V. He later expanded that they might some day produce it down the road, but for the moment they had no intention of doing so.

        Several months before it was announced when it was obviously well in development.

        Now Pete is doing the same thing and you all get your panties in a bunch, not realizing that it’s a huge freaking Red Herring. I mean really, an exec that high has “No idea” what their next announcement will be? Begging my pardon, but bullshit.

        *Something* is coming down the drains. Is it Fallout? I don’t know. Quite frankly I’d rather it not be Fallout, just to knock it’s fans down a peg or two. Smack down this attitude they have that they are *owed* a Fallout game, and obliterate this theory that Bethesda *always* makes a Fallout game between Elder Scrolls games. Because… They did it once… I don’t know.

        Though I hope it isn’t a new Elder Scrolls game for a variety of reasons I’m not going to discuss here.

        Point being – It may be Fallout, it may not, but something is coming and I’m sure Pete knows exactly what it is.

        • Can you find any references to this online? I would like to see the interview with Todd Howard denying Skyrims existence. I don’t want this just to test your point because I trust you on this…I just want to find a shred of possibility that we could still see a FO4 announcement this year.
          Thanks man!

          • Yes and no.

            Was it a long time? If you consider a little bit more than a year a long time then yes.

            What was obviously a red herring/lie on his part was the statement that they had no plans to make it.

            Develop of Skyrim began following the release of Fallout 3 in 2008.

            Thus the whole “We have no plans” was a bold faced lie/red herring.

            It may be a while yet before we hear about Fallout 4, but Bethesda execs being tight lipped isn’t going to get me all worked up.

          • I will agree with you on this one. The execs and Hines not saying anything officially or even,outright lying is something they have done for a very long time now. Perfect example is pre-release Skyrim and the exclusion of werewolves statements . ( Which honestly, I do not mind, I enjoy surprises. )

            A quote by Todd Howard back in 2010 was that there were two games in development,one that was further along,which turned out to be Skyrim and the other one was in pre-production. Many fans assume/hope that this pre-production game is actually Fallout.

            Honestly, we have no proof what the game that has been in pre-production up until the release of Skyrim,actually is.Whatever game it is,It is more than likely a good bit into development by now.

          • it takes about 2-5 years to produce a quality Bethesda game…ES 1 – 2 was 2 years. ES2 – ES3 was 4 years. ES3 – ES4 was 4 years. ES4 – ES5 was 5 years. Fallout 3 – Fallout: NV was 2 years. So if the trend holds, then Fallout 4 will most likely be released in 2014-2015 with ES VI being released sometime between 2015-2016

          • westoftherockies

            todd howard did say ES5 wasn’t coming out anytime soon then a couple months later the game was announced…so I remember that also…Bethesda does seem to try to throw us off by acting like the next game isn’t coming out…then when it comes out there’s a lot of excitement.

    • I don’t have to worry about that, I play Fallout 3 on PC. When Fallout 4 comes out, I will be able to play it without buying the crappy Xbox 1 and it will have far superior graphics. Trolololol

    • Sorry your majesty if that isn’t with your expectations…how about buying a new gen console based off NOT what Bethesda does or does not do? You “fallout fans” need to realize that Bethesda makes BOTH ES and FALLOUT. AND ES was here first

      • Yeah I do realise Bethesda made Elder Scrolls and have been doing so long before they got the Fallout license. And I love Oblivion and Skyrim just as much as Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I love Bethesda’s open world RPG games. Bethesda and Rockstar Games are the ones who who make games that justify buying a console for.

        There is no need to buy a next gen console at the moment. It’s just been announced that the upcoming Mortal Kombat X, coming next year, is also Xbox 360 bound. Not that I am interested in this game….but a clear indication current/last gen is still very much alive.

      • Fallout 4 will be realeased first most likely because the lastest Elder Scrolls (ESO) came out after the latest fallouyt (Fallout NV) so sorry but its going to be a while before there is another Elder Scrolls

      • not buying a new console because the developer with the crappiest looking titles ever hasn’t released on it yet….lol

  3. Two elder scrolls in a row??? What about the fallout fans. Boycott Bethesda till they take care of the fans!!!

    • Elder Scrolls Online was developed by Zenimax Online Studios NOT Bethesda Game Studios. I understand what you are saying but still, It is not the main developer of TES or Fallout.

      Now, if Bethesda game studios ( Devs that make Fallout & elder scrolls) release another Elder Scrolls game then yeah,I’d agree with you 100%. I would also be severly disappointed. I love both series but it is time for Fallout. I honestly cannot see them releasing another elder scrolls back to back. That would technically be 3 in a row,counting the MMO.

      • Why *Exactly* is it time for Fallout? I really don’t get you people.

        They made one fallout game. ONE. They published another. That is all.

        Yet everyone acts as though they have some sort of Blood Oath with a demon of the Seventh Circle that demands they create fallout games or some shit.

        Me? Quite frankly I’d prefer another ES game, But I am not so arrogant as to assume that my personal tastes will dictate what Bethesda does. For all I know, they might make some new IP.


