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PS4 vs Xbox One: Sony keeps widening the gap with each passing month

It seems like only yesterday that Sony and Microsoft launched the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, but actually almost a full year has passed since then. The PS4 has been leading in terms of sales almost since the very beginning, however the Xbox One is not giving up without a fight even though it doesn’t appear to have made any significant progress as of late.

Back in April, Microsoft announced that it had shipped more than 5 million consoles while Sony was saying that 7 million PS4 units had already been sold as of April 6th. Fast forward a few months and we can see that this gap is widening more and more with each passing month.

According to the latest reports, Sony managed to sell a total of 11.45 million PS4 units until now while Microsoft was only able to sell 5.79 million Xbox One consoles. The reports also mention that the Wii U sold 7.35 million since its launch back in November 2012. The results are a bit surprising considering that Microsoft has been putting a lot of effort as of late into supporting its console with monthly updates and various promotions.

The Xbox One even managed to sell more than 100.000 units in China just in its first launch week which is certainly a good sign for Microsoft. However, it seems like the Xbox One is still nowhere near the PS4 when it comes to sales and I don’t expect this to change any time soon.

On the bright side, the Xbox One is closing in on the Wii U and has managed to outsell it in September for the second consecutive month so there is still some hope. As EA pointed out earlier this year, the real PS4 vs Xbox One fight will take place this Holiday when both consoles will be one-year old. Well, the Holiday season is closing in fast so we’ll know soon enough if the publisher’s prediction will turn out to be true.

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  1. Wow, this is terribly written…

    • Yeah, it’s written by a desperate Sony fanboy. So far we haven’t seen official shipment confirmations from either company for a while and VGChartz (the latest reports, LOL NOPE) is bull, they guess and correct with millions of units at a time sometimes.

    • The truth hurts this one.

  2. Wow, Microsoft is behind in sales is this really news or is it just a slow day or something? It is unlikely they will ever catch up in sales, but they can keep from going under by continuing to do what they are doing now.

  3. “As EA pointed out earlier this year, the real PS4 vs Xbox One fight will take place this Holiday “.

    Really? So Microsoft has EA doing their bidding for them now? So why would the real fight not begin until holiday 2014? Microsoft has said the same thing saying “only sales during Hoilday season count”. Maybe Microsoft should worry more about things other than sales. But guess when your infected with the greed disease you really have no controll over yourself.

    • Well EA has a much more invested interest in Microsoft because of their Xbox exclusive ‘EA Access’ service, and asides from that it’s been pretty obvious for a long while now that EA is pretty much in bed with Microsoft anyway (giving away their biggest guaranteed Xmas seller FIFA 14 as an Xbox One bundled download game last year).

      It’s going to take the Xbox One a long time to bounce back from this, and now Microsoft find themselves in the unenviable position of Nintendo in that they’re gonna have to rely on good exclusive games to make their console look more attractive than the PS4….success that way is not guaranteed as proven by Nintendo putting out top quality games like Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8 and still not significantly increasing long term sales for the Wii U. The Xbox brand took a hell of a beating last year with the awful reveal, awful price due to forced Kinect that nobody wanted and awful DRM policies that Microsoft tried to enforce, which in turn has sent a lot of Xbox 360 gamers over to Sony. And all the while, the PS4 will be also be getting all of the best third party games whilst also seeing some great exclusives of it’s own.

      • Xbox One has had 1 global price cut and 2 UK price cuts, given away FIFA….even Titanfallfall was given away for free for a limited time to new Xbox One owners back in March….and there was the limited $75 Xbox Live credit to 360 owners who made the “upgrade”. It released in 28 new territories over a month ago and in China 2 weeks back.

        In spite of all this it has not only failed to outsell PS4……but has also sold less Xbox One consoles during all of 2014 so far compared to the last 6 weeks of 2013!!!!! Microsoft confirmed in January they sodl 3 million Xbox One consoles by the end of 2013, the only time they ever gave a proper sale figure number!

        Microsoft not only annoyed people at E3 2013 with their DRM rubbish……but also those who actually believed in their “vision” with the “Integral” Kinect and bought the Xbox one on launch day. When they announced “Integral” Kinect would be dropped…..after repeatedly insisting it wouald never be seperated from the console……many Xbox One owners were more than outraged over it and felt totally ripped off.

        Microsoft really have done a fantastic job in angering the gaming community on all sides with Xbox One!

      • EA Access kinda sucks right now. If they added new games to it then it would be valuable but people should take subscription services seriously. This is a monthly or annual fee you are paying. You never stop paying. Always make sure you are getting value out of subscriptions otherwise it could hurt the gaming industry.

        I think EA Access will be good so long as EA hold true to their promise (that they will never remove games, only add them) but I think it would be far better with new releases on there as well. At least new releases a month or two after launch.

      • It’s not x1 exclusive EA wanted ps4 on board with EA access due to the higher install base but sony rejected it. So its x1 only

        • Hilarious of course sony turned down EA access, of course. you come out with some sh*t dont you

          • It was widely reported that sony turned down EA on EA access they said it wasn’t good value as ps+ is basically the same thing ps+ on ps4 gives you upto 5 free games every month (12 if you own ps3 and vita as well) game discounts,and early access betas for same price as EA access it’s basically same thing only EA access gives you less games and they are all old EA Games ps+ has games from all publishers and some are new releases.

      • Im not having a go here but where does it say the ammount of people with 360s that have gone to ps4 im curious is there a link? Or do you know everyone with a 360 personally? As i have a good 20 plus freinds with xb360s that are literally saving money and/or waiting for xmas to get xbox ones as theyve always been xbox… im not saying what your saying is impossible but surely not many 360 owners have gone to ps4 thats quite a difference if you’ve been with xbox all that time

    • So PS4 ground stomps xbone all gen and even if xbone manages to barely outsell the PS4 in the US only in the holiday only you take that as a huge battle win for xbox?


      My bet is PS4 wins holiday but we will see. Halo is the only series xbox really has. Forza is and always will be a wanna be GT, Fable is more often than not on PC with free online play and Gears has lost it’s way, hopefully the next will be okay but then again it’s always the same old same old on xbox.

      • ROFL Xbox is going to dominate PS4 this fall. PS4 only has LBP3 and Driveclub.

        • And all the superior multi platforms and prob. free exclusive content on Assassins Creed and of course the monthly superior PS+ and far better hardware/features.

          • ROFL can barely see a difference, free exclusive content people will forget about in a week (AC Unity is selling better on One anyway), PS+ where you pay JUST for games while GWG is just a side bonus, and Xbox has more and better features.
            So ignorant 🙂

          • Barely see a difference? You probably haven’t seen them side by side and experienced it. I have but it was best put by Wiliam at AOTFB ”

            It is a more defined and crisper experience on PS4. It just feels smoother and when I go to pick up the game of my choice it will be on the PS4. ”

            The PS4 is the superior platform. Multi plat titles will always run and look better on PS4, exclusives will always put xbones to shame and at the end of the gen PS4 will have longer legs.

