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Range Rover prototype is drivable by smartphone

Range Rover

Range Rover is taking us closer to the future we have seen in movies. They may not have built a flying car or one that can travel through time, but they have come closer to creating an autonomously driving vehicle. You’ll think that the engineers at Range Rover are playing with a toy when you see their latest prototype in action. ...

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Facebook launches Moments today


One great aspect of social media giant Facebook is having all the photos of you and your friends in place. Unfortunately, you don’t always get all of the photos you want. Whether it’s party photos that you were never tagged in or smaller get togethers and the pics just never saw the light of day. Facebook wants to make it ...

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GameStop acquires Geeknet and ThinkGeek

Gamestop shop

GameStop has proven today that great video game news can from outside of E3 this week. With the rise of video game sales on the digital format, companies like GameStop have suffered from selling physical copies of popular titles. While they did see a profit last year from new hardware sales, it is still obvious that something must be done ...

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Uber to take over China


Uber is a fast growing transport company in which users simply say where they are and a driver connected to the app and in the area will pick them up and take them where ever they need to go. This application has proven to stretch its success out of the United States with its international endeavors. It seems as though ...

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Nintendo’s Reggie is not impressed with VR today

At this year’s E3 big companies in the video game industry like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo shared huge announcements of what’s to come in the future. Microsoft and Sony took some time in their press conferences to share how far they have gone in their latest technical endeavors. In this case, we are talking about virtual reality. But why didn’t ...

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Twitter reveals new project Lightning

Twitter has used its gargantuan success to reach the masses of people on the Internet. Even just those who use Twitter have been able to capture this success to spread out the following of their own careers. It’s hard for a company this vast to increase its user base after going public in 2013. For their next endeavor, however, they ...

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Batman: Arkham Knight BatMobile Edition Canceled

If you’re a huge video game fan, you’re most likely waiting in anticipation for Rocksteady’s end to their Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight. Frankly, even if you aren’t the biggest gamer you should still be excited for this epic adventure. Unfortunately, some recent news might bring down your excitement if you are on of many who preordered the Barman: Arkham ...

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Sonder developing an infinitely customizable keyboard

Sonder Design is by no means a household name in the technological world. In fact, I have never heard of them at all. All of that could change, however, if their newest keyboard concept should come to fruition. Imagine you could make a customizable keyboard for your every day typing, straying away from the QWERTY setup if you like. Then ...

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