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Apple Watch

Apple Watch vs. Moto 360 showdown

Alas, the Apple Watch has finally been unveiled after a year of excruciating rumor-spreading. The timepiece comes as an innovative piece of wearable tech running on Apple’s own watch OS, although we don’t have a name for it yet.


Apple seems to be putting emphasis on design and simplicity with the Apple Watch. Motorola on the other hand, prefers to advertise the functionality alongside the design of the Moto 360. The Apple Watch comes in two different sizes a 38 mm and a 42 mm version, with six different chassis (silver aluminium, stainless steel, space black stainless steel, space gray aluminium, 18 karat rose gold and 18 karat gold) and six different watchbands including the modern buckle, Milanese loop, leather loop, sport band, classic buckle and stainless steel link bracelet.

The Moto 360 on the other hand comes with a light or dark stainless steel case with a 46 mm diameter and three leather bands at the moment, stainless steel bands to be introduced by the holiday season. That’s not much compared to what the Apple Watch has to offer in terms of design versatility, but the Moto 360 has a round watch face, whilst the Apple Watch sports a square watch face. The choice between these two depends on the customer, because some people enjoy square watches, other prefer the more traditional watch face of the Moto 360 to that of the futuristic Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch has a sapphire Retina HD display which guarantees quality picture, but the Moto 360 isn’t far behind with a 1.56 inch 320*290 backlit LCD display at 205ppi, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The Apple Watch offers the more durable screen technology and a higher resolution and pixel density screen, so it’s the winner when it comes to display technology. Props for that.


Both watches have crowns, but Apple’s use of the crown is much more handy than that of Motorola. The crown on the Apple Watch is used to zoom, pan and scroll between the items displayed on your screen. The Moto 360 crown is used as the power button on the device. Since Apple has found a unique way of making effective use of the digital crown on the Apple Watch, it will surely be one of the favorite user features. Apple Watch OS

The Moto 360 runs Android Wear, with which we’ve been used to, and know that it is a very good wearable operating system which is continuously updated and developed further. You’ve got tons of apps, widgets and watch faces to choose from, but such is the case with the Apple Watch too. Though we don’t have a name for the OS it uses yet, it does offer fluid interaction and a high degree of customizability. Whilst Android Wear offers its share of health, fitness, gaming, messaging and calling apps, the Apple Watch focuses on other features like walkie talkie function, force touch (essentially a right-click you achieve by pressing instead of tapping), Friends and so on.

What’s interesting about the Apple Watch is that it offers heptic gestures, via a taptic engine. That means it sends little vibrations to your wrist whenever you get notified of something.  The watch also acts as a text interpreter, not giving you a keyboard, instead giving you preset suggestions you can choose from when replying to a text. The standard voice recognition and Siri are also there. Both watches charge wirelessly, but we don’t know anything about the Apple battery, whilst the Moto 360 has either a 300 mAH or a 320 mAH battery incorporated.

Overall, when we think of features, the Apple Watch offers many new ones, but the Moto 360 offers the ones you are used to. That would mean that Android fans would probably prefer staying with Android Wear. Although the UI on the Apple Watch looks great from what we’ve seen so far, it does seem to have its shortcomings. Moto-360-live-6

We know that the Apple Watch pairs with the iPhone 5 and up, but that’s all we know about connectivity. So the Moto 360’s Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.3 and up compatibility is better right now. We’re sure Apple will update the specs list on their website, but so far, the descriptions we find there focus on… well, appearance. The sensors on both the Moto 360 and Apple Watch are roughly the same, heart rate monitor included.

Now for the biggest difference. Apple Pay. The Apple Watch can function as an NFC payment method through Apple Pay, while the Moto 360 can’t really do that. That’s a big plus that can future-proof the device. Being able to use your watch to pay for stuff is quite a convenient solution for the wallet. The Moto 360 makes up for that by being IP67 certified. The Apple Watch is just water resistant, as far as we know.