            Exclusive content that keeps giving like the free games I’ve gotten in the past, exclusive game modes, maps, characters, tons of free exclusive content on PlayStation that gives it a richer experience and this exclusive content keeps giving. Unlike the 1 month pay to play timed DLC xbox gets. DLC paying xbox live members still have to pay for and DLC everyone can have in 1 short month. Now that my friend is what people forget about quickly. Oh that one month! Wow! it was like it was nothing now that I look back at it. lol! You know it son.

            Micro$oft had to do games with gold because PS+ made them and all xbox gamers paying for worthless XBL look like fools! LMAO month after month, year after year NOTHING! 13 years of worthless XBL. Then PS+ is over there giving out huge up to date games.

            PS+: We actually give you something for your “subscription”

            13 years of XBL: Pay us for access to online play that is free everywhere else. ha ha these idiots are doing it! Hey I got some air here for ya, bottled fresh from the top of that mountain (don’t buy the air, he farted in the bottle). But you would probably buy that up too like it was the most amazing thing. OMG!!!! This air I have to pay for so it’s WAYYYYY better than your air!

            Poor inexperienced fool.

            I pay for PS+ because it’s highly valuable. If it weren’t I would never support pay to play. If it doesn’t remain so I will sell my PS4 and go full time PC. But I know the service will do nothing but get better and better. Sony just keeps proving how awesome it is. I’m literally getting Thousands of dollars of free games a year.

            XBL has had tons of downtime. You act like it’s all perfect when there is very little difference. Enjoy that friends list being down for longer than any other network failure this gen so far? how about the complete launch failure of XBL? Or how about those developers choosing not to use the junk power of the cloud? Your own exclusives don’t even use it because it’s a freaking joke! No one wants to be the company to release some piece of junk not everyone in the world can enjoy because you know people will try to do it on the most laggy networks filled with competition.

            oh and where’s your proof that there are more pre-orders for Unity on Xbone. Just another lie from another desperate and confused xbot.

          • Dumbass, proved my point yet again that you’re just a fool trolling disqus 24/7. You seem to like expressing your opinions though.

          • lol I follow Allen because he always puts ignorants like you in your place. Proved your point!? I’m pretty sure he just layed the smack down there. LMAO

          • I’ve seen them side by side, and I assure you I haven’t seen a difference.
            PSN was down a lot last gen. Also, it has been down often this gen, with Driveclub servers down on launch.
            I’ve gotten great things from XBLG and GWG. Stop being a fanboy.
            And finally, you rant on about free exclusive content that is so little that people will forget in a year?
            I would rather support a company that doesn’t lie and is not on the verge of bankruptcy.

          • Guest account, trolling and forgetting conveniently about the worst network failure this gen has seen (friends list down for days on XBL). Coming from someone that had a 360, XBL goes down too and PSN hasn’t effected me once. Not sure where these reports are coming from but every maintence and everytime I see an article PSN is fine for me. I call it trolls

          • Such a dumbass, I don’t know why I tried to be like you. You PS fanboys have made me decide I’m switching to Xbox One.

          • Better features like what? Does it have ps now? Does it have share play? No, and without kinect it doesn’t even have voice or motion control, ps4 does!

          • ????? is a total xbox troll.

            Also friend spectate/take over mode is another awesome feature PS4 has. Xbox has what? Cable pass through! LMAO, I haven’t had cable or dish for years.

          • Share play if i understand correctly is a way for you to lend your game to someone over the internet? Correct me if im wrong. Which in fairness if thats true is a good idea but is it really something to go balistic over? And as for xbone features i wont write a long list but is an all rounder, ps4 is for gaming, xbox one is for gaming also but its also a hub for all your entertainment, you can snap tv while playing your games, kinect doesn’t get nearly enough credit as its brilliant and so fluid as between the kinect and the dashboard being so fluid its a seamless experience which you dont need a controller unless your playing a game of course its not so much as how many features its that xbox one itself is a feature in your living room/bedroom its incredible but of course if all you care about is gaming then scrap kinect and game nobody is going to shoot you

        • PS4 will outsell Xbox every month in 2014 globally and the USA.

          PS4 is keeping its 1st place, Xbox is fighting with Wii U for 2nd.

          Xbox is barely outselling Wii U in 2014.

          Doesn’t matter how much twisting, downplaying, lying, feces flinging, and spinning you do.

    • I remember ps4 battering x1 sales last holiday so should imagine it’s gonna be same this holiday especially with all the white ps4 bundles and reduced ps4 bundles.

  4. It’s no surprise the PS4 is outselling the Trash – Box week after week after week. When you have better exclusives, better multi – platform titles, better hardware, better resolutions, better controller, better subscription service and everything else there was only going to be one outcome.
    If Microsoft want to move their dead console they’re going to have to start investing in new IP’s and releasing games people actually want to play, not keep re – releasing the same cheap, tired, worn – out garbage like Halo, Gears, Forza and Fable.

    • can you imagine what will happen when share play is released? that maybe the finale nail.

      • Still living in denial?

      • you do no share play is time based don’t you yes someone can join you in a game but only for short time!

        • you do no the time limit you’re talking about is one hr, and after that
          hr you can resend the invite and start were you left off, right.the
          reason they’re doing this is understandable, they don’t want me to send you an invite and then go to work and let you play all day…this
          way the owner of the game has to be there to resend the invite…you can send the invite an unlimited amount of times.look it up

      • ??? sony is borderline bankrupt. what are you even talking about

        • neither company is 100% dependant on games.
          Microsoft power source is Windows and support.
          Sony’s power is electronics (gadgets, cameras, and phones, tvs)

          • And motion picture studio. A big one. 🙂

          • I thought they sold of their tv deviosion, but either way sony were something like 700 million in profit last year(for the first time in a long time) and that was mostly to do with the profits from their film devision, and ps4 all the other divisions are losing money badly. But 700 million for a company of sonys size is incredibly bad.

    • Yeah and somehow your not complaining that sony has released trash games too. Oh wait they can only release one. The Last Of Us killzone shadowfall was trash infamous second son was trash and you know what I’ll take microsoft’s trash before I take sony’s trash

      • You just love to gargle it all in your open mouth?

      • Killzone campaign was good infamous was fantastic and TLOU is amazing, I don’t think you played any of them.

