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Achievement Hunter visits new low point with Theater Mode

For the better part of the last decade, Let’s Plays have been a large part of gaming related content on Youtube and elsewhere, due in no small part to groups like Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter and the proliferation of things like gameplay capture devices and services. Now that the market for “watching other people play the same games over and over again” has been oversaturated, it should come as no small surprise that such groups or individuals are experimenting with new and different ways to remain unique and rise above all the static from every other potential competitor.

To that end, Achievement Hunter just unveiled their newest project of sorts, Theater Mode; a (roughly hour long) show where they watch what are possibly some of the worst movies in existence and provide live commentary. Once a month, you too can watch other people watch movies that you probably didn’t know existed (and for good reason) for roughly $5.

“Can I leave after that?”

If you’re thinking, “Oh, those movies can’t possibly be that bad, those Achievement Hunter guys are just being really mean and desperate for content”, then you are in for a very rude awakening. We’re talking about movies that, even if you ignore all the technical problems like bad CGI and lighting, have such terrible writing and or acting (and directing) that you might experience actual physical discomfort. To put it in context, the premiere episode of Theater Mode features a movie that is so bad that Achievement Hunter Geoff Ramsey had to walk away and take a small break from the sheer stupidity of the movie, and that’s only halfway through the movie.

Achievement Hunter isn’t that mean, they only spent 10% of the time making fun of the movie

In other words, there is no exaggeration when such movies were advertised as “…the worst piece of shit I’ve ever seen…” in the Theater Mode trailer, which might be comedy enough for some.

“I need like, a Mento for my brain”

Of course, it would be hard for most people to justify spending $5 to watch a terrible movie that would make you want to scoop your eyes out with a dull spoon, so (thankfully) Achievement Hunter is there to act as a life preserver amidst the sea of feces that will come your way. Sharp, witty, and frank, their commentary and reactions alone would justify the $5 sponsorship fee.

The other 90% of the reactions in Theater Mode, all in one screenshot. Yes, Michael is looking for alcohol

You need not worry if you were concerned about Theater Mode being a non-stop train of absurd conversations like most Let’s plays though. Fortunately (or unfortunately) Achievement Hunter does leave just enough time between their commentary so that you too can pay full attention to whatever movie it is they are watching without missing any major plot points (if you hate yourself).

That being said, Theater Mode might not be for everyone. It’s definitely going to have one of, if not the longest episodes of any show that Achievement Hunter produced thus far, and you simply might not be much of a movie person. However, Theater Mode is not so much about watching the terrible movies as it is about experiencing the terrible movies with a group of people; the rough equivalent of watching terrible movies with your friends and letting the weight of your decisions sink in after you have all reached the point of no return.

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