The Moto 360 is currently sold out, but will be available soon again. The Apple Watch on the other hand, won’t be on the shelves until next year, probably that’s why we don’t know many of its specs, yet. The cheapest version of the Apple Watch will set you back $349 or even more if you don’t own an iPhone, because that’s all it works with. The Moto 360 is $250 right now, but that price might drop more with the release of the Apple Watch. Apple Watch

This is just a speedy comparison to tell you why the Apple Watch is better than the Moto 360 and why the Moto 360 might cater to a wider audience. We will be back with more information on the Apple Watch later, when all of its specs will be available and then we’ll be able to draft a more comprehensive comparison between the two.

Which would you choose if the two were offered to you for free RIGHT NOW? Not that I’m offering or anything. I would choose the Moto 360 because I’m a relentless Android fan and because I prefer the connectivity and design of the Moto 360 over the extravagant feature and design of the Apple Watch.

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  1. Motorola has it right with the round design. Square watches are tacky..

  2. I’d go 360 all the way. There’s just something about that watch that I love.

  3. Has anyone noticed that annoying little black band at the bottom of the 360’s face. It doesn’t seem to take full advantage of the display area. A square/rectangle has more area than a circle (duh). While I like round faced watches, Apple’s choice of shape makes more sense for a better user experience. I also like Apple’s direction in interchangeable bands. This will open the market to 3rd party bands that will allow even more options (I don’t know if Moto has this option). I’m really curious as to how they compare on thickness.

    • thats where all the sensors are located. cant complain.

    • I’m fairly certain that the moto 360 is compatible with all standard bands. So that opens up the interchangeability to thousands of different bands.. Way more than the apple watch will ever have

    • I think the Moto 360 is a tad thicker than the Apple Watch. You’re right in what you’re saying, the square shape does allow for more room. As for the black bar, as someone’s said before, there’s sensors there and a lighting system of some sorts, too. The Moto 360 has 22 or 20 mm watchbands, so yes, it is compatible with hundreds of watchbands you can find in stores. I think Apple added their special type of band just so they can make even more money… If they had put a standard band on it, people would’ve just bought the watch, but noo… you have to buy the bands, too.

    • “A square/rectangle has more area than a circle (duh)” – depends on the size of square and circle.

    • The black band is a little annoying, but that giant wart on the side of the iwatch is flat out ugly.

  4. Just got the 360. I’ve had a smartwatch that looks like the apple watch for two years! 360 is really well thought out and will be more advanced by the time apple watch is even released. Way to be innovators apple! Ha.

  5. The 360 looks sleek and has a clean look. The apple watch is square first of all (ew) and just doesn’t look good when it comes to being a watch. The iPod nano looked better as a watch.

  6. In one simple line: apple watch is like wearing a shining pebble. But the moto 360 is much more than that and it actually looks and feels like a watch and not like some high-priced ipod nano!

    • You have to keep in mind that the Moto 360 does need a phone to function, otherwise you can’t really use much of the apps you get because it doesn’t have 3G. Sony’s smartband on the other hand is awesome, 3G and all the fitness tracking you want. You can make calls with the smartband and that’s the one that works without a phone paired to it.

    • > In fact apple has been going downhill in terms of smaller devices.

      I so agree! I even liked the tiny nano from long, long ago. But this watch is awful.

    • ” I also guess moto 360 can work without any android smartphone”

      nope. still needs a smartphone.

  7. 360 for the design of the watch and the os

  8. I’m surprised so many of you chose the Moto 360 over the Apple Watch. I’d do the same, but I do admit that the Apple Watch is a novelty with the force touch, taptic engine and text analysis.

    • “Force Touch” – since when did a long press become a feature?

      • Since Apple says it is. Joking, the idea behind the long-press function of the sapphire screen was presented by Apple at the event as a force-sensing function. But I think you’re right, it’s just a matter of a re-branding attempt from Apple.

        • Since people don’t know how to read I guess, because Long Touch is not Force Touch, which has been explained in several different places. But I guess not putting 1 minute of effort into reading about things is cool these days.

    • Text analysis is a great feature, but force touch just sounds to me like a long-press. At least I haven’t really seen a difference.