        • Yeah I have at a friends home I see no reason to buy a ps4 yet so after coming away from playing those games. I wasn’t convinced to invest in a ps4. Truth be told I rather play crackdown, halo, gears of war, fable remakes. There just fun to play and enjoyable. I just don’t get that from ps4 exclusives. Sorry if your offended but that’s how I feel playing any ps4 exclusive except TLOU

        • ill agree with the last 2 with one caveat being infamous was barely long enough to be a demo. Killzone was super gorgeous but just kinda ok

      • I got a bright idea for the fanboys out there…don’t take trash from any company. They don’t go to bed warm and fuzzy with the idea a fool is arguing for them online.

      • Titanfall was trash

        • excellent shooting mechanics, online, giant mechs, parkour….yep I could see how that would suck. Now if you mean trash as in I only had a ps4 and couldn’t play it. Yeah I could see how you might think it sucks.

          • So why did it flop then why did they start giving it away for free? Why does it look like a 360 game even with the power of the cloud lol. Also it’s on pc if I wanted to buy it I would but I played it on my nephews shit bone done and it was a bit meh

          • you must be really blind. It doesn’t look like a 360 game and the cloud was never mentioned as a tool to increase graphical fidelity for the game. The cloud powers the AI of the NPC fodder. All of your statements are purely opinion and not based in fact. Stop being a fanboy of the worst sort.

    • I got a PS4 for Killzone at launch. Sorry to tell you but at least XBox users know how to support a game for more than one week after launch. Killzone was the #1 selling exclusive during the launch window with over 3 million sales. It barely had over 2000 people playing at a time 1 week after launch and the population was in the hundreds after 1 month before relatively dying. I have come to realize the playing population for competitive games on PS4 is embarrassingly weak. Battlefield 4 had a very strong population, dwarfing XBox and now outnumbering PC. But PC is the main platform. I won’t get an XBox until Halo is released but at least I know the game won’t be dead on arrival like many Sony exclusives. Sony fanboys (not supporters) need to get off the forums/comment areas and PLAY THE GAMES. You are ruining it for all of us who want the PS4 to have strong competitive communities. PS- You say Halo is cheap, tired, worn? Well find me another FPS game on consoles that is a point and click shooter based on steady aim and consistent shots. At least Halo is not a COD clone like Killzone, Destiny, Titanfall and every other shooter released these days. Its the same old aim down the sights shooter with a couple different quirks mixed in. The mechanics are much different in Halo. I respected how Killzone Shadow Fall was a retro-shooter with a focus on barebones gunplay. It was basically a COD clone but it righted the wrongs of where the COD franchise has been doing. It did a better job at honest gunplay than COD. But obviously the Sony community only likes to play simple-stupid games and Killzone was left to die a lonely death only 1 month after launch. I was one of the top players in the game, but it was turning into a ghost town and became a waste of time.

      • You really like to troll don’t you lol.

        • And did far better than any PS exclusive.

          • That doesn’t change the fact that I think it sucks

          • And you are wrong, Gran Turismo is still way ahead of Halo.

          • TLOU is the most successful exclusive game it sold way more than any halo game even the remastered ps4 version had massive sales as people bought it twice. And it won over 2 hundred awards and got game of the year.

          • Last time I checked TLOU only sold 6 million on ps3 and ps4 only 2 million. Last time I checked halo 1-4 sold 3 times that. So halo is god TLOU is just there being watched

          • absoluty awesome game, worth it alone for the ps4.

          • You’re all over these comments today aren’t ya? 🙂

          • Boy, you’re all over these comments aren’t you 🙂

          • soz xboxone lost me on 2 things only a few full hd games lol that’s a bit of a joke there and 2 well always online or get a 360 was what they told people at the old e3 and that pretty much put a nail in the xbox coffin for me, shame cause I have a windows phone a windows desktop and would have lovesd a xbox one but not without those 2 things being addressed.

      • Killzone is just a graphics whore. I like Killzone and it did a good job showing off the power but seriously. I need vehicles to be happy. The jetpack helped but if Killzone really wants to compete they at least need to come out with a second type of Killzone with vehicles. I don’t see what the problem is and why so few do this. Battlefield is great because it has vehicles. Halo is great because it had vehicles in a sci fi setting but Killzone is just a graphics whore.

        Even Far Cry has the edge in fun for me because of the few vehicles it has. If they really want to compete with the big dogs they got to do this.

        Call of Duty success is in my honest opinion is solely on the fact that it’s run n gun and a bunch of skill less people love to sit down and do the run n gun twitch spray lame old BS all the time. But I am actually considering the COD this year which will be my first since COD 2 and I don’t mean blops 2 or MW 2 but 2 back on PC before last gen.

      • Shame Killzone was crap to play. I was hoping for an update to make it playable.

      • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

        “At least Halo is not a COD clone like Killzone, Destiny, Titanfall”

        No its just a clone of every other FPS that came before it moron.

        “I have come to realize the playing population for competitive games on PS4 is embarrassingly weak”

        Destiny disagrees with you, but since you’re a simple troll who hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about you can go crawl back into your hole now.

        • You are putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say PS4 games have poor support and even cited Battlefield 4 as having a player population that dwarfed XBox and even overtook PC as its lifespan went on. Second, have you played Halo? Its a game of steady aim and consistent shot making. Its influences definitely come from old-school FPS games, but even games like Quake, Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament, etc are not games where steady aim and separate shot making are the focus like Halo. They too are point and click, non iron-sights, but the gunplay and firing is much different. Halo was created specifically with console in mind (even with 1 being on PC) and it did a good job of adapting accordingly. — Do you want to hear my rant about Destiny? Its a cookie-cutter shooter. Fine for playing if you want co-op, but competitively is a joke and that was the focus of my argument….the competitive communities for games that are on PS4 as the primary platform. If you want to play another Call of Duty game then pick up Destiny. Its a cookie-cutter shooter. The MMO/RPG elements are shallow and superficial like something off a fast food menu. There is no substance. The game plays like a prison with little actual free-exploration and communication is severely limited. Beyond a few quirks, the game plays exactly like Call of Duty…except its a little less responsive running at 30fps. Halo last generation was acceptable at 30fps because it was a point and click shooter (not aim down the sights) based on steady aim and consistent shot-making (4-5 shots per kill). Destiny is a twitch aim down the sights shooter and feels so similar to Call of Duty. For instance, if you owned both COD and Destiny there is no way you could play games back to back unless you loved the repetition of the same basic mechanics. I wanted Destiny to be the only FPS game I play for the next 5 years. After playing the Alpha on PS4 I realized I had delusional expectations. Its a COD clone with a couple quirks mixed in. Instead of developing and integrating the MMO/RPG elements of the game to truly make Destiny a force and unique, they gave us something feeling shallow and superficial with no depth or substance. Clearly Bungie wanted to take the safest route possible instead of taking on any risk to differentiate the game between the other slew of COD clones. If I wanted to play Call of Duty then I would buy Call of Duty.

