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Shawn Layden, who used to work for PS5, isn’t hiding how he feels about Xbox

Since Microsoft’s executives bought Activision Blizzard for an unbelievable $69 billion, they have been quick to say that they don’t like Sony’s marketing deal with the Call of Duty franchise. Phil Spencer, the boss, told IGN that he wants to let players choose “how you play your games” and that his company won’t do “slimy platform things.” He didn’t directly ...

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Possible inclusion of characters from Assassin’s Creed, Rabbids, and Ghost Recon in XDefiant

Ubisoft’s XDefiant, a shooter game that is free to play, has exceeded initial expectations, and the French publisher is now preparing extensive support for the game after its release. Through extensive data mining analysis of the game’s PC files, it has been discovered that there are already concrete intentions to introduce numerous additional factions inspired by Ubisoft characters. Assassin’s Creed, ...

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Potentially, Sea of Thieves may pave the way for future Xbox exclusives to expand onto other platforms

Microsoft is currently in the process of bringing select Xbox exclusives to the Switch and PlayStation 5. It seems that the fate of future game releases on these platforms hinges on one particular upcoming title. The Verge’s senior editor, Tom Warren, suggests that the upcoming release of Sea of Thieves on the PlayStation 5 on April 30th, 2024, will serve ...

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The exploding vehicle map in Modern Warfare 2 is a fan favorite, but not everyone is a fan, especially the pros

Those who play Modern Warfare 2 are having a “blast” on Santa Sea Border Crossing, a new level focused on high-intensity close-quarters combat near the border between the United States and Mexico. Santa Sea has been embraced by many players due to its basic layout and tense gimmick, while some professional gamers are baffled by a map where everyone gets ...

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Call Of Duty 2020 Logo Leaked

call of duty black ops 2020

Another year means another Call of Duty game, which is something that those with even a slight interest in gaming have come to accept. While the recent free-to-play Warzone battle royale game ensures fans currently have something to do to pass the time, the next main installment is in the works and it looks like the official logo has leaked. ...

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Three Games you can win money playing

Playing video games is one of the most fun things to do to pass the time. They are a wonderful distraction from the real world and can help us to escape the tough days at work, get us through sick days and provide us with the chance to just be somewhere else for a little while. When you play a ...

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Grand Theft Auto V Beats U.K. Sales Record

While gamers’ eyes were still focused on the success of Titanfall 2 and Final Fantasy XV Monday, one three-year-old game slipped quietly into the annals of gaming history. Grand Theft Auto V, a critical and commercial juggernaut since its September, 2013 release, claimed its spot atop the list of all-time best-selling video games in the United Kingdom with more than ...

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