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Shawn Layden, who used to work for PS5, isn’t hiding how he feels about Xbox

Since Microsoft’s executives bought Activision Blizzard for an unbelievable $69 billion, they have been quick to say that they don’t like Sony’s marketing deal with the Call of Duty franchise. Phil Spencer, the boss, told IGN that he wants to let players choose “how you play your games” and that his company won’t do “slimy platform things.” He didn’t directly ...

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GameStop says the date listed for the release of Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is “wrong”

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater’s release date sneakily showed up on US store GameStop’s website and was pushed to a now-deleted Twitter post. However, the company says the November 17th listing was “incorrect.” IGN wrote about how, in a follow-up post, GameStop didn’t bother to explain. Instead, they told Metal Gear fans that publisher Konami would send them information ...

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The PS5 should improve its ability to keep players informed about important events happening within their games

The PS5 is a remarkable console, however, we can’t help but notice that its operating system lacks the modern game-centric design we were hoping for. It’s quite ironic to think about Sony’s emphasis on live services. Helldivers 2 has already made a big impact, but it’s eagerly looking to incorporate Concord or Fairgame$ into the mix. Here’s the deal: whether ...

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