          • Um, have you actually played destiny?furthermore who asks for a game without the ability to aim down the sights? I mean if total fantasy and a complete lack of immersion was your goal I guess that could achieve it but to say that it is a “cookie cutter fps” is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Here’s a thought maybe the mechanics of aiming down the sights and actually hitting something based on ability and not chance seem repeated because that’s how it work in the real world, seriously have you ever shot a gun? Idiots, Iran like I said if recoiless spray and pray fantasy is your thing then I guess your onto something but it all seems pretty dumb from my seat

          • Destiny has sold more than all halo games on there individual releases and that’s impressive considering it’s not been out long. Also iron banner is way better than any halo pvp mode it’s awsome and fresh and new.

          • To be fair. Halo was always launched on one system and Destiny launched on 4.

          • You can’t use logic here these ppl are all crazy Sony fanboys. Calling halo crap? It’s ok if you don’t like it but it’s scores beg to differ.

          • and everyone that has played it says they were disappointed as its halo for ps4 owners you also cant compare destiny sales to halo as its multi plat! destiny soon gets boring you will see loads of copys of this game in the second hand market very soon

        • how the hell titanfall is a COD clone?

        • I play a lot of games and mostly they are all clones of each other so I don’t really get your point. Before halo there was 20-30 other similar games, before cod there was 20-30 similar games. only about 4-8 games ever made can be considered original, well I’m not sure on numbers but it wont be a lot.

      • Are you an idiot ? People don’t play killzone multi player for the same reason they don’t play titanfall…. its crap! Your comment makes no sense it’s like you just run out of ideas to hate sony with? PS4 owners are playing other ps4 games because killzone is rubbish Exept the campaign that i actually enjoyed. And like you said ps4 even has a bigger bf4 community than pc.

      • KZ2 was the only good MP the franchise had. The Killzone franchise is dead now. It has become something like little jabs on a boxing fight, Sony only releases it so it can pave the road for the big punches.

      • Thanks for the laugh

      • I don’t use my pc for the big fps games like bf4 and such, I use it for all the other games, the last of us, tombraider, driving , football ect….. I mostly got my ps4 cause I play with friends and they have ps4s so well its a ps4 then 🙂

    • you sound so insecure ,its hilarious.

      let me know when they start handing out trophies for owning a ps4.

      talk about re-releasing “last of us ” ….lmfao there hasnt been a single good AAA title for ps4 neither before or after infamous. …

      • Sorry halo and gears is all xbots talk about its pathetic. Titanfail 🙂

        • playstation has nothing comparable in the fps arena when it comes to halo …

          and 3rd person …gears is one of the best games hands down ….

          ps has a bunch of AAA 3rd person titles that are comparable … but gears has a huge following …

          you dont have to like any of the xbox titles you dont need to but dont downplay them bc theyre not your style or bc you ride on the sony wagon …

          • Bloodborne, no man’s sky,the order, let it die, unchartered, deep down, FinalFantasy XIV: Realm Reborn, teken revolution, planetside 2, Shadow of the Beast, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, drive club, infamous, the last of us, Dayz, H1Z1, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Hell Blade, Wild, P.T, Untill Dawn.

            HAVE A WORD WITH YOURSELF MATE! I had a 360 for 6 years iv played halo and gears there good It’s just that it’s all xbots talk about there’s a list of games there all new and fresh xbots need to move on.

          • i guess i have to repeat myself … there is no AAA fps game on playstation that touches halo ,… period ..

            you just named a bunch of random ass games most arent even out…the only decent exclusive on ps4 is infamous … thats it … everything else either sucks or is unreleased.

          • Halo isn’t out yet and it’s old IP move on xbots clinging to the past because there’s no future!

          • ps4 does the same , its launch title was killzone … a failed fps franchise , and instead of new ip’s we get another sequel to infamous , and a copy paste last of us that hadnt released more than a year prior ….so whos stuck int he past ?

            at least xbox has a new ip’s releasing now… not 2015/2016

          • Those ps4 exclusives infamous and TLOU and even killzone sold more than every x1 exclusive and in 2015 ps4 is gonna dominate with loads of new aaa exclusives
            Bloodborne, no man’s sky,the order, let it die, unchartered, deep down, FinalFantasy XIV: Realm Reborn, teken revolution, planetside 2, Shadow of the Beast, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, drive club, infamous, the last of us, Dayz, H1Z1, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Hell Blade, Wild, P.T, Untill Dawn.

          • TITANFALL sold over 2.1 million on xbox one alone …. and its a fairly new game

            whereas killzone is at 1.95 million amongst twice as many consoles …

            and tlou on ps4 has only sold 1.46 million copies to date.

            also provide me a link to driveclub outselling forza horizon … bc i have yet to see anything claiming that and vgchartz has no sales on either.

          • Uk charts fifa, driveclub, forza

          • uk game charts forza is number 2 drive club is number 9

          • Not when i posted my comment I was in supermarket and the screen in games section said fifa, driveclub, forza.

          • looked on my phone via app national m8 not local like in your shop

          • And by the way drive club has overtook forza horizon 2 in sales and forza been out 2 weeks longer!

          • because at this point (and its changing) there are more ps4s out there fool

          • Microsoft said they are happy with there sales and feel they will eventually take over nintendo wii but the gap between x1 and ps4 will be pretty much impossible to close it may get smaller but ps4 will probably always be ahead by a significant amount.

            X1 sales are so low they are to embarrassed to release official figures!

          • no figures out yet so you cant say that bud

          • lets see how many xbox sell when master chief collection comes out! the main reason that ps4 has sold more is because more ps3 boys have moved to ps4 compared to 360 to xbox one this is shown in game sales

          • Nope wrong ps4 sold more because of % 50 extra power, cheaper price (in beginning) and 360 as well as ps3 gamers moving over, also all the pr damage from Microsofts first vision that they scrapped and started copying sony’s vision instead. Plus don’t forget the killer exclusives, halo masterpiece collection is a redu of old games just like TLOU Exept the TLOU won 200 awards and game of the year and sold more copies than all the halo games.

          • lol tlou sold 6,5 million copys over both consoles ps3 and ps4 halo series to date has sold over 50 million you should really look things up b4 you start talking crap. halo 4 made $220 million on its first day alone. at this point it stands at 9 million ,so when the master chief collection comes to the xbox one unlike tlou that will be 4 games plus over 120 online maps the sales will be dwarfed by even more,,,, just a quick note I no your a fanboy but please try and be factual as it only makes you look stupid try looking on vg charts!!

          • Yes halo series ? My original post said halo individual releases TLOU is one of best selling games in history if your gonna play super factual boy then at least understand the question.

