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Voice actor Ash Ketchum shares last recording’s emotional moments

As you may know, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu’s original Pokémon adventure is ending. It coincides with the show’s 25th North American anniversary. Sarah Natochenny, Ash’s voice actor, has shared a special clip with fans after saying it’s been a “extraordinary privilege” to voice the character for 17 years. It shows her filming her “last scene of Pokémon: To Be a ...

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In addition to launching their 100th game, Sokpop Collective hopes to release another 100

Sokpop Collective, an independent game development studio, is preparing to release their 100th title in December after working together for more than six years. Reaching that goal signifies the group’s decision to modify their business practices and Patreon. They won’t be trying to put out a new game every month. However, Sokpop has recommitted to publishing another 100 games, so ...

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Here’s how to play Fortnite with (nearly) everyone on any device!

You can play with nearly everyone that has access to Fortnite. Epic Games’ Fortnite, a free-to-play battle royale game, has become a hit with over 350 million players worldwide. It has recently become available on a wide variety of platforms, including desktop computers, laptops, game consoles, and mobile phones. Do all versions of Fortnite work together? Indeed, this is the ...

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Why You Should Consider Mobile Games In 2020

The gaming industry is one of the most exciting industries out there right now with new games appearing all of the time and players getting to experience new things. For many years, consoles and PC games were the most popular kinds of games but now, we are seeing more people swaying towards mobile games. In this article, we are going ...

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Android 10

Google Drops Dessert-Themed Names As It Announces Android 10

Those who use Android devices have grown accustomed to Google naming each new OS after a dessert, though that trend has come to an end. Google has revealed the next version of the operating system today, revealing that the name is simply Android 10. This puts it more in line with what Apple does with iPhone, with each new version simply ...

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Mario Kart Tour Microtransactions

Mario Kart Tour Beta Draws Criticism Over Loot Boxes

Nintendo has released several of their most famous IPs in mobile form now, and overall they’ve enjoyed success. However, one of their biggest series of all is set to make its mobile debut, with Mario Kart Tour set to launch later this year. However, a recent closed beta is already drawing criticism over the game’s loot boxes. The controversy stems ...

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The Elder Scrolls Blades early access

The Elder Scrolls Blades Early Access Out Now For All

The Elder Scrolls: Blades marks the first time that the series has appeared on mobile devices, with Bethesda promising an experience that would make fans happy. While it had previously only been available in Early Access form for a select few, it is now available in Early Access form for everyone. The release of the game being available to play ...

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Block City Wars – Is it worth playing?

Do you love the pixelated characters from Minecraft? Do you love the sandbox gameplay and the liberty to do anything, especially living life by breaking all rules in GTA? How about a combination of both? Block City Wars presents you that by providing an extensive gameplay experience that offers a combination of both the gameplay style of GTA 5 and ...

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