      The nice thing about the text analysis is that an app will solve that, it’s not like it’s locked into the Apple Watch. I’m probably not going to be getting a 360 anymore after learning about the SoC, but I much prefer it over the look of the Apple Watch, which looks like a iPhone 3GS that has been shrunk.

      • long-press. long-press. I was thinking of that. Sorry xd I just kept getting a blank in my head until force touch appeared from nowhere…

      • Force Touch is not long touch. It’s force touch, which is quicker obviously, plus, you can also do Long Touch, so that’s three tap methods instead of just two, which gives you 50% more functionality as a developer.

    • “Apple Watch is a novelty with long press, vibration and pre-set responses.”

      There, fixed it.

  9. Give it time. Apple will sell in a weekend what Motorola has sold from now till Apple Watch is available. I am not a fan of the Apple’s watch design… Seriously. But Moto looks good on paper. Once on ur wrist looks like a satellite dish. Just my humble opinion.

    • And McDonalds will sell more than The Fat Duck.

      • If u r comparing McDonalds with Apple, I guess I can’t reply to that. Not bc I don’t have an answer, just bc me and stupidity are not very good friends. Stick with Moto, I’ll stick with Apple. In a few years, let’s see who’s still around.

        • You misunderstand. His analogy points out that “this sold more than this” is an illogical conjecture to try to determine which is better. Volume does not determine quality, it merely shows which is popular.

          Lamborghinis are unquestionably “nicer” cars than, say, a Volkswagen Jetta. And yet, far more Jettas each year, and to boot, Volkswagen owns Lamborghini.

          He never actually directly compared Apple to McDonald’s, although that is an implication.

          • Props to you for trying to reason with someone who looks very much like a pro-apple religious nut.

            Let’s see if he has the integrity to acknowledge how wrong he was in his response.

      • And Android will sell more than iOS.

        See what I did there?

  10. “Apple seems to be putting emphasis on design and simplicity with the Apple Watch”

    Because putting a launch screen, a dialer that zooms, and having navigation based on ‘Force Touch’ aka a long press screams ‘simplicity’. Also, I think the physical design is unremarkable. Coming from Apple, I expected a beautiful device, but alas, Motorola has been the only smartwatch maker to come up with a unique, outstanding design. The whole thing seems like something Samsung would put out – showcasing bizarre use cases like texting from your watch, browsing pictures (seriously, at one point he showed 1000 photos on the screen, zoomed out), and looking up movie times.

    • I mentioned design, because you can’t deny the watch looks premium. And it has 6 faces, for Pete’s sake, how many smartwatches out there have 6 different versions available? And in two sizes? Not a fan, though, just to justify why I think Apple put emphasis on design. As for simplicity, I honestly thought the way the OS was being handled in the demo was simple. I mean, it seemed so logical to incorporate that crown into zooming and panning and scrolling. I found it rather simplistic – or easy to use.

      • Actually, it looks like a premium Fisher Price toy. Seriously.
        I had high hopes that Apple would create a watch that looked as premium as the Moto 360, but with no bezel chin and much better battery life.
        Instead, we got this thick Asus Zen Watch wannabe.

        • Apple failed here, but they will sell very well, because everyone trapped in their ecosystem has no choice but to get the apple watch.

          • Actually people have the choice to not buy a smart watch at all, or they can still get any other smart watch.

            This thing where we pretend customers are trapped in brand prisons is sort of stupid. Lots of people own both iOS and Android based devices.

          • Apple and others have gone to great lengths to trap brand-lovers into ecosystem prisons.

            The thing where we pretend otherwise is definitely stupid.

            Most people who own smartphones have only one primary-use smartphone. If that phone is an iphone, there are NO other smartwatches which will work well with their phone.

            There is a tiny chance that the iwatch will flop, but its not likely. They have a captive market.

    • Force Touch is not Long Touch. It was explained clearly in the keynote and on many websites. There are pressure sensitive switches in the display itself. So actually you can do normal touch, long touch, and force touch. Three seems better than two.

      “Force Touch uses tiny electrodes around the flexible Retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press, and trigger instant access to a range of contextually specific controls — such as an action menu in Messages, or a mode that allows you to select different watch faces — whenever you want. It’s the most significant new sensing capability since Multi‑Touch.”