        Yeah no. It wouldn’t be three in a row. No more than there were two in a row with Oblivion considering that they let some mediocre handheld Oblivion-esque game be produced back in the day.

        Not that it matters if they did. Fallout fans could stand to be taken down a peg or two. Smack their ridiculous “They owe us another Fallout Game” attitude right out of the freaking park.

        • Take a chill pill. Dick

        • It’s not about Bethesda Game Studios “owing” fans a Fallout, it’s about the fact that Bethesda owns the entire license for the Fallout franchise, have stated numerous times in the past that they plan to make plenty of future Fallout games. They also stated, Pete Hines namely, that they want/plan on working on the Fallout series the same way they have with TES.

          It’s been 4 years since any Fallout was released (Fallout New Vegas), and about 6 years since a Bethesda Game Studios developed Fallout was released (Fallout 3).

          Not to mention, there have been an alarming amount of “leaks” and “hoaxes” popping up left and right that Pete Hines has downright ignored. It took him a F*ckin’ month to even ACKNOWLEDGE the Survivor2299.com site.

          I love Bethesda, and Pete Hines i’ve always liked, but if their not going to talk about their next Fallout title (If their next title IS a Fallout, which I’d be astounded if it wasn’t) then they need to, Pete Hines namely, try and do a better job in tearing down hoaxes that are misleading everyone. For Christ’s sake, half of these “hoaxes” claim to be licensed by Zenimax Media/Bethesda!

          They’re not superhuman, they make mistakes, which is more than fine. But when a memo is released with BOTH Bethesda’s and Zenimax Media’s logo at the top of it, and Pete Hines completely ignores it, despite how many people are giving him the link to it, and asking him to comment on it, there’s something wrong. This “memo” even mentioned Pete’s name and everything. We eventually found out it was fake, which I had already assumed, but no thanks to Pete.

          The point here is simply, if you want to keep a tight lid on the development of a possible Fallout 4 title, I’m perfectly fine with that, but when people are throwing “memo’s” and websites around with THEIR names and licensed trademarks ON them, they need to either express to the public they’re fake, and/or have them taken down immediately. They could have them taken down without even speaking on them, but this “I’ll just sit back, keep my mouth shut and pretend it’s not happening” attitude is ludicrous.

          • Here’s my thing. First, I want to touch on acknowledging hoaxes. It isn’t his job to pat fallout fans asses and tell them that hoaxes are hoaxes. Even if he did, they’d still be flying off the handle because in confirming that the hoax is a hoax, he would also be confirming that Fallout 4 isn’t going to be announced at the next E3.

            As for Logos. You realize it isn’t *that* hard to get a copy of their logo and slap it on an image, right? I don’t expect him to confirm that http://vgboxart.com/boxes/360/45103-the-elder-scrolls-vi-argonia-old-full.png is fake simply because it has Bethesda’s logo, of course it is riddled with flaws.

            But on that point – Take this most recent hoax that got everyone worked up. The leaked script thing.

            My God, I was pretty damned sure it was a leak. Either that or that we were in for one crapshack of a ride with Fallout 4.

            The script… It reads like shitty fanfiction.

            No, I don’t need Pete to rub my back and tell me that it’s a hoax.

            Didn’t actually ever see the survivor website so I won’t comment there, but I can safely say I don’t expect Pete to run around confirming that every hoax with their logo on it is fake. (Or more… exclusively the ones that Fallout fans happen to believe! Huehuehuehuehue!)

            Oh as for owning the franchise.

            First of all, they could just as easily own it and bury it. That’s sort of what ownership entails.

            Maybe the Fallout Wiki has lied to me, but all I’ve read there is that Pete said *once* a long time ago that they’d like to further develop the IP.

            But I’m well aware of how Fallout fans think.

            One fallout game developed (By Beth) between Elder Scrolls games = They always develop fallout games between Elder Scrolls games.

            One statement that they would like to develop the IP = They have stated numerous times that they want to make lots of fallout games.

          • Fallout has been 4 years since a last release and 3 years since an Elder Scrolls one…gonna be a close run as to what gets put out first. And you probably wont see Fallout before next year at best or even a new Elder Scrolls for that matter. So everyone just needs to chill the hell out and realize that Bethesda does what Bethesda wants and sometimes they listen to our suggestions better then other gaming companies, but ultimately they do what they want. In a matter of fact, I’d love for them to scrap TESO from the WoW concept and fallback on a more Star Wars Galaxies graphics idea. Star Wars Galaxies was still going strong when Lucasarts made their stupid decision and scrapped it for SWTOR which went F2P shortly after release. And we lost one of the best WoW contenders to a flop and even Disney who owns Lucasarts now wont even think of bringing it back even though SOE said several times they would love to

          • It’s been 6 years since Fallout 3. If we’re counting publishing deals, then it’s been 2 months since the last Elder Scrolls.

