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Currently, Skull and Bones cannot be pre-ordered through the PS Store; refunds have been given

According to reports, the PS Store automatically refunded some customers’ pre-orders for Skull and Bones, the long-in-development nautical nastiness simulator from Ubisoft. Pre-orders for the game have also been disabled as of the time of this writing on the PS Store, leaving potential pirates with no choice but to wishlist it rather than part with any of their hard-earned loot. ...

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In March, EA Sports PGA Tour Tees Up on PS5

The upcoming golf simulator is coming sooner than you might expect now that EA Sports has reclaimed the official PGA license. The aptly named EA Sports PGA Tour, which was announced today with a new gameplay trailer, will launch on the PS5 on March 24, 2023. The game will include all the major competitions you’d anticipate, including the Masters, PGA ...

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FIFA 23 Releases the Starting XI for the Team of the Year

The FIFA 23 Team of the Year lineup has finally been made public by EA Sports, who also confirmed which new cards will be added to the game’s Ultimate Team mode on January 26, 2023. The starting lineup is listed below, but you can still choose the 12th player. Erling Haaland, a prolific goal scorer, Joo Cancelo, and the composed ...

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Tetris Effect is Coming to PSVR2, There’s a Small Upgrading Fee, and PSVR Gems Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect, two of Enhance Games’ games, have been revealed to be coming to the PS5 and PSVR2. These two vaguely rhythmic arcade games will be included in the PSVR2 launch games and will receive current-gen updates. To quickly review: In Rez Infinite, which is essentially a remaster of the legendary PS2 game, you fly through cyberspace ...

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Expected Soon: A New Balance Patch Update For Splatoon 3

Last November, Nintendo released a colossal update for Splatoon 3 that upgraded the title to Version 2.0.0 and added new features, enhancements, and changes. Then came another brief update; when will there be another? In case you missed it in the 2.0.0 patch notes, a balance change will reportedly roll out around the midpoint of Chill Season. Exactly what was ...

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According to reports, Redfall is aiming for a May release

Redfall, a co-op shooter made by Bethesda and Arkane for the Xbox, is supposedly aiming for a May release. According to Windows Central, who claims to have heard from sources, if everything goes according to plan, the game will launch in the first week of the month. Redfall will reportedly be released in 2023. Redfall is an open-world, story-driven first-person ...

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75% of public feedback on Microsoft’s purchase of Activision was favorable

Over the course of a two-week period, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) received 2,100 public emails about Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, with almost 75% of them being supportive. The regulator clarified that a tiny percentage of respondents did not provide a clear opinion and provided a high-level overview of the public’s justifications for their comments. It ...

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Calico’s “Pawsome Edition” update adds new animals, visuals, and other features

We weren’t really impressed with Calico when we evaluated it in January 2021. It’s true that the adorable kitty café sim had a few positive aspects, but problems and glitches plagued the game from every angle, lowering the quality of the overall experience. In an effort to address some of these flaws and add additional content, the game’s creator Peachy ...

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