  11. The Apple Watch is pure elegance. I don’t know what you see in that ugly Moto 360.

  12. How can you say the Apple Watch is more versatile due to the band choices when the Moto 360 allows you to install any 22mm band making the choices literally limitless.

    • Didn’t say it was about the bands. About the design in general. Look: Moto 360: one size, one watch, any 22 mm band you want. Apple Watch: 2 sizes, 6 watches, 6 bands. Hmm… I wonder.

      • In that case your entire comparison should be Apple Watch vs Andrioid Wear. You say Apple is versatile but true versatility would mean they would open up their software to other OEM’s and then the consumer would win. With Android if you don’t like the Moto 360 and want something that looks more like the Apple Watch then go buy an Asus Zenwatch (which if you ask me looks even better than the Apple Watch with a rounded square form factor).

        • Do you know what an API is? There are several APIs developers can use on the Apple Watch.

          • The thing is, while apple allows certain selective companies to produce apps for their watch, android allows almost anyone to produce their own, and gives application producers almost unlimited free reign.

        • Would be nice if they did that. They do allow developers to create apps through the WatchKit though, so that’s more than nothing. When does the consumer win with Apple anyway? 🙁

  13. Why does Apple Pay matter at all? You still have to have the phone in the pocket, so whether I use the NFC chip on my phone, or the watch, what’s the diff? Is it that hard to pull the phone out when paying for something? I mean, not that having that on the watch is a bad thing, but I can’t see that being a difference maker for anyone with some sense.

    • Totally agree. It’s just a marketing strategy and of course, a way for Apple to make even more $.

    • Why pull your phone out of your pocket unless you actually need to?

      In many big cities, pulling your iPhone out can get you noticed by thieves. And what if your hands are full? Why not just tap your wrist on the cash register?

      The NFC will also be used to open hotel room doors and check in at airports, both scenarios you probably have your hands full and don’t want to stop to put something down to pull out your phone.

      • Right, because wearing an iwatch won’t get you noticed by thieves?? lol. Your other scenarios are infrequent, and certainly able to be accomplished with a phone. Heck, I can talk to my moto x through my pocket, so I suppose I shouldn’t have to move anything but my mouth to open a door. Either way, the Apple Pay thing will be blown way out of proportion relative to its innovation or usefulness…nothing new there.

        • Yes, everything apple does is blown way out of proportion, and made to look much better than it is.

          They’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of their innovations circa 2007.

          I hope in a few years our culture will move on.

  14. I have an iPhone and like a lot of things Apple has done, but that price… $350! Ugh. That’s just too much to justify. If you could get a refurbished Moto 360 in a year or so for $199, I think that’d be an excellent deal.

  15. Laser Tek Services

    I like both watches and Android smartphone users will be very happy with the Moto360.

  16. I gotta admit, the Motorola 360 looks nice. I think Apple screwed itself with the square design. They probably thought they were competing with just Samsung. It is so ironic how Apple, of all companies, did not create a watch that looked like a watch but Motorola did… lol. That was really my only beef with these watches… that they were ugly. At least the Motorola has me considering a wearable, as I would like to wear a watch again… lol.

    • Even if they thought that, they failed, in my opinion, because the Galaxy Gear S has 3G yaay. 😀

      • Ms. Smith, very nice write-up, btw.

        Thanks, in part, to your article, I am seriously considering getting a smartwatch. I am hoping the Moto 360 fits the bill, but I am probably going to wait until Christmas before I buy a (smart)watch. I waited this long…what’s another couple of months…haha.

    • The Moto 360 does look very nice for a smart watch. But I care more about apps and user interaction than I do with looks.

      I already have a ton of great looking watches that look nicer than any smart watch.

      • I haven’t worn a “watch” for about 15 years. Prior to me owning so much as a beeper (pager), I would buy very nice $100 (more or less) watches…Citizens and Bulovas being primary favorites. Now, I can afford “real” watches, such as Movados, Tau Heuers, Omegas, etcs (yes, watches that are a minimum, someone’s paycheck.) A Rolex would be a good few paychecks, but that’s something I can entertain later.