          • ESO doesn’t really count, because it was designed by Zenimax…just as Fallout New Vegas cant really count because it was made by Obsidian. But as it goes just by Bethesda alone with Fallout and ES…it goes 1994, 1996, 2002 for ES games and then not another one until 2011…9 years later. Elder Scrolls Oblivion was designed by 2K games, the same publishers of Bioshock. Fallout was produced in 2008 and then Obsidian made a game in 2010 and Bethesda published it. But you notice a trend? Bethesda themselves are more of a publisher not a gaming company. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fallout 4 is delayed until 2017 at the rate they are going with Elder Scrolls VI in 2020. God hope I am wrong

          • Oblivion was developed by Beth and published by Zenimax. This was at the time Beth was running short on funds. So it’s: 1994, 1996, 2002 (2 EPs), 2006 (1EP) and 2011 (1EP). Can’t really complain since Elder Scrolls has always been a top priority for Bethesda, but it’d be a dick move if Fallout 4 isn’t released in the next 2.5 years.

          • As I have told numerous others, I urge you to read up on Oblivion. Oblivion was published by Bethesda but developed primarily by 2K games and you can tell it was too. And Fallout 4 will be released in the next 2.5 years or Bethesda is setting a new record on games they develop. I mean seriously, it took them 9 years to develop a game on their own and it broke records by selling 20 million copies. So what is the hold up with Fallout 4? We wont know

          • Oblivion was co-published by 2K games, that’s all they had a hand in. If you can find proof that 2K developed Oblivion, I’ll put my hand up and apologise; but seriously, Bethesda did fully develop Oblivion.

          • problem is Bethesda just doesn’t care. I don’t see them being around in the next 10-20 years and I hate to say that. But you treat fans like that sooner or later they give up

        • You have completely missed my point entirely. I never said Bethesda owed me or the “fallout fans” anything. I can safely assume you missed the part where I said I love both series of games. And yes, it would be 2 Elderscrolls games back to bacl, IF you count the MMO. Although,I personally do not count the MMO since it was developed by Zenimax online studios NOT Bethesda game studios.

          If anything,you seem like the one that is pitching a bitch since there is a strong possibility the next game will be fallout. Or did I misunderstand your tone? See, I do not have to be an asshole to get my point across.

          I thought of adding the possibility of a new IP to the equation. which I am all for but to be perfectly honest,with the extended time it already takes Bethesda to create their games because of how massive/complex their worlds are,I do not think throwing another IP into the mix seems like the best of ideas.

          Zenimax is in a pretty damn good position already with the acquisition of id software,arkane studios,machinegames,battlecry studios,Tango games and zenimax online studios.

          Another relavent point that has seemed to have severly gone over your head – Why in the hell did Zenimax spend millions of dollars in and out of court in order to aquire the Fallout IP if to not use it!!?? HELLO!

          • EVERYONE CHILL THE FLYING FUCK OUT! Sweet baby Jesus ENOUGH! they will announce it when they announce it! No more, no less! OKAY? Can you all GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES?

          • I am not one of these petition/boycotting Bethesda fans. I do have a life. I just happen to really fucking want another Fallout game! lol. I cannot wait for the next Elder Scrolls game as well.

            Fact is, Bethesda owes us nothing but then again,the gamers and fans are the ones who put money in their pockets. The biggest problem I have had in all of this is when Bethesda took forever to debunk that survivor 2299 site. That was imo messed up for those who spent all that time and effort following that deveolpment. Pleading with Bethesda to prove/disprove.

            C’mon! If it wasn’t for the fans these companies would go bankrupt. A little respect towards the fan base goes a long way. It hurts more than it helps.

          • And there we agree. Most companies dont realize if we don’t buy their products etc, they wouldn’t exist and with what Pete Hines said to a twitter person “Unless your name is ZeniMax, you don’t pay my wages.You may buy our games and for that I am grateful” I beg to differ big time. Dont sell games for a very long time and someone is gonna have to go through a massive layoff stage. Look at LA, they screwed the pooch so many times and Lucas finally sold his company and LA went bankrupt. I find that poetic justice. They said fu to the consumers and they got bit in the butt big time. But point is without money coming from gamers, gaming companies dont stand a chance on this green earth of staying in business. And if Bethesda doesn’t sell any games, bye bye Pete Hines, let me know how unemployment is

          • A thought continues

            *You* specifically did not say this, but Fallout fans tend to be entitled as fuck (See – All the “Boycott Bethesda” shit.)

            And if you count the handheld game that nobody remebers, there were two Elder Scrolls games in the Oblivion generation.

            I tend not to count the spin-offs myself.

            “If anything,you seem like the one that is pitching a bitch since there is a strong possibility the next game will be fallout.”

            Not quite following your logic there.

            “Or did I misunderstand your tone?”

            I’m going to have to assume you did.

            “I do not think throwing another IP into the mix seems like the best of ideas.”

            It might be it might not be. I tend to avoid the “I play video games so I am a top tier designer, programmer, and marketer” attitude. I won’t speculate as to what sort of impact it will have, but it is entirely possible that they’ll do it.

            “Why in the hell did Zenimax spend millions of dollars in and out of court in order to acquire the Fallout IP if to not use it!!??”

            So that they could bury it? So they could do whatever they please with it, from MMO to handheld gaming, to a freaking movie if it so amused them?

