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Cute Pokémon-Style Roguelike ‘Evolings’ Hits Switch Today

Super Rare Games and Sørb released Evolings, a Pokémon-style roguelike, on the Switch eShop for classic creature-catching fun.

This one lets you explore procedurally generated maps, find cute pixel art creatures, and build the best fighting team. From the challenge to complete the ‘Evopedia’ to the ability to evolve your team by battling well with them, this game has a lot of’mon inspiration.

There have been many Pokémon-likes recently, from Cassette Beasts to Temtem, but we like this one’s throwback visuals and the roguelike structure should change the monster-battling we all know.

See the game’s features and screenshots below.

– Dynamic Map Exploration: Prepare for endless excitement as “Evolings” generates a brand new level-map with each playthrough! Discover unique Evolings, acquire rare items, engage in thrilling battles, and create unforgettable stories. No two adventures are alike, ensuring endless surprises and thrilling experiences every time you dive in!
– Epic Turn-Based RPG Combat: Unleash your strategic prowess and assemble a formidable team to take on evil Evolings. Engage in exhilarating turn-based battles where cuteness meets power. Command your squad and showcase your tactical genius to emerge victorious in epic clashes!
– A Boundless World Awaits:
 Embark on a journey through three distinct acts, each brimming with exclusive Evolings, extraordinary items, and captivating levels to conquer. Prepare for a gameplay experience of non-stop action and adventure! Immerse yourself in breathtaking pixel art, adorable cutscenes, and a mesmerizing chiptune soundtrack that will ignite your fighting spirit!
– Unveil the Secrets of the Evopedia:
 Harness the power of knowledge with the Evopedia, a comprehensive encyclopedia of all the Evolings you encounter. Keep track of your discoveries, from the dazzling shiny and super shiny versions to the coveted rainbow Evolings. Dive deep into their fascinating entries to uncover their hidden traits and abilities, becoming a true master of these captivating creatures! Can you catch all of these tough cuties?
– Eternal Glory in the Hall of Fame:
 Only the most triumphant players who conquer all three acts will earn a hallowed place in the prestigious “Hall of Fame.” Immortalize your winning team’s achievements for all to see, celebrating the ultimate honor bestowed upon Evolings. Share your strategies with friends, sparking lively discussions and perhaps a touch of envy from those yet to bask in the glory of victory!

If this sounds appealing, it’s available on the Switch eShop for £7.49 / $8.99 / €8.79.

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