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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Eevee

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Poké Ball Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt Is Live

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players have been enjoying some solid updates from Nintendo lately, with the Halloween event getting every one in the spirit of the season. Today a new event has kicked off, which is a Poké Ball Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt.

Players will have to wander around to the various areas that the game has to offer and sniff out these Poké Balls, which will allow you to craft a variety of Eevee-themed items. These include the likes of an Eevee-themed, shirt, stuffed animal, table and more. The event runs from October 11th to October 22nd, so be sure to get hunting if you want to craft all of the items.

There will also be more events coming throughout the month, with include more Halloween-themed activities to keep the spirit of the season going. More information on those will be released soon.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available for iOS and Android devices, and has been a big hit for Nintendo since it launched last year. It is expected that the company will be celebrating the game’s 1-year anniversary with an event in the game, though details are scarce on that. The game fully launched worldwide in November of last year, so we’ll have to wait and see on that.

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