            The fact that they own the IP =/= they have to develop new games.

            “Pete Hines said to add the license into their catalog of games. They wanted to treat the series exactly as they do elder scrolls,developing more than one game.”

            Yes. Back in 2008.

            The fact that they have/want to develop the IP does not mean they are going to.

            “I have no right in wanting the next game in one of my favorite series of all-time?”

            First of all, the fuck do “Rights” have to do with any of this?

            But more to the point. If you read my post carefully, I don’t believe that I mentioned anything about what you had a “Right” to do.

            I disputed the idea that “Its time for Fallout”, pointed out that there is nothing forcing Bethesda to make Fallout 4, and insinuated that Fallout fans are entitled (Which they are. See – “Pre-Announce your announcement because we really want it.” petition.)

            You can want whatever you want (I refuse to use the term “Right” because people really need to stop throwing that term around so lightly on the Internet)

            Oh, p.s in regards to that last paragraph.


          • Maybe having the “right” is not the best way of putting it. All I was trying to get across was that it seemed from the way you worded things was that fallout fans have no reasons to want or expect or hope for the next game in their respective fav. series.

            Think about your original post. You wouldn’t admit that ti came off a little arrogant in it’s own right? Especially since you were quoting me directly. That is why I reiterated that I enjoy both series. My intention was to to come off as some immature,impatient self entitled “fan” I am far from it.

            Zenimax/Bethesda are in the business of making games not movies. I see the point you are making but still,no, they bought the rights to fallout in order to make games.

            I said you seemed like maybe you were the one pissed off potentially because of my presumption of the undertone in your post. That you were wanting the next game to be in the TES series. Which you even did say,that you personally would prefer another elder scrolls game.

            As for my ending sentence…I thought it was quite funny actually. It was my way of poking fun while referencing both series together. Sorry that you did not enjoy it. Remember though, you were the one that came off as arrogant before anyone else.

            I would agree that there are plenty of fans with an entitlement issue when it comes to this subject. that petition is “full retard” for example. Nothing and no one will force any game company to prematurely announce etc.

            I’d ask you though how would you feel and act, if you were waiting .what did seem like a very longtime to hear something about one of your favorite games?

          • Well in debate to your original post about Fallout. Fallout has only existed with Bethesda for what less then a decade? Elder Scrolls celebrates it’s 20th anniversary with Bethesda. Elder Scrolls has been out since 1994 before even Fallout came out. Elder Scrolls IS Bethesda’s money maker. Fallout is a secondary as they haven’t really invested a lot of time into it. Also play Fallout and you’ll see a lot of Elder Scrolls references, but nearly none of Fallout in Elder Scrolls. Elder Scrolls has more potential then Fallout, because Bethesda refuses to expand it. For example I love Fallout as much as the next guy, but who the hell wants to play Fallout solely in the United States. In Fallout lore, it said that most of the world was devastated by nuclear disaster. Why not show other countries? I’d love to see what the UK looks like, what China looks like, hell what even France or Germany or Italy looks like

          • Well right there is where me and you will always disagree. Fallout as an iconic series would not be the same outside of America. That is not me being a nationalist or for an other reason but I truly believe that it belongs right where it is.

            1950’s propaganda Americana – cold war scares and zany sci-fi thrown in the mix. You take Fallout out of America you are basically taking fallout’s core out of the equation.

            I believe both series have great potential. Whether TES or Fallout,I think they could both use a “revisiting” though – Skyrim was very successful but when compared to the two previous Elder Scrolls games, it paled in comparison,especially compared to Morrowind. I loved Skyrim too,it needs some work but I do not hate the game.

            This is not a comparison game or which one is better thing,at least not to me. I enjoy and look forward to both games,whenever they do come out. TES VI and Fallout 4 or whatever they are called.

          • I disagree because in the lore it says that many areas were hit by the “Great War.” And I know our foreign gamers would love at least one game published that includes their areas and why not? I mean they pay just like we do, so I dont see a reason they cant want a game based in their area. If you lived in China, you’d want at least one game based in China, etc. And who’s to say that Vault-Tec didn’t have vaults built in other countries, under different companies. It would still hold with Fallout canon yet open up new areas as well

          • That’s the attitude most of us are picking up on. You do expect Bethesda to owe you another Fallout. I got the same message reading your first post. Dress up a pig, but it’s still gonna be a pig

          • I do not know what else I need to say to get my damn point(s) across. I am only going by what we have been lead to believe from Bethesda themselves.

            I am not one of these die hard immature fans petitioning Zenimax or screaming I will boycott Bethesda games etc etc.

            I am a die-hard fan though. As I have already stated numerous times,I enjoy and love both series,Fallout and TES. In my personal opinion, I think they are more than likely making the next version of Fallout not elder scrolls. I think this for a number of reasons,though I could probably argue for both to be true.

            If you go with what Bethesda have publicly stated and the game time lines,then yeah, it’s looking like it’s time for another Fallout,A Bethesda developed Fallout game to be specific.

