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Facebook Lite has been announced for Android

Today the largest social media company in the world has just made another step forward with the announcement of Facebook Lite. This application, only available for Android, takes the Facebook experience and cuts it down to its most essential key points, so as to diminish the amount of data being used. The idea of Facebook Lite is not only helpful ...

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Hound Set To Escalate The Voice Assistant App Game

The developers of SoundHound—an app that identifies music—are gearing up to throw their hat into the voice assistant app ring. Titled Hound, the app has spent nine years incubating. If the video released on Youtube yesterday—called “Hound Internal Demo” for those wanting to see it themselves—is any indicator, it was a lion’s share of a decade well spent. The demo ...

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Lara Croft: Relic Run

A Windows Phone App Review – Lara Croft: Relic Run

The Windows Phone app ecosystem often, and with reason, receives criticism. The Windows Phone app selection isn’t as great as iOS or Android, and many of the WP’s titles come no where close to parity with its competition. It’s one of the biggest things holding Windows Phones back. If you’ve ever played something like Infinity Blade on iOS, WP apps ...

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CNBC Writer Ed Fernandez Declares The Death Knell Of Smartphones

According to Ed Fernandez in an editorial he wrote for CNBC—titled “The demise of the smartphone is inevitable, and necessary”—the smartphone’s days are numbered. Fernandez’s line of reasoning runs the gamut from plausible to specious. While his claims about the narrowing of the smartphone market have plenty of solid ground to stand on, the technology Fernandez claims will supplant smartphones ...

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Adblock Plus Coming to Android

A great many people have come to know the joy of browsing the internet on their computers completely free of advertisements through the browser ad-on Adblock Plus. The popular extension is “used by over 50 million people” according its Chrome Web Store page. Adblock now looks to expand into new territory by developing a browser for Android, bringing their program ...

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iOS Spotlight: Fearless Fantasy

Fearless Fantasy, developed by Enter Skies and published by tinyBuild, came to Steam in May 2014. Today, tinyBuild released the game on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. At its core, Fearless Fantasy is an adventure RPG with turn-based combat. However, tinyBuild turns the traditional notion of turn-based combat on its head by incorporating gestures and touch-screen controls to each attack, ...

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Apple Classifies a Range of iPhones and Macs Obsolete

Depending on who you ask, Apple’s planned-obsolescence scheme is either a bizarre quirk or a sign of Apple’s transformation into a diabolical dystopian mega-corporation.  Either way, the scheme enters its next phase on June 9, 2015. An internal document from Apple, as reported by 9To5Mac, details the iPhone and Mac models that Apple will be declaring “obsolete.” This does not ...

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Spotify Under Pressure to Limit Free Access

Popular music streaming service, Spotify, has built a reputation on the gargantuan library of music it provides users with in exchange only for their willingness to listen to the odd advertisement. Spotify also offers a premium service that eliminates advertisements and allows paid subscribers to download music to listen to offline. According to Digital Music News’s sources, however, the paradigm ...

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Final Fantasy Go

The Best Way to Play Final Fantasy on the Go

Gaming has changed. More specifically, the accessibility of gaming has changed. The elephant in the room, smartphone and tablet gaming, is responsible for a great deal of the shifts our medium has undergone over recent years. Today we live in a world in which a device for making phone-calls, is your hub for multimedia, and for many, a primary platform for ...

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iOS Spotlight: Adaline – An adventure of stealth, skill and cats

The iOS App Store is a strange place. There are incredible games, awful games, and awful clones of incredible games. The Chocobollo Company aims to change that, and they’ve started with their first game, Adaline – An adventure of stealth, skill and cats. The new developers seem to know what they’re getting into – the game’s current description (as of 4/23/15) expresses a desire ...

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