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Shawn Layden, who used to work for PS5, isn’t hiding how he feels about Xbox

Since Microsoft’s executives bought Activision Blizzard for an unbelievable $69 billion, they have been quick to say that they don’t like Sony’s marketing deal with the Call of Duty franchise. Phil Spencer, the boss, told IGN that he wants to let players choose “how you play your games” and that his company won’t do “slimy platform things.” He didn’t directly mention PlayStation, but at the start of his company’s Xbox Showcase, he said, “It’s been 10 years since Call of Duty has been in our show, and  it’s been even longer since all Call of Duty players got the same game at the same time.” This was a clear attack on Sony’s marketing deal with the series, which has traditionally included “platform advantages” like extra modes and features.

Shawn Layden, a former executive at PlayStation who has worked in many roles across Sony’s gaming empire, heard these comments and became interested. In response to the quotes, he used a popular GIF to say how he felt:

She has since “liked” several comments on social media, some of which say Spencer is being hypocritical. One post liked by Layden says, “Phil be talking out of his ass.” “So slimy, like buying billion-dollar publishers to try to get a bigger share of the business,” says one more he liked. “So much hate.”

Laiden, who quit PlayStation in 2019, was a fan favorite during the PS4 era because he was honest in interviews and talked directly to fans. He became very popular at Sony’s PSX community events, where he would often show up in gaming t-shirts and take pictures with gamers. People think that Sony is distant and out of touch with its customers these days, so his straight-forward approach is missed.

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