            I do not count or am I personally talking about the 2010 Obsidian fallout.So that leaves us with Fallout 3, which came out 2008. It has been 6 years,4 if we count New Vegas. All I am saying is that I would love for Bethesda to make another Fallout game. that is all. Nothing more,nothing less.

            I could argue that I do not think it would be a good idea to release another game in the Elder Scrolls series,with the MMO TESO ,it just doesn’t make good business sense to release another TES game to compete with yourself in the long run.

            As for the studio,I think it is a great idea to alternate between the two different series,TES and Fallout, if for anything,Creativity and keeping things new and fresh. I can only imagine how boring and stagnant it gets to work on the same exact series day in,day out.

            So IMO I think it benefits both series of games,the Developers themselves and of course, the fans. Alternating back and forth between the two vastly different universes and lore.

    • Boycott stupid people. Sonofabitch first. So you are saying Boycott Bethesda until they take care of you? Well sorry your highness, but there are “others” besides you who like Elder Scrolls better and vice versa. Stop thinking of only yourself

  4. Jesus, its like he doesn’t actually give a dam about fallout, i played elder scrolls and actually couldn’t get into it like i did instantly with fallout, fair to say that if they release another elder scrolls that would be a massive disappointment, come on get a grip and start making a new fallout, the best game out on xbox ;]

    • 1. Why exactly do you think your personal preferences should dictate what Bethesda does and does not make? Kindly pull your head out of your ass.

      2. I fail to see how Pete Hines saying they aren’t going to pre-announce their announcements means they don’t give a damn about Elder Scrolls.

      The “Long time” is a complete fucking Red Herring. Todd Howard said *literally* the exact same thing only a short while before Skyrim was announced.

    • Actually I prefer Elder Scrolls over Fallout. Just because Elder Scrolls requires more imagination then Fallout, doesn’t make Fallout the better game. Elder Scrolls is Bethesda’s money maker and has been for 20 years

  5. Besthesdas PR does sorta suck. They even admitted fault after the Survivor website was proven as hoax. Watchdogs is the highest PREordered game ever and we knew about it for a long time. I just dont see the point on sitting on game and not revealing it if it does infact exist.

    • They must not be comfortable yet or having anything substantial to show. That is the way they have always worked. They typically announce something only if they have something to show off first. We all need to be a little more patient.

      • Nearly 3 years? They should have “something” by now. Even they admitted TESO they had nearly no hand in. So that is nearly 3 years to make something, but they’d rather place that time in other cheap knock off games that suck, rather then their money makers

    • Well in nearly 3 years they haven’t made anything.

  6. Bethesda wow, what the hell!! Pete Hines, you sir are a complete disappointment. I have lost so much faith in Bethesda, but does it really matter to them? The obvious answer is NO!! Bethesda needs to take a step back and re-assess their game plan, with what they’re good at creating and stop trying to dabble into other bull**** games..

    • Or, contrarily, fans need to get their panties out of a bunch and stop flying off the handle because execs say they aren’t going to pre-announce their announcement.

      Go back to your stupid petitions that aren’t going to do anyting.

      • Actually I agree with HonestMan. Bethesda has made some great games and some games that make us scratch our heads and say “WTF Bethesda over?” Bethesda is good at Elder Scrolls and Fallout and a few other games. How about focusing on those games like Ubisoft does with Assassin’s Creed? I mean come on…they have released only 5 Elder Scrolls games in 20 years…that’s 1 every 5 years and each one is plagued with bugs and glitches and Ubisoft can make one in 1 year with a lot of bugs but wind up fixing most fairly quickly. The new Elder Scrolls/Fallout should have a trailer available now as they have had nearly 3 years to work on the game. But they fell asleep on the job it seems

        • Other than one Fallout game they haven’t done anything besides ES games. They have published games by other developers, but they aren’t actually wasting their time making these games. They had nothing to do with Elder Scrolls Online either. That was all Zenimax.

          • If you look at the amount of games with Bethesda logos, you cant tell me that that big of a company spends all it’s time doing “just ES games” although it is what they are best at

          • Arkane Studios did Dishonored and they are working on Prey 2 now. MachineGames just did the new Wolfenstein game. And the Zenimax parent company did ES Online. They just use the Bethesda Softworks name.

            Todd Howard and his team are the guys who do the Elder Scrolls single player games. They haven’t done anything else besides ES games and Fallout 3. Obsidian actually did Fallout: New Vegas.

          • And enters all the frustration…it’s been now nearly 3 years after Skyrim was released and 6 years after Fallout 3. They should have had an announcement by now. With all these other companies making these games and using Bethesda’s logo, Bethesda should’ve had something by now. I mean seriously, how long does it take to put out a quality game. Ubisoft releases Assassin’s Creed fast and sometimes they need to slow down, but it doesn’t take them 3-6 years to make a game and then say “yeah we wont have anything for awhile.” If that is the case, then put the Skyrim team back together or Fallout 3 and give us another ****** DLC to tide us over til the next installment, something is better then nothing

          • My guess is that Todd Howard doesn’t want too many cooks in the kitchen. I can see why after how ES online has turned out.

