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Nintendo Adds Two N64 Games to Switch Online

This week, Nintendo has pleasantly surprised Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers with the addition of two exciting N64 games.

Among the titles featured are the 1997 futuristic racer Extreme-G and the 1998 racing game Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls. Acclaim Entertainment previously released both of the titles.

Both games offer the option for local split-screen multiplayer as well as online support. Here are the descriptions and a few screenshots:


“Fans of all things fast, start your engines! Push your cyber cycle to the limit and zoom through 12 futuristic looping, twisting racetracks. But watch out, because these battle bikes pack a wallop – each is loaded with weapons, and your rivals are not afraid to use ’em! Beat your opponents to the punch and pick up a bevy of powerups in an attempt to top the rankings and avoid total wreckage. Plus, up to four players can settle the racing score locally** or online.* Whether playing solo or with friends, Extreme-G sets the course for some serious g-force!”

Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls

“Who needs to race in a vehicle when you’re spherical? Ball out with Iggy and his eclectic reckin’ crew as you smash and swing your way through vertical races set on a series of towering tracks. Take shortcuts, zip through loops and avoid enemies bent on stopping your ascent in this winner-wreck-all competition for up to four players”

Nintendo recently introduced Blast Dozer (Rare’s Blast Corps) in Japan. This title is already included in the local Switch Online N64 library.


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