          • halo 4 = 9 million copy’s on one console tlou = 6.5 over 2 consoles is that simple enough for your simple mind to understand

          • Vg charts is bull any xbox one owner will tell you that when you explain to them that ps4 has sold 2 to 1 globally according to vg charts

          • Obviously that’s why killzone is dead huh?

          • The biggest FPS games on the market are always third party anyways not first.

          • I couldnt agree more as to talk down games like gears and halo is blasphemy as half the games that are out these days probably wouldnt be around if it weren’t for those two titles theyre revolutionary in console gaming.
            and again agreed you dont need to like xbox one exclusives but dont hate on them because you only have to do a tiny bit of research to find out that halo and gears will go down in history and the only game that comes to mind with sony that might be remembered in 10 years is uncharted

          • truth

    • Ps4 does not have better exclusives, controller or online and yes hardware is better on ps4 but not so significant you can tell by the naked eye its just numbers on a peice of paper at this point and ‘re usining old crap games like halo and gears’ its a franchise a huge series and they are easily the best two titles in gaming history, especially halo!

      • Ps4 controller packs way more tech and is new and inventive x1 controller is same as 360 but they moved the vibrate up a bit. And ps4 has all the best exclusives and twice as many exclusives than x1.

        • sorry I like my ps4 too, but you really think a touchpad on the controller makes the tech more inventive? I’ll take improved rumble over a touchpad any day.

          • Touch pad, built in speaker, gyroscope, motion control bar, rechargeable (no batteries) and use any mic as well as updated rumble, or just rumble moved up near the triggers?
            That’s what I mean by more tech and new and inventive,

          • most of that tech was also in the PS3 controller and my cellphone. It isn’t new and is rarely used in games and if it is used it isn’t used well very often. And as far as rechargeable batteries if my controller battery dies on my ps4 I go buy a new controller if it dies on the xbox I buy a new battery. Rumble wasn’t moved “up near the triggers?”

          • My original post was ps4 controller packs more tech and new things compared to x1 controller ps3 controller had none of those features Exept rechargeable. I would expect your phone to be better considering it most likely cost 10x more.

          • I am saying that the tech is there and it doesn’t get used at all or used well. So what is the point? Bragging rights isn’t enough. Now if you want to point out the huge improvements in comfort on the PS4 controller I would say that was the best improvement. I love the thumbsticks being further apart and the triggers feel better.

          • Im sorry but everything you said then doesnt matter xbox ones controller (not that i care about controllers im just saying) is more comfortable and light and thats the main thing and im glad it uses batteries, since getting my xbox in may ive changed the batteries once.

      • Bloodborne, no man’s sky,the order, let it die, unchartered, deep down, FinalFantasy XIV: Realm Reborn, teken revolution, planetside 2, Shadow of the Beast, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, drive club, infamous, the last of us, Dayz, H1Z1, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Hell Blade, Wild, P.T, Untill Dawn.


        • Most of that were shitty indies. Only NMS and bloodbourne were good.

          • Only 1 of them are indie and that’s no man’s sky that looks absolutely amazing. All of those games are awsome . Try not to cry

          • were now comparing unreleased games ???? … you have no idea how its going to play or even when it will release …

            what a joke

          • Not comparing just saying there’s lots of great ps4 exclusives. Also all I hear from xbots is halo and gears blah blah blah and guess what there NOT out yet either! I compiled a list of fresh new upcoming games and a cpl already out that,

        • Haa i could easily have typed up a list! You must have misheard me i didnt say PS4 has no exclusives i just said they dont have better exclusives, no where near, and you practically proved it as out of all those you mentioned ive only heard of final fantasy and that says it all! The world knows about halo and ive never heard of any of those games so before you say anything else you know nothing fanboy do some homework or at the very least use some common sense

          • Halo halo halo it’s the only bullet in an xbots gun lol its the first thing they say no matter what lol and next year? Haha haha next year playstation buries x1 once and for all .

          • Why are you so hell bent on xbox failing anyway? This has gone from which console has better exclusives to you just wanting xbox to fail, Why? Will it make your ps4 any more fun? No. Will it make your ps4s exclusives any better if xbox did indeed fail? No. So why the obsession why don’t you just stop wasting our time and just go buy an xbox one with a copy of halo like you obviously want to do. Nobody hates something this much unless deep down they love it , basic psychology.

          • Atleast xbox has bullets! If ps4 was a gun it would be firing blanks

          • Why are you so hell bent on xbox failing anyway? This has gone from which has the best exclusives to you just simply wanting xbox to fail, why?
            Will it make the ps4 any better if xbox failed? No.
            Will it make ps4 exclusives any more fun if xbox failed? No.
            why dont you just stop wasting time spent hating on the xbox and halo and just go out and buy an xbox with a copy of halo as you obviously want to do, nobody hates something as much as you ‘hate’ the xbox and halo unless secretly deep down they love it, basic psychology.
            And for the record atleast xbox has bullets in the chamer if ps4 was a gun in would be firing blanks.

          • Why are you so hell bent on xbox failing anyway? This has gone from which has the best exclusives to you just simply wanting xbox to fail, why?
            Will it make the ps4 any better if xbox failed? No.
            Will it make ps4 exclusives any more fun if xbox failes? No.
            why dont you just stop wasting time spent hating on the xbox and halo and just go out and buy an xbox with a copy of halo as you obviously want to do, nobody hates something as much as you ‘hate’ the xbox and halo unless secretly deep down they love it, basic psychology.
            And for the record atleast xbox has bullets in the chamer if ps4 was a gun in would be firing blanks

          • Wrong I listed some great exclusive games and got attacked by xbots that were jealous and I already own every halo game thanks.

          • Right ima flyguy were covering the same topics here! I have more chance of getting shit out of a rocking horse than getting any sense out of you so why dont we just drop it as ps4 is a brilliant console i have no doubt and so is xbox one theye have their pros and cons but ultimately at the end of the day theyre the same fucking thing near enough, if you prefer destiny to halo then fine but i dont so thats settled. As for features, without kinect xbox one offers all the features as it would with kinect its just easier and more efficient with kinect and not that im familiar with ps4s features but im sure theyre good too. So if you want to keep arguing about exclusives fine but ill always prefer xbox exclusives as thats why i buy the xbox as i prefer the exclusives on it so stop preaching to me about ps4 as i dont care i prefer and always will prefer xbox, always have always will…

          • Right ima flyguy were covering the same topics here! I have more chance of getting shit out of a rocking horse than getting any sense out of you so why dont we just drop it as ps4 is a brilliant console i have no doubt and so is xbox one theye have their pros and cons but ultimately at the end of the day theyre the same fucking thing near enough, if you prefer destiny to halo then fine but i dont so thats settled. As for features, without kinect xbox one offers all the features as it would with kinect its just easier and more efficient with kinect and not that im familiar with ps4s features but im sure theyre good too. So if you want to keep arguing about exclusives fine but ill always prefer xbox exclusives as thats why i buy the xbox as i prefer the exclusives on it so stop preaching to me about ps4 as i dont care i prefer and always will prefer xbox, always have always will……..