            UBI pumps out a lot of AC games, but they are crap compared to ES. Same with Watch Dogs vs GTA. That’s the difference between having a top tier developer like Bethesda Softworks or Rockstar versus just these huge monster developers like Ubi, Activision, trying to play it safe and reach a large audience.

          • Just saw, ESO is having majour Bot issues. That usually kills online games.

          • No, you are confused. ZeniMax Online Studios and not the parent company did it. did indeed publish Online, but they dont make games, ES are made by Bethesda Game Studios, who are not Bethesda Softworks, but are owned by them. Bethesda Softworks only publishes, it doesn’t make games.

          • Corrected: No, you are confused. ZeniMax Online Studios and not the parent company did it. Bethesda Softworks did indeed publish Online, but they dont make games, ES are made by Bethesda Game Studios, who are not Bethesda Softworks, but are owned by them. Bethesda Softworks only publishes the games.

          • Semantics, Zenimax created a new studio on a whim and spent 250 million on an Elder Scrolls Online game without Todd Howard and the rest of the original studio who created the series.

          • Bethesda Softworks is a publisher, it doesn’t make games it publishes them. They own many smaller companies that do the work. For example, Bethesda Game Studios, does the Elder Scrolls, it is not the same as Bethesda Softworks.The ESO was developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and are not part of Bethesda Game Studios. Fallout New Vegas was done by Obsidian Entertainment. Since, we are sure that Bethesda Game Studios is making a game(They have had listing for jobs) it is likely Fallout 4, by simple logic. The next ES seems to be too far out to be released in the next few years. However, we know there is going to be one…How?…They hint at end at it in the Empire/Stormcloaks quests. They say the peace is about to end with the Aldmeri Dominion and a War is coming. So guessing from this…we have an idea what the next ES is about.

          • Correction: How?…They hint at end of it in the Empire/Stormcloaks quests. (My apologies)

  7. You know guys I think this is just a tactic to get people off the trail, maybe they’ll surprise us with the new fallout 4 after having lost all their fans lol. I can understand that Pete Hines is a bit frustrated with all the attention but still why not throw a bone our way, because this new Elder Scrolls sucks @ss and the graphics are the same as WOW, plus if they make people pay to play Elder Scrolls on the console version I don’t think it would be worth the extra cash. Why didn’t they just make a game like Skyrim except you can go all over tamerial. Elder Scrolls has been a single player game from the beginning why add multiplayer now, if I wanted to play with magic and swords then WOW is the go to game. Can’t wait for Fallout 4 though lol

    • Thing is, it is not the new Elder Scolls lol. It is a side thing. Why do so many people not get that? The devs,bethesda game studios are the ones who create the single player games,Fallout and Elder Scrolls. nvm. I try to carry the torch but my head and fingertips are numb.

      • ESO is a spinoff but that doesn’t mean its not the new elder scrolls IT IS the new elder scrolls and will be for a while just face it F4 will come out before ES6 there are teasers with Fallout 4 but none for TES6

    • TESO was designed by Zenimax not Bethesda. Zenimax is the parent company

  8. Josh Sawyer has absolutely nothing to do with Fallout 4. He is with Obsidian and they aren’t doing anymore Fallout games. So he is just speculating like the rest of us.

    My guess is that with the success of Skyrim Bethesda Softworks will attempt to come up with another big hook for Fallout 4. Whatever it is it will probably take a good while to implement properly.

    And no most players don’t want a Fallout version of Dark Souls. Most forum dwellers want that. Joe gamers would be put off with frustrating games like that.

    • Amen to that. I want a fallout version of well…fallout

    • Cameron Rogers

      …Obsidian never ruled out new Fallout games. Half of Obsidian are former Black Isle employees and want to work on Fallout.

      They even said they would love to make a follow up to New Vegas. Look up “Fallout New Vegas 2” online and you will see it.

      • They didn’t rule it out, but Bethesda Softworks owns the IP. They haven’t asked them to do the next Fallout. We will be lucky to get Fallout 4 in Fall of 2015 and another ES a couple years after that.

        Fallout New Vegas 2 would be released when? 2019? It’s just not going to happen it’s over for Obsidian. A far more likely scenario is that they give it to Arkane Studios.

  9. It makes sense though that they wouldn’t outright tell everyone about Fallout 4… I mean remember how unfinished the Legion was in Fallout New Vegas? I’m sure they wouldn’t want a repeat of that. I would appreciate it if they gave even the tiniest of reassuring hints..