        My point is, I could never justify the expense of getting a great looking watch, at any cost, because I always saw a watch as an unnecessary expense. However, whenever it came to watches, aesthetics were always a primary goal with me. Any watch I wear HAS to look nice, whether it is a cheap $50 watch, or a beautiful $3000 timepiece.

        Now, enter the “smartwatch.” I found the Galaxy Gears to be God-awful ugly. People who I have seen own them (early adopters and others) have extolled their functionality…answer a call/text, without looking at their phone. But the fact remains that they are ugly watches. Apple, who has not come out with their own watch, has an ugly watch, which surprises me because Apple is known more for “style” above “function.” (I am an Apple hater, but I’m not an idiot either…they do have very stylish-looking devices.) Motorola, IMHO, got it right with them coming out with a stylish-looking watch. LG has a nice looking watch as well, but Motorola has them beat on the aesthetics factor. I am going to have to do my homework on functionality to see if I even want either watch…but my ultimate point is that if I am going to put something on my wrist, it has to look nice. However, since I am also practical, I want functionality as well, much like yourself, ElixirTheif.

        So, in short, I want it all…functionality and aesthetics. My apologies for the long post.

        • >> I am an Apple hater, but I’m not an idiot either

          They way that company has behaved in the last 4 years, they given the world a lot to hate them for.

          • Listen, there is plenty I give Apple credit for…their market capitalization is outstanding, but their technology is garbage. There are plenty of Android phones that perform more ably than Apple. Where Apple succeeds is that they appeal to a majority of consumers who wants a product to work right outside of the box. I’m an Apple hater because I am capable of making my Android device work for me, and not have Android dictate to me how a device functions OR what kind of apps I am allowed to download. Having said that, I don’t subscribe to fanaticism; I just personally don’t care for Apple as a company. But I see that they are a successful company, and I have written objective papers for grad school on how and why Apple became successful. That doesn’t mean I’m going to buy an iPhone with their proprietary chargers and closed ecosystem. Nor will I say this person sucks for buying/using an iPhone.

          • Yes. You mention just a few of the reasons that many smart people have a dislike or disinterest in apple’s mobile OS based products.

            Their desktop/laptop products are nice, though.

  17. Features wise apple beat the moto 360 but aesthetically moto wins hands down. Can i dress up the moto 360 and wear it with a suit? Yes! Can I dress it down and put on some jeans and a tshirt and still look good? Yes!

    The Iwatch seems best at the gym or dressing like Zuckerberg. Also that dial seems gimmicky at best. Am I really going to fiddle around with the dial when it is next to my wrist? It’s really not functional.

    • I can see the function of it and I would love to use the crown on the Moto 360 in the same way, but maybe I’m more attracted to that function because I’ve got crazy small hands and it would be way easier for me to do it than for a full-grown man. Probably.

      • But the watch will sit flush against wrist meaning it doesn’t matter if it is big or small it will still be uncomfortable. If it has functionality like tap the dial once to do an action then double tap to do something else it be useful otherwise it will end up useless.

    • I absolutely agree that Motorolla’s design kicks apple’s design to the curb.

      • It’s funny you would think apple would have chosen the round design and moto the square. Just wait until apple makes fun of the circle design only later to release a revolutionary new circle designed watch.

  18. The conclusion from this article is that apple watch is better even though the writer haven’t touched an iwatch yet. The conclusion is as such since all apple products are just better…LOL

    • Lol right back, didn’t conclude anything, hah. I think what I wanted to say that so far, from what we’ve learned from the event, press conference, live coverage, Apple website, Apple store, pamphlets, tweets, statuses, etc, the Apple Watch seems to be better on paper than the Moto 360.
      Don’t agree on that second part, though.

      • How can the Apple Watch seem better on paper?
        The #1 thing consumers are concerned about with these devices is BATTERY LIFE. What do we know about Apple Watch’s battery life? It’s so embarrassing that Apple refused to disclose it.
        The #2 consumers people are concerned with about these devices is style. The Moto 360 clobbers the Apple Watch in most polls after the event.
        The #3 consumers people are concerned with about these devices is PRICE. The cheapest Apple Watch will be $349. The cheapest Moto 360 is $249. The Asus Zen Watch which runs Android Wear (and looks nearly identical to the Apple Watch – but much thinner) will be $199. Apple fails on paper.