          • Without kinect x1 doesn’t have voice or motion control ps4 does for same price the end.

          • Well obviously not thats what kinects two main features are isnt it? But thats not the argument is it, i said the xbox one does all the features with or without kinect its just easier and more efficient with kinect

          • Yes my point is both systems are same price but ps4 has voice and motion control x1 doesn’t so ps4 is better value especially when you take into account that it has better hardware too.

          • Well fair enough. But it does make me laugh when you say all this as i remember when the launch of both consoles was approaching and the hate, the sheer hate ps4 fanboys gave xbox one for having motion control and voice commands and a feature to navigate and now your bigging up ps4 for having voice commands and motion control ita just funny how fanboys change their tune when it suits them. But kinect is seamless and a far more advanced but of tech compared to ps4s alternative where you speak into the controller and have that seperate camera for motion, kinect takes the controller right out of your hands with everything apart from games ( exept kinect games obviously and certain games like ryse and fifa that uses kinect in gameplay which is brilliant when your playing)

          • Actually it was xbox fans that hated kinect and all the other stuff they dropped before launch or shortly after.

    • My god…is their any kool-aid left for the rest of the ponies or did you down it all yourself?

      • its not about exclusives its about what you prefer mate and what you want to have FUN on I wish we could just co exist with each other ps4 and Xbox is really good, Xbox is a little bit better than ps4 there u go u happy now

    • The ps4 definitely doesnt have better games you must be either high or drunk to make that bold claim! Im not saying it has bad games but no it absolutely doesn’t have better games. And to say xbox is re releasing cheap tired games like halo and gears??? They are possibly two of the best and most well known games in gaming history full stop, especially halo.

      • Bloodborne, no man’s sky,the order, let it die, unchartered, deep down, FinalFantasy XIV: Realm Reborn, teken revolution, planetside 2, Shadow of the Beast, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, drive club, infamous, the last of us, Dayz, H1Z1, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, Hell Blade, Wild, P.T, Untill Dawn.

        Halo and gears blah blah blah you xbots need to move on stop living in the past and get some fresh new stuff! Also ever heard of destiny ? It’s new improved better halo.

        • Idestiny improved and better halo ahahahahahaahahaha funniest thing ever heard it must pain you that of all those games youve mentioned not one of them will ever measure to the level of popularity that is halo and gears! You can say us xbox owners are living in the past but we cant help the fact that halo and gears continue to make games for us as theyre so succesfull and still going strong unlike any of the games you have mentioned

          • Destiny is a lot better than halo more content more social more challenging on nightfall and raids etc.. and more customisation a d skill sets with classes and sub classes with individual customisations. Halo will be faded away by this time next year .

        • Just thought i would get a list in response to yours, seems only fair..
          Plant vs zombies GW
          Ryse son of rome
          Dead rising 3
          Killer instinct
          Forza motorsport 5
          Forza horizon 2
          Halo master chief collection
          Halo 5 guardians
          Fable legends
          Crackdown 3
          Gears of war 4
          Halo spartan assault
          Crimson dragon
          Quantum break
          Rise of the tomb raider (T EXC)
          State of decay
          Sunset overdrive

          Its safe to say that 80 percent of those mentioned above are either very successful or well known or both! Frankly the only one in that list i dont really care for but put in anyway is plant vs zombies

    • You people are delusional on this site.

    • Do not hate something that clearly has a bigger fanbase. Xbox One has a better platform and a much bigger fanbase than the PS4.

    • PlayStation will always rule the console wars.


      I agree with you that xbox desperately needs new (BETTER) games! Im an xbox person myself, but more & more wanting to get a PS just because they keep putting out far better games…And I cant understand microsoft not realizing and remedying that? Its infuriating honestly and makes me wonder who I can scream at about it?! Lol. …However, couldnt disagree more about the controllers. Thats quite possibly the best thing xbox ever did. The layout is perfect and so much easier & more natural to play with, as well as just simply laying in the hand more comfortably and naturally. And not bein nasty here (to anyone but sony) -I hate the ps controller. Actually despise it, with its goofy-ass thumbstick to dpad layout (which is akward + unnatural feeling) ,to its childish japanese buttons of circles and squares and triangles, which dont register in ones brain as instantly. I mean lets face it, they actually had to take and incorporate xbox features, like triggers instead of buttons to try to make it a little better. Again, Im not attacking anyone here (unless theres actually someone on here that designed it? lol). Anyway, thats my big hang-up. I cannot play with those ridiculous things! So, what Im gettin at, is remember back in the day (either ps2/xbox or ps3/360) when you could integrate the controller from 1 console, to be used with the different system. Does anyone know of any way or anything they have to make the xbox controller compatible with the PS4? Cause if so, that’d be the final nail in the coffin, and I could switch! =) Anybody that could help me out with this, Id really appreciate! Thanx.

  5. I’m not sure how this hit piece can be taken seriously.
    However, as a piece of click bait, it worked beautifully, I got pulled in… time to leave.

  6. Sad, I love all the consoles, but X1 is EASILY the best of the 3 IMO…wish people would get past old negative press/bias and buy more X1’s….don’t care about a console “winning” but when they are neck and neck gamers win. Right now MS is trying A LOT harder than PS. PS exclusives have been disappointing lately.

    • “but X1 is EASILY the best of the 3 IMO”…LOLOLOLOL!!!! Somebody call the coroner, this guy’s brain just died!!!

      • Ikr Little big planet is gonna fill my heart with joy its gonna beat all xbox games. NOT

      • Straight to personal attacks…nothing signals defeat faster.

      • Hr is right xbox one is clearly better then the Ps4 I owned all 3 sold Ps4 will re buy one when it actually has more then a couple good exclusives

        • “The xbox one clearly better than ps4.” At least say why you think that xbox is better because I don’t understand how you can come to that conclusion. Most third party games better on playstation, ps plus is a better subscription and what exclusives xbox got sunset is the next big one and people said it was not that good to play. From looking at last gen the ps3 finished better with new Ip and overall the best exclusives. Don’t get me wrong there is no reason to buy either console ATM if you have last gen or a decent pc. But saying xbox one is better is just wrong unless your talking about all the exclusives like titanfall, dd3 and rise which I can get on pc.