  10. Ignoring all the bitching from those who call themselves “fans” of Fallout or TES…

    I’m just going to sit back & patiently wait for the next great Fallout & TES games to come out….I’ve already got my PS4, recently upgraded to a more sophisticated PC, and I have complete faith that Pete Hines & the rest of the Bethesda staff will come through. πŸ˜€

    In the meantime: More TESO, Skyrim, Dishonored, & waiting for The Evil Within! πŸ˜€

    • I am a huge fan of bethesda games, but some of their games they develop and sell literally don’t make them squat. Elder Scrolls and Fallout are their big money makers now and Evil Within, I’ve seen the trailer. Looks to be a joke. Heck even Dishonored was a joke. Their stealth mechanics were downright horrid. And I have played Skyrim and have all the Elder Scrolls since Arena and beaten them all 100x over and have grown bored with them. Launch a new DLC for skyrim and I am good, but Bethesda takes forever to develop a game and their games are infamous for their bugs but famous for their plots/gameplay. Not sure what takes them forever and the last Elder Scrolls game they produced was Skyrim in 2011. 2014-2011, that is 3 years ago. Most big name game companies make kick butt games in 1-2 years with next to no bugs and great gameplay. And TESO was developed by Zenimax, not bethesda. Zenimax is the parent company. So my question what’s the holdup? Fallout 3 was released in 2008 unless I am mistaken and Fallout New Vegas in 2010 or 2011. So no excuse for them to be this far behind on development to not give an update. Sounds like they fell asleep at the wheel.

      • More like they’re just taking more time to make a better game than usual.

        The greater the amount of time that it spends in development, the better it will get…and it will ONLY get better.

        Same with TES VI. Every TES game so far has progressively spent slightly longer periods of development than preceding ones.

        I would be totally fine with TES VI releasing sometime in 2017. It’s already popularly theorized that we’ll only start getting news on the game in 2016.

        Both Oblivion & Skyrim spent roughly around 5 years in development. TESO took 7 years (proportionate to the fact that it’s an MMO).

        TES VI being developed for a total of 6 years (2011-2017), considering that it’s most likely going to take place in a single Province of Tamriel yet again? On sophisticated PCs of the near future, as well as the PlayStation 4 & X-Bone?

        TES VI will undoubtedly blow Skyrim out of the water.

  11. What a joke this guy is! We will let people know when it’s ready? What is the hold up? you will makes millions, what games are they making now? Evil within?? what a load of crap.

  12. As much as I would love Fallout 4 news, from FO3 release to present there are quite a few bugs I wouldn’t have mind getting fixed. Probably won’t happen, but at least I could continue to enjoy Fallout3 (as I have since it was released) without things like GNR giving me updates on events that I haven’t accomplished yet or the 100% reproducable crash when you exit one of the many sewer entrances in the Wasteland.

    Man, even if they just fixed GNR, I could be content with waiting for Fallout 4 news. Totally breaks immersion when Three Dog starts talking about the end of the game when you’ve just reached Megaton.

  13. Cameron Rogers

    While I believe Pete Hines sounds like an ass, cut him a bit of slack at least. Many big name companies will fire and sue their employees for releasing even the tiniest tidbit of info. Whats he supposed to say? “Hur Hur yea Fallout 4 coming soon get ready war never changes HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

  14. I’m of two minds about this. I’d rather they take their time and make an excellent game, and Fallout is one of my favorites. That said…Fallout is one of my favorites, and I’m dying to play the next installment. The rumors and “leaks” have been just short of maddening. I hope they release it soon, and release it right, and whenever they do, I’ll be happy to give it a try.

  15. While i agree that FalloutNow’s approach is douchy, i see his point. Pete Hines needs to be fired. The guy is an absolute dick. i wouldnt be mad at him if he just said that they werent announcing a game. Thats fine,but for the past year now he has been constantly tweeting messages teasing at new fallout game and then when fans ask what he is teasing about he goes into defense mode and acts like we are ungrateful fans. We are basically hungry dogs and he it the owner waving the steak above our noses.

  16. Fallout must be continued; it would be fiscal suicide for Bethesda to truly piss off all its fans that remember the days of vault 101 anyways.

    They’ll make new Fallout titles; the big question is will they make sure to design them without all the ever-present glitches?

    The funny glitches are great, the “game stops working when you go through a door or into certain areas” glitches on the other hand…

  17. If you want to skip the comments, here’s a summary:

    Whiny Fallout fans thinking they deserve a game: check

    Whiny TES fans thinking that Fallout shouldn’t even come out next because hurr durr TES master race: check

    Reasonable people who think it only makes sense for them to switch it up and do a Fallout game after TES and then TES after a Fallout game, and just continue the cycle: unchecked

    Honestly, I like TES MORE than Fallout, and I still think Fallout should be the next title.

    Seriously, instead of fighting over which one deserves a spot, why not just agree that, with TES being the most recent of the 2 series that was released, it’s only fair to throw a little something toward the Fallout crowd?

    In any case, even if the next title released is a TES game, let’s all agree not to let them dumb it down as much as they did Skyrim. Oblivion wasn’t too complicated, but it lacked excitement because of how repetetive it is. Skyrim gave a lot to do (I still have things I figure out about the game every one and a while), but lacked the complexity and depth it deserved… plus… abandoning the game when it still had bugs pissed me off, considering how “amazing” their shitty new WoW clone is.

    Seriously, WoW has degraded in quality since Ghostcrawler messed everything up mid-WotLK. It’s well past its prime, and yet they can’t seem to top it with TESO.

    Also, I’m pretty pissed at them for trying to get their game to bypass the Gold and PS+ membership fees. They feel like they’re doing console players a favor by giving us a choice of paying ONLY THEIR fee, which is $5 or more (Depending on if you get monthly, 3 month, 6 month, or year memberships of XBL or PS+) a month and not enjoying other multiplayer games, or paying for both if we want to play their game, but if we’re not made of money and would rather play any multiplayer game for less than their price, then tough luck.