        Let’s not mention the fact that the Moto 360 already has access to thousands of apps, and by the time the Apple Watch comes out, tens if not hundreds of thousands of apps.

        Lastly, the Apple Watch must be paired with an Apple phone to be useful. 85% of the smartphone world uses Android. No one is going to ditch their Android phone, to buy an iphone AND a Apple Watch when they can just buy a Moto 360 or an Asus Zen Watch.

        GAME OVER.

    • I think the article was pointing out that all smart watches are crap, and hopefully Apples *unreleased* watch is going to be better. Its hopeful, not conclusive.

  19. I have a Moto G which has been wonderful for me so far, so I’d probably end up getting the Moto360 (assuming, of course, that I can afford such things at some point). I like the fact that I could sync the 360 up with any future Android phone I purchase, rather than be limited to Motorola. That’s kind of nice.

    • That’s the main reason I would choose it for, too.

    • And with 85% market share, you know there are going to be lots of great android phones to choose from, in the future.

      That’s another reason I would never get trapped in apple’s little ecosystem. They only offer 1-2 inferior phone choices a year.

      • You realize the majority of that 85% you are proud of are actually made up of “inferior” cheapo Android phones, which are given away in BOGO deals in developing nations, right?

        • I’ve one of those cheapo ones, the LG L70, and I have to say it’s not that bad. Got it for free with a contract, though, which wasn’t the best choice, but good phones are effing expensive for developing market citizens. You get a $300 salary a month in most workplaces. And you can buy the Galaxy S5 for $700. Less than %10 percent of my fellow countrymen can afford that. So cheapo Android phones will have to do. And as I’ve said, I’m quite impressed with what my LG can do.

          • Yes, this is true. And Google has taken great pains to re-engineer android to be fluid and powerful on inexpensive hardware. Of course their goal is influence and advertising dollars, but the result is the widespread availability of the worlds best mobile OS (at least as of 2014), to people of most nations and most income brackets.

          • What country do you live in, “Emily Smith” ? That name doesn’t sound like a 300$ a month name.

          • That’s a secret. And I didn’t say I was the one who made $300 a month. Nonetheless, the situation is a real one, but we’re expecting some improvements once T Mobile starts its game in the country soon.

        • Why would you assume I’m proud of android market share? I’m not.

          That kind of emotion is typical of the usual apple cultists. They take _personal pride_ in apple success. They _personally identify_ with the company. Its part of the emotional process of being a part of the cult movement.

          I am not personally proud of any of these market share numbers. I simply use them as a basis for making predictions about future developments.

          Interesting you mention BOGO as if it were statistically significant – this is a kool-aid marker. In my experience, only the kool-aid drinkers ascribe importance to BOGO. They feel personally threatened by iOS continual decrease in market share, and many go to great lengths to rationalize away the facts. Why? It is what it is.

          It is true that the majority of the 85% are low end phones, but as it happens another iCultist myth is that “apple rules the high end”.

          This is no longer true. Android rules the low end, and Android outsells apple on the high end as well.

  20. So the Apple Watch has Apple Pay…whereas there is no point to put it on Android phones because of a magical thing called Google Wallet. And this watch will hardly replace your phone.

    I will never quite understand why Apple comes to the party late and people act like what they did is a big deal.

    • Why didn’t Google Wallet take off properly anyway?

      • For the same reason Apple Pay won’t take off properly.
        People don’t want to pay with their phones.

        • I’ve been angry that Apple refused to add NFC chips to their phones for this very reason. I’m happy they’re finally hopping on board. When Android wanted to do it, businesses wouldn’t add the feature to their stores. But now that Apple is popularizing it, everywhere will do it.

          Google creates. Apple popularizes. Now that Apple is on board, this whole mobile (and wearable) payment system will finally take off. It’s about time!