          • Controller preference xbox live is much better took 16 hours to download like 3 free 2 play games on psn and I have fibre the graphics disparity is tiny the resolution is not noticeable to 90 percent if gamers if the media and sony fanboys was not plastering it in your face I would not even know and sony fanboys never minded much when last gen all. Multiplats was better on 360 there but now it’s a huge deal as a multi console owner I have no hang ups I generally prefer xbox exclusives to playstation I think uncharted game are fantastic loved demon souls to death and god of wars generally aside from the last of us which i just missed due to selling my ps3 most other exclusives ate vastly overated I will own a ps4 again just need the games and xbox is bringing them at the moment so people know I ain’t just some fanboy and have owned said consoles check for yourself psn Tak1se8 xbox live Tak225 wii u tak225

          • Why did you not respond to tarkan huseyin…he clearly has owned both and provided his gamertags for both. And he clearly prefers xbox one.

        • the xbox one barely has any exclusives & not for awhile, the guy at game stop. Gave me a list from now to june 2015 of games coming out & ps4 has way more exclusives compared to xbox one. They have like 8 to 9 more exclusives coming out for ps4 then xb1! Also you know how bad the xbox one is that they had to cut down the price & remove the kinect cause of lack of sales. I also have been hearing more complains about xbox one console then ps4. 4 of my friends traded in there xb1 cause of issues out the 4 4 were die hard xbox fanboys. Ps4 are there first sony system to own!

          • More Exclusives you say?! Too bad Xbox one HAS and WILL have the BETTER exclusives.
            PS4= Uncharted, Little big planet, Killzone? Buged out Driveclub?
            Xbone= Fable,Gears,Halo,Titanfall,Master chief collection, forza?

            Don’t get me wrong, i have both consoles, but Xbone has the better MULTIPLAYER games.

          • Finally somebody said it!! Nobody cares about how many ps4 could have 3 to 1 on xbox exclusives for all i care the fact is apart from uncharted xbox has and probably will keep carrying the torch for best not most but BEST exclusives

      • Hey take it like a man stop making excuses. Sony’s exclusives have been dissappointing killzone shadowfall, infamous second son, Drive Club, except TLOU which is the only game that’s better then those games. So in a nutshell I have a xbox one two to be exact. And the best $1000 I have ever spent. Once sony starts releasing some fun games and stop concentrating on 1080p then maybe I’ll consider buying one. Yeah just one.

        • And what exactly are the games that have released for the xbone that you’re referring to as being so great??? I don’t see them. I’ll be the first to admit there hasn’t been much for either Sony’s or Microsoft’s system of note to this point, but having said that the ps4 has the better performance from multiplatform titles (which have been most of the better games so far early this gen) and has had more games released for it than the xbone and the better variety among those titles to boot. So I’m not sure if you consider Sony’s exclusives disappointing to this point, how you don’t consider Microsoft in the exact same boat. And looking at 2015 Sony has many exclusives already announced that look very good while Microsoft has very little by comparison. Stop your nonsense. If you’re enjoying your system, well bully for you. Glad to hear it. But don’t tell us exclusives are the reason because you don’t have any to crow about.

        • Here’s a quote from another gamer to clear your confusion….

          “The Last of Us (95), Final Fantasy Realm Reborn (86), MLB14 The Show (83), Infamous Second Son (80), Killzone ShadowFall (73) and Drive Club (72) are all pretty good games. That’s at least 4 games with a Metacritic score above an 80.

          Let’s be honest, Xbox only dropped 8 retail exclusives so far
          (only one more game than PS4). Out of those 8 xbox games, only 2 have a Metacritic score above an 80: TitanFall (86), Forza Horizon 2 (86), Forza 5 (79), Dead Rising 3 (78), Dance Central (74), Kinect Sports (60), Ryse (60) and Fighter Within (23).

          Its amazing how Xbox fans try convincing themselves that Xbox has “more games” as a consolation prize to the fact that PS4 is outselling the Xbox One worldwide. Both consoles have about the same amount of quality games. It all comes down to which lineup interests you the most.”

          And he didn’t even include Resogun or Transistor in that list, two very highly rated ps4 exclusives. Sucks to be you…nice try though.

      • Agreed. I have all 3 systems and xbox is the best overall. A lot of Sony fans railing for the ps4 but after being on the xbo and switching back to ps4 its pretty clear. The minimal difference in graphics is not enough. While the xbo has far better functionality. Most ps4 owners won’t own a xbox so they just have to act like the ps4 is some sort of super computer but actually its a xbo minus all the functionality and features. Ps4 has been pretty disappointing games wise so all they really can do is cling to the minute performance.

  7. Looks like the PS4 is continuing its streak of dominance.

  8. I’m a fan boy of facts. Last gen was XBOX 360. This gen it’s PS4 unless the hand of God lifts the One out of 3rd place to 1st. Time to accept reality. Next topic…

  9. I’ve learned to ignore the gap. Its more about the strength of the playing community that matters. I will give two examples. I got a PS4 for Killzone Shadow Fall. It was the #1 selling exclusive during the launch window, over 3 million. The community was embarrassingly weak, It maxed out around 2000 a week after launch and then fell into the hundreds a month post-launch before dying (relatively-speaking). Battlefield 4 is and has been a very strong community on PS4. Population dwarfing XBox and rivaling (often overtaking) PC. But if you really wanted to play it on the primary platform it would be PC. I will be getting an XBox One once Halo is released. At least I know that people on XBox know how to support a game longer than a few days before trading it into GameStop. PS4 fanboys (not supporters) need to get off the forums/stop invading comment areas and PLAY THE GAMES. You are ruining it for all of us who want there to be strong competitive communities in our games…..

    • like xbox fanboys don’t invade some territory & talk smack always. I prefer playstation over xbox but in all honest nintendo fanboys have to be the most calm & have the least trash talkers out the 3.

  10. As always….

  11. I remember when sony was in the same boat. So there’s nothing to worry about microsoft will catch up maybe not now but they’ll catch up.

    • the ps3 now is pretty much tied in sales with the 360! Took them awhile but now it’s pretty even. But i don’t think xbox will catch up in sales for couple of years since playstation is sold world wide & has a big lead already! I will not be getting a xbox one for few reasons one i normally get both consoles. But having two is way to much money to spend i got other stuff to spend it own like my car,bills,food, & on my girlfriend at times & her daughter! Also halo & fable were the reason i owned a 360 but halo has become crap after part 3 & fable also after 2. I never got into gears of war not my cup of tea!

  12. Its kind of weird knowing the Wii U outsold the xbox…

  13. You Sony fanboys are a joke sucking in this poorly written article like a child with an ice cream cone. Yes, PS4 is outselling the Xbox One, and it won’t make a difference because the XB1 is outselling the X360 in first year sales you morons. No numbers have even been released so stop being so quick to jump on the media’s nuts. I’ve owned both and enjoyed both becuase they’re both great systems with different offerings, so shut your mouths, quit being fanboys, get laid and just enjoy your console of choice.