    Like I said, I’m a bigger fan of TES than Fallout, but with the quality of the TES games so far, I’m rooting for a Fallout sequel.

  18. I sincerely doubt Bethesda Studios have shoved aside Fallout for development of other games. In fact because of the success rate of Fallout 3 (some credit for New Vegas as well), it wouldn’t surprise me if they started development after TES Skyrim was made or even possibly before. Even if they do not announce this E3 they still get the message; Fallout 4 is just around the corner.

  19. Did you guys ever consider the fact that possibly the game was in development for ps3/ xbox 360 and then once the news of new systems being released with a completely different infrastructure they may have been forced to go back and rewrite basically the whole game for the new systems. I mean they talk about how ps3 compared to ps4 is night and day. So it is not terribly hard to imagine that they are concerned with not only “remaking” the game but also making sure the game is not obnoxiously riddled with more bugs than those that normally come in a bethesda game. Also if the rumors are true that they were already planning to completely rebuild the infrastructure of the fallout world and redo the leveling system it is not surprising why they would need extra time than the normal release cycle. Just food for thought.

  20. There’s a lot of people wrongly justifying the BEthesda execs. It’s been too long since an official update and the wait is inexcusable. Also, as many other people have said, Pete Hines and Todd Howard have absolutely no respect for their fanbase. They expect to keep feeding us these horseshit games and have us smile and just take it up the ass.

    Boycotting Bethesda is NOT juvenile if they continue to show an undeniable streak of arrogance with regards to their fans. As many here have pointed out, without customers, they’re just a bunch of computer geeks wasting time. I, for one, am honestly done with Bethesda. I will NOT buy another Bethesda game ever again, and that includes Fallout 4. Why? Because adults don’t let other adults treat them like children, even if they happen to fancy their video games.

    • there’s gonna be too much competition this time around and I think Bugthesda will be in for a big surprise when their collection of glitches releases.

  21. What a bunch of cunty self entitled Little bitches in the comments. The game will be shown when it’s ready what do people not understand about that and why do they “owe it to us” to give us information. The game is obviously not in showable form yet so why don’t all you little cry bitches go stick your thumbs up your asses and play magic the gathering or whatever it is you do until they are ready to talk about the game. It’s because of All you demanding impatient little fucks that gamers as a whole have such a bad name. It’s time to grow a set of balls, just because mommy buys you things the minute you want them doesn’t mean the rest of the world works like that.

  22. I have been waiting for fallout 4 since before I even played skyrim and have checked the internet at least every other day since, trust me when I say I want it more than most and cannot wait for it to come out… on the other hand if I was pete hines and read how some people talk about him and his apparent “shit family” (I literally dont know how or why you came to that conclusion, you are what is wrong with humanity young sir) I’d tell you all to go fuck yourself and wouldn’t release a goddamn thing (dont forget as much as he may not want to he could afford to and im sure it would barely effect him, or his ‘shit family’)…. and I for one would back him 100%…

    Grow up and stop spitting out your dummies because you haven’t got what you want when you want it how you want it and there is a slight chance that the world doesn’t complete revolve around you and your idoitic views!!

  23. That comment includes both pete hines and todd howard just to clarify… wasnt sure who everyone was hating on and to be honsst I dont think your all sure either

  24. I’d be a bit disappointed if it was set in Boston. Did the apocalypse only happen in the US?

  25. Set To Reflect

    You Fallout people are fucking annoying. I hope you all get cancer and die off.

  26. bethesda and pete knows that the witcher 3 has already kicked thire backsides out before its even finished, after bethesda planted major bugs into skyrim on purpose and abandoned the game with a striped down creation kit and a outdated renamed 1999 game engine just becouse they dont haver the brain capacity to keep up with nextgen open world rpgs. witcher 3 will destroy them even without mods, and witcher 3 mod kit will be released after witcher 3 is comnpletly finished and any buigs patched. pete hines is too scared to admit that bethesda is geting kicked off the rpg Throne in 2015 never to reclaim it. witcher 2 beats skyrim even without freeroam just becouse its graphics are better and its storline and dialougue is better than anything bethesda could ever make. if they do make a fallout 4 or elder scrolls six it will just be another rushed out beta with even more bugs and another gamebyro engine with a few more tweaks. witcher 3i hope puts bethesda out of buisness like the developer of thife.

  27. I’m not entirely sure about it being set in Boston – outside of the US it isn’t a city that really captures the imagination.. New York would seems a safe bet, or San Francisco, somewhere that the average non-US gamer will recognise and have a connection to.. Lets face it, not many tourists visit the USA and think “I cant wait to see Boston!” – Nope, I reckon San Fran or New York…

  28. Ops31337 i agree with you i thought the new Wolfenstein was going to be good but it turns out it sucks so hard.

  29. Pete Himes seems he knows what hes doi amd should take his time on fallout cause i want it 2 b the best it can so good luck

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