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Bombshell game

3D Realms Releases Debut Gameplay Trailer for Bombshell

The action RPG Bombshell was first announced to be in development by 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment in May of last year.  Today, however, the developers released some specific details about the game alongside a new trailer that shows both some cutscenes and some gameplay. The player assumes the role of Shelley “Bombshell” Harrison, who is a former bomb technician who ...

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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Straw Hat Crew

Bandai Namco Reveals New Trailer For Pirate Warriors 3

Bandai Namco Games has revealed a new trailer for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. This trailer (in Japanese) showcases the Marineford arc from the main anime and manga series. This latest entry in the Dynasty Warriors-esque series will challenge players to take on countless enemies with a variety of combat moves. One of the most prominent features of this upcoming title ...

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Life is Strange game

Life is Strange Episode 2 is Not Delayed, Will Release in March

Rumors had been swirling around a possible delay of the second episode of new adventure game from Dontnod Entertainment Life is Strange after Destructoid report claimed that a representative from Square Enix confirmed a delay. Dontnod had previously promised to release episodes at regular and frequent intervals- about six weeks of time between each installment. However, today, both Dontnod and Square ...

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Axiom Verge screenshot

Tom Happ Reveals Axiom Verge Release Date

Tom Happ, the developer behind the indie platforming title Axiom Verge, has revealed the release date for the upcoming game in a recent PlayStation Blog post. This game will challenge players to survive a horrible lab accident as one of the scientists. The game’s protagonist, Trace, is transported to an ancient and high-tech world after a fatal accident in the ...

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Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat X Will Have Over 100 Brutalities

NetherRealm Studios in their fourth Kombat Kast has confirmed that Brutality finishing moves are returning to Mortal Kombat X. Unlike Fatalities, which naturally come at the end of the match, Brutalities are activated by the player accomplishing certain things during the match. Each character will have multiple Brutalities that can be triggered and there are over one-hundred total in the game. ...

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Dragon Quest

Square Enix Confirms Western Release for Dragon Quest Heroes

The Japanese release of Dragon Quest Heroes is tomorrow and, in celebration of its launch, Square Enix has announced in a blog post that the game will be coming to North America and Europe sometime this year. The game is exclusively for PlayStation 4, and it will be available for purchase both as a physical release and a digital download over ...

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Street Fighter

Street Fighter V Will Have Online Beta, Return of Nash

Capcom’s Street Fighter V has two big new pieces of news today as reported on Capcom Unity. First of all, Charlie Nash, originator of the Sonic Boom, will be returning to the roster. Nash is a fan favorite of the Street Fighter franchise. He was first mentioned in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior- he had been a lieutenant in the ...

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FutureGrind Screenshot

Milkbag Games Has Announced FutureGrind For Sony’s PS4

The two-person team at Milkbag Games has revealed that their latest game, FutureGrind, will be arriving on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console in addition to PCs. It will feature a 3D environment similar to the Trials series with red, blue and white rails. Players will be riding their grinders with red and blue wheels. FutureGrind will challenge players to reach the end of each ...

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