    • It really does make you think when all people seem to care about these days is sales and graphics its sad! What happened to the games

  14. Nobody forgets what they (Microsoft) tried to pull. I picked a PS4 and I have a PC both of which play games better than an Xbox One. I don’t need it.

  15. I wonder how many excuses Xbox fanbots will make today. Is it the fact that the One is in less countries? It’s harder to produce? Official numbers haven’t been released. VGChartz is inaccurate?

    Face the facts, you are getting destroyed and it’s Microsoft’s own fault. Producing the amount of ill will they did at launch has killed them. The system is underpowered which makes no sense because it’s bloody Microsoft! Reality is, Microsoft made a machine that was all about multi-media use thinking that was the wave of the future. At least Sony realised core gaming will never die no matter how many different ways there are to play games these days. The PS4 isn’t the most powerful system, but it will always be more powerful than the Xbox One.

    • Ps4 may be a bit more powerful but not by anything so significant you could even notice if putting them next to eachother its just figures on a sheet of paper at this point and what does that say to you considering all the extra stuff and features you get with an xbox one as well as core gaming, ps4 should be called ps3.5 atleast xbox one is miles better than the 360, ps4 is quite simply ps3 with improved graphics so you have forked out 400 £/$ on what you already had basically

      • X1 has no features that ps4 has if you buy kinectless and if you buy kinect bundle you pay more than ps4 for same features lol and the extra power is massively noticeable on exclusives look at killzone to titanfall and driveclub to forza h2 the difference is huge.

      • Keep telling yourself that. Games are already being neutered on the PS4 because the One can’t keep up. I get plenty of extras on the PS4 with games that look better. I’m not really concerned about talking to my machine or watching tv through it.

        • Well like i say to people when you take all the extra stuff xbox one has to offer ( which you dont have to use by the way its just nice that its there, but you would use it if yiu had it as its awesome) its still an awesome gaming machine that is when next to ps4 theyre the same near enough there’s enougj proof out there saying its impossible to distinguish the two on multiplatforms. And also your wrong as why are mlg and esports doing all their major COD AW and fifa tournaments on xbox one in 2015 if xbox one cant keep up??

  16. Hey to each his own….ps4 owners can have a broken, inferior online service that goes down for days at ever release. They can have those “great” games like driveclub that get reviews of 4 and 5 out of 10 and get traded in after 2 weeks. Ill take the power of xbox lives cloud service and all the games that i love…halo..forza horizon 2…sunset overdrive…tomb raider…crackdown gears of war. Like i said to each his own.

  17. The PS4 and One have been p**s poor for games. I still say the that the main reason why the PS4 got ahead was due to Microsoft’s E3 balls up. The One price at launch didn’t do it any favours either. Tech wise, most couldn’t care less. Sony don’t have to bend over backwards with new releases, as the PS4 still sells. Microsoft needs AAA games to sell consoles. If enough are released in 2015 and there’s another price drop (£299.99), it’s in with a chance. But somehow, the PS4 will probably keep going. Anyone who hasn’t upgraded, I’d wait. Out of the 2, Sony sticks out with all its talk with very little action. My PS4 hasn’t been powered up since January. A big mistake buying a PS4 at launch.

  18. Hmmm if you take a look at these comments…quite a few people have played or owned both…and even provided gamertags for both as proof….and they clearly prefer xbox one for the very same reasons that i prefer it….because it has better games…better features and a massively superior online service than ps4. So as for the ps4 sales gap….i dont give a f**k.

  19. Its comical how many people talk trash on the Xbox one and have yet to play it at all. they are all like OH EM GE MORE FASTER GBs RAM, MOAR 1080Ps, PS4 RULLLZ. Seriously the PS4 is lacking in games. Anyone who denies that is lying to themselves. DriveClub was/is a serious flop. Its got the graphics but nothing else. The PS4 is a great system, but it just doesnt have the games, and i don’t see any real promising ones for it until 2015. Literally everyone i know that has a PS4 isn’t playing it. Its collecting dust. Ultimately it doesnt matter, everyone should choose what they like. But rooting for one brand to fail is ridiculous. If you think that MS failing would do anything good for you then you aren’t thinking critically. If anything it would enable Sony to charge you more money, and not try as hard to update their system and provide great services. Competition helps the consumer.

  20. ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

    So business as usual, carry on.

  21. Share play will be released on firmware version 2.0 before christmas. Game over XBOX. But its cool cuz my friend in colorados game has just started and hes letting me play from kansas 🙂

  22. who the fu*k cares about any of this… Like it affects anyone’s life in any way lol… You all are ignorant.. Just play video games and stfu already

  23. The ps4 definitely doesnt have better games you must be either high or drunk to make that bold claim! Im not saying it has bad games but no it absolutely doesn’t have better games. And to say xbox is re releasing cheap tired games like halo and gears??? They are possibly two of the best and most well known games in gaming history full stop, especially halo. Now that is ‘Tha Truth’

  24. …And as for your controller and resolution argument, the xbox controller not that this really matters but seeing as you brought it up is without question the most cofortable hands down and that goes for 360 controller as well. And as for resolution you ps4 fanboys/fangirls keep trying to point out that graphics are better on ps4 (which they are. on paper.) but to the naked eye its physically impossible to distinguish between the two cosoles with graphics on multiplatforms its been proven, so whats your argument again?

  25. Ohhhh shuuuutttt upppp nerds. Get a friggin life.

  26. Ps4 has ugliest and un-ergonomic controller. I wish they swapped then best of both worlds. I’m only getting a ps4 to play uncharted 4. I better get used to getting hand cramps (lol dirty mind).

  27. You don’t see the trend changing any time soon? Lmao!!!lolololol!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!;

  28. little late but who cares , Xbox one is not even next gen it’s hardware is 12 year old out dated shit . Even Wii u has more processing memory bandwidth that the shitbox one . If you want a glorifide xbox 360 thego get a xbone one , if you want a beast of a machine with newer games with no rehashed shit to sell to the zombies go get a ps4 , If your a old school gamer and want to have alot of FUN go get a wii u . if your HARDCORE GAMER you already have a gaming pc .

  29. And in 7 years when the next-gen consoles come out Xbox will out sell Playstation. Its a cycle

  30. I sure the xbox one is a great console but sorry full hd on only a few games is a bit last generation to me. Loving my ps4, games are gorgeous and full hd, my only complaint is the joypad. While its brilliant mostly the extra space for the thumbs is less appreciated buy my small hands gurr.

  31. CRAP. how is the Crapbox one outselling wii u?? its good sony has outsold crapbox but no to put a downer on microsoft but why dont they stick to what they do best?? Building and Selling COMPUTERS. NOT CONSOLES

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