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Konami Registers Trademark for Unknown “Project Zircon”

Project Zircon is a trademark that Konami has applied for. We have no idea what this signifies; it was discovered yesterday by Gematsu and submitted on March 7, but it has some folks pondering. Zircon has very few connections to the corporation overall, as Gematsu points out on Twitter, but there is one that will be interesting to us (and ...

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Pictures Of Metroid: Zero Mission Discovered Online On Nintendo Switch By Data Miner

Update: After doing more research, LuigiBlood found even more proof that Nintendo Switch Online’s connection cable feature works. In reality, the NSO programs for the Game Boy and GBA each come with instructions for using the connection feature. One of these is Mario Kart Super Circuit, which is already available on the GBA service. In reality, the NSO programs for ...

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Take-Two says that layoffs are needed in order to have “another long period of success.”

Take-Two, which publishes Grand Theft Auto, Borderlands, and many other well-known game series, has confirmed that layoffs are happening at the company and said, “We are taking these necessary steps to position the company for another long period of success.” In its 2023 fiscal third quarter, Take-Two made $1.4 billion in sales, which is a 56% increase from the same ...

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The detective RPG Decapolice might be one of the best PS5, PS4, and PS3 surprises of 2023

Wow, we’ve only seen DECAPOLICE in action twice, but we’re pretty much sold already. Level-5 announced this detective RPG last month, and now we have a new trailer that shows how the game works. You play as Harvard Marks, a hotshot rookie who is all about solving cases through investigations and turn-based fights. In order to solve the mysteries, you’ll ...

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Step Aside Armored Core, Megaton Musashi: Wired Brings Mecha Action to PS5, PS4 in 2023

Big old mecha battle fans may eat well this year. Megaton Musashi: Wired, a PS5 and PS4 action RPG featuring giant robots fighting, was announced by Level-5. The first Western Megaton Musashi game looks great in its gameplay trailer (which you can watch above). . Level-5 promises full cross-play between PS5, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch for three-on-three competitive multiplayer ...

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Season 3 Brings Overwatch 2’s First Anime Collab

Update: One Punch Man x Overwatch 2 is live. Saitama (Doomfist), Genos (Genji), Tatsumaki (Kiriko), and Soldier 76’s Muren Rider skin are among the cosplay hero skins in this collection (obtainable by completing in-game challenges). The shop has these items until April 6. It’s a collaboration of heroic proportions 👊 Grab the Legendary #Overwatch2 x #OnePunchMan skins when they hit ...

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