      • I have had Google Wallet on my phone(s) for 3 years and I’m still too shy to actually try to use it at Walgreens :p

    • > I will never quite understand why Apple comes to the party late and people act like what they did is a big deal.

      The answer is: effective propagation of rationalizations and spin, motivated by religious fanaticism.

      Have you spent much time reading apple insider or similar? This subculture *really does* function like a cult, when it comes to convincing each other to believe in outright lies.

      • You mean like how Apple Haters just echo chamber the same derpy bullshit which often have no relation to reality?

        Android nuts are just as dumb, don’t kid yourself.

        • Its true that there ARE apple haters who will repeat anything and everything that is critical of apple, with no regard for the facts.

          But they do not form the same kind of cultural movement that the apple cultists form. For example, I routinely see articles on apple insider that engage in the worst forms of equivocation, cherry picking, and straw-man arguments, and the cultists drink it all up and then take to the comment sections of other sites to passionately evangelize the BS, spin, and lies.

          Show me an android community that functions this way, please.

    • Yeah, when will Google Wallet’s star stop rising? It’s like you can’t go anywhere without seeing people use it all the time.

      How are those usage numbers by the way? Published anywhere?

  21. I find the tone of this comparison skewed towards the apple watch. Saying that the watch which isn’t even released yet, and is probably at best only half baked functionality wise is hogwash. But I do love all the comments favouring the moto 360. For those preferring a classic timepiece look, the moto 360 cannot be matched. For others going for a more techy look, the Asus Zen watch trumps the apple watch, LG and Samsung variants.

  22. The moto 360 is by far the best due to its innovative design and advanced software. The apple watch doesnt look good but the OS looks good. However apples watch is square just like every other smartwatch which contrasts with the circular design on moto 360. To conclude the moto 360 is by far the best.

  23. Apple Watch looks like a big chiclet. 360 looks like a Movado – nuff said!

  24. Because of the fact you can only pair the 360 with Android and the Apple watch with iPhones, you might as well have just finished by asking “So, what phone do you guys have, an iPhone or Android?”

  25. I don’t wear jewelry as it seems uncomfortable but just from a visual standpoint I’m far more attracted to the apple watch. I did a search for watches online to get a good idea of what seems to be expected from a watch these days and the analog designs are in my opinion far more attractive than the digital watches that all look like plastic junk. With those two basic concepts in mind the apple watch does appear to be bar far more in line with the kind and type imagery the buyer may be looking for, and not the almost unnoticeable maybe even right out boring look of the moto 360. Images on the wrist of the moto 360 seem like a large blob like object instead of a piece of jewelry. As far as function and price are concerned Apple has demonstrated a long history of creating both excellent function while still maintaining a increadable profit margin while the android universe does not have a great record for either. I’m never a first buyer of anything new but If I were trust anyone with my money, time, piece of mind, given these two products, I would have to vote for Apple without much hesitation.

  26. Wow. This entire article is poorly written and filled with misinformation. How can you say that the Apple Watch has higher resolution without knowing the pixel dimensions. Tons of Android phones exist with higher resolutions and greater pixel densities than Apples new “retina HD” marketing jargon. The moto 360 battery is 320mAh typical, 300mAh minimum. Also its waterproof, whereas the Apple watch is not, making it completely useless as a watch. Not to mention its atrocious design and gimmicky features. This article pretends the Moto 360 doesn’t vibrate when you get a notification. All these short comings from Apple for something that’s not even available until next year. Android Wear will only have evolved even further by then.
    The Apple Watch is DOA.

    • So, let me see if I understand…

      You say this is crappy biased journalism because the author is claiming a product that is not out yet is better than the Moto 360, yet, you don’t see that you are doing the same exact thing by saying it’s not better, then go on to say it’s DOA?

      I will enjoy reading your comments five years from now.

  27. I got the 360. It is VERY impressive. Anyone I show it to is blown away. The features are getting better daily. Both iwatch and 360 run their battery out by night time so battery isn’t a huge issue for me.

