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WhatsApp reaches a new milestone with over 700 million monthly users

WhatsApp is again exceeding all expectations after it was announced back in August of 2014 that more than 600 million active monthly user were already on board with the popular mobile messaging app. Later that year, in October, Facebook announced that it finally managed to buy the service for the jaw-dropping sum of $19 billion. This investment would prove worthwhile ...

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New Nokia 215 feature phone announced by Microsoft at CES 2015

Microsoft just announced a new handset that’s seemingly aimed at people who are still nostalgic about the good old days when Nokia was leading the phone market. Sure, the infamous Finnish manufacturer is no longer able to build its own devices for a while, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see phones bearing its name in the near future. The device ...

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Amazon Fire Phone 2 will only launch in 2016

The Amazon Fire Phone is a perfect example for why you shouldn’t hype anything being reason, else you just end up disappointing people. The device promised a lot but offered very little in the end, which is way Amazon finally caved in and announced a major price cut so that they could at least sell their remaining stock. The company didn’t ...

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Facebook CEO discusses the possibility of a dislike button


Facebook already features the notorious ‘Like’ button, but what about a ‘Dislike’ option? I’m sure everybody felt the need to show what they really think about someone’s bad posts at least one time in their lives, I know I certainly did. Although the option has been demanded by users for the longest time it seems like the folks running Facebook are ...

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Windows 10 Cortana showcased in new video


Windows 10 is shaping up to be one of the best versions of the operating system we’ve ever had and it’s in no small part thanks to the new features added by Microsoft. One of these features goes by the name of Cortana and will basically serve as your own virtual personal assistant. Granted, the feature isn’t entirely new as ...

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Android Lollipop rolling out now to the Samsung Galaxy S5


Although Android Lollipop is still nowhere to be seen on the HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, the latest update to the operating system has reportedly already started rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is a bit unusual as Samsung has traditionally lagged behind when it comes to updating their devices, which lead to more than a few complaints coming from ...

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Razer Nabu will finally be available to purchase starting next week

The wait for the Razer Nabu is almost over as its manufacturer announced that the highly anticipated smartband will arrive on December 2nd. The device will be available for $100, although the first 5,000 Razer insiders will be able to grab one for only $80. The smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrid was announced almost one year ago at the Consumer Electronic Show 2013. ...

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Microsoft is hosting a Windows 10 consumer preview event in January

Microsoft already unveiled the highly anticipated Windows 10 back in late September, but word has it that the company is planning yet another press event for January. While a technical preview of the operating system has already been released and is still available for everyone to try out, this event will showcase something much different. Sources close to the matter have ...

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