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The HD-2D Remake of Dragon Quest 3 Re-Emerges for PS5

It seems that Square Enix is finally acknowledging the long-awaited HD-2D remake of Dragon Quest 3. But is there more to this announcement? A new trailer released to celebrate Dragon Quest Day hints at the start of a new legacy. However, it doesn’t explicitly mention Dragon Quest 3, leaving room for speculation that the entire trilogy might be receiving the ...

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Square Enix is currently undergoing layoffs in both the US and Europe as part of their restructuring process

Square Enix is reorganizing to “aggressively” pursue a multiplatform strategy because the industry is in a crisis and their big games, Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, are not selling as well as they were supposed to. This is sad news because it means more layoffs, which have already started in the US and Europe. People who work ...

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Final Fantasy 14 servers have been hit by a series of relentless DDoS attacks, prompting Square Enix to launch an investigation into the matter

Final Fantasy XIV, the beloved MMO from Square Enix, is currently under attack from a relentless DDoS assault. Players should brace themselves for potential login and connection issues, as the publisher/developer has cautioned. These issues are expected to persist until they are effectively resolved. According to a recent blog post by Squeenix, the attack commenced at approximately 6 a.m. on ...

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Patch 1.31 for Final Fantasy 16 adds big damage boosts for Clive, makes side quests better, and adds a lot more

Square Enix has released the patch notes for Final Fantasy 16’s upcoming update. The update will come out on April 18 along with The Rising Tide DLC. There are a lot of things that are talked about in them that the developer never actually said when they announced the update last month. Some important changes include the ability to completely ...

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Square Enix will assimilate its subsidiary, Tokyo RPG Factory, along with all of its assets

Square Enix established Tokyo RPG Factory about ten years ago with the intention of capturing the spirit of the cherished era of classic role-playing games. After the release of three games—I Am Setsuna, Lost Sphear, and Oninaki—the subsidiary has been merged with its parent company and will no longer exist as a separate entity. Essentially, the company has been dissolved, ...

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Square Enix is making the strategic decision to streamline its gaming lineup in order to prioritize and deliver even higher quality experiences

In recent years, Square Enix has been releasing games at an impressive pace, rivaling the speed at which Marvel launches its Disney+ shows. We previously addressed the company’s perplexing schedule in 2022 in an attempt to understand the inner workings of the Japanese firm. As we approach 2024, an interesting Q&A from Square Enix’s financial briefing in November 2023 sheds ...

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Marvel’s Avengers PC Requirements & Download File Size

Marvel's Avengers file download size

Marvel’s Avengers is set to release for multiple platforms next month, and now we’re getting some information on both the file size and PC system requirements. While those who keep a reasonably updated rig should have no issues playing the game on the minimum settings, playing the game on recommended settings actually requires you to play the game with an ...

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