  28. Seriously, simple and elegant give me 360, the apple looks like the handful of first-off attempts of other ‘smart’ watches. 10,000 square nerdy watches does not an unassuming round watch make (nor compare to). The i-wallet nfc feature will work at Nordstroms but nfc tech is not yet the mainstream. We are consumers and don’t worry about tech we can’t use for a year or two because we will upgrade to the latest and greatest before it is implemented. Apple should have pasted a watch band to one of its ipod micros at least it would appeal to the music crowd. Apple kicks butt with laptops but phones and watches pale in comparison to the other options.

  29. this apple watch is just plain ugly. I don’t see myself using my watch to pay for anything either… and $350 for the base model?? REALLY?

    and hold on.. are we actually supposed to be showing people pictures on the watch instead of our phones? HA

    • (i do see girls wearing the apple watch with that gold/red and gold/blue band though)

      it’s an apple product, it’s going to sell either way. But its not up to the standards of android wear and the moto 360’s beauty

      • Android Wear doesn’t do many things the Apple Watch will do.

        • OS wise? such as… nothing. fitness and blatitybla is there. voice commands are there, reply to stuff is there, notifications are there, apps are there. IMO android wear is more beautiful.

          NFC can be easily added by samsung or motorola, and they probably will with apple coming out with it. This watch is the WORST design I could think of coming from a company
          that prides itself on design. And the UI? Taps, swipes, Long presses,
          AND a scroll wheel? What a cluster.

          only 2 things i like about this apple watch are:

          1. vibrations when notifications come in
          2. the strap lock in and lock out options.

          but those are 2 things that aren’t major and can be added by future watch gens.

          • > NFC can be easily added by samsung or motorola,

            Yeah, probably by the time apple actually starts selling their watches.

            apple obviously copied android wear. apple is behind the curve.

        • Except that it does. More cleanly, more simply.

          Arguably, Google made a much more Apple watch OS than Apple.

          We’ve all been wondering for a while where the first product was that Steve had nothing to do with…

          If you think he would have OK’d a device with a 1.5″ screen and 4 different methods of input and feature vomit a’la Samsung? You’re crazy.

          I’m no Apple fan, but I want them in their role of keeping Google and Android OEM’s honest and stepping up the design game. This thing doesn’t do it. (maybe on the accessory front, but I don’t see it elsewhere)

    • $350 is not much for a watch. You don’t have to use your watch to show other people pictures. I intend to exploit the photo album on the Watch to store reference material for things that help me with my job.

      • $350 is a lot for a 1st gen smartwatch, hell it’s almost as expensive as the PS4. And I said that based on the apple video showing pictures on the watch. I don’t know how having pictures out on a tiny screen beats having it on a phone (especially a big phone like a note)

  30. I guess it is just going to be a choice for consumers between what their own ecosystem has to offer. For iOS users, go for the the apple watch, and for the Android users, go for the Android wear watches.
    I prefer the look of the moto 360 myself, but am not going to shoot down people who like a rectangular format.
    The Apple watch might be going for a retro 1970s look, but that can be quite trendy.
    These are all first gen watches so it will be interesting to see what comes afterwards. Apple might go with round watches too in 2016. They now offer larger phones and widgets, so all is possible.

    • Yes, i’m so glad i’m not trapped in apple’s sad ecosystem, with their lack of choice and their awful security. (no mandated 2-factor auth during remote lock out? no checks on password quality?)

      I’m not buying a smartwatch this year, but it would really suck if I wanted a smartwatch and had an iphone. The Moto 360 is way more attractive than the iwatch.

  31. that apple watch is hideous, all functionality aside, it falls way short of a typical apple design.

  32. I don’t need my phone to be a fashion accessory, however, I would want my $350 fashion accessory to look outstanding. The primary concern, at this point, for a smart-watch is aesthetics. Right now, there’s watches that look better (Moto 360) or just as good (ASUS) and are cheaper. Harder to charge a premium when the aesthetics aren’t top-notch.

  33. Apple has better apps – the Moto 360 is very limited in connectivity.

  34. “Apple watch has higher degree of customizability” Lol this… Man u just cracked the joke of the year! Don’t tell me it can install custom watch faces as that of the 360! Too much biased article!

  35. Motorola always wins over Apple in every gadget or mobile device design-wise.

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