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Windows 10 is between Windows 7 and 8

Windows 10

Microsoft has decided to drop the rumored Windows 9 and Windows Threshold name for the new operating system the company will be rolling out soon. Windows 10 is the new name for Microsoft’s latest OS and it seems that the platform will be a balancing act between the well-received Windows 7 and the pretty criticized Windows 8, with its Metro-style ...

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Microsoft announces Windows 10, there will be no Windows 9 after all


The next version of Windows was finally revealed earlier today by Microsoft at their San Francisco conference. The last major version of the operating system was Windows 8 so naturally, we expected the next one to be called Windows 9. Well, it seems like Microsoft decided to skip a number for whatever reason and announced Windows 10. I’m pretty sure no ...

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Windows 9 will come free for Windows 8 users


Windows 9 is expected to be finally unveiled in just a few days and Microsoft is said to launch a technical preview of the operating system after the grand reveal. We reported a couple of days ago that the President of Microsoft France accidentally spilled the beans and confirmed that Windows 9 will indeed arrive in just a matter of days. ...

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Windows 9 accidentally announced by Microsoft


We’ve heard plenty of rumors about Windows 9 over the last few months, but Microsoft has been pretty tight lipped regarding its upcoming operating system, until now. President of Microsoft France Alain Crozier recently spilled the beans, although it seems like it was by accident. Crozier revealed that “Last year we had Windows 8. In the next few minutes, the ...

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Leaked Windows 9 screenshot confirms Cortana for PC


We know that Microsoft is planning to add a whole bunch of new features to the next iteration of Windows and we heard some very interesting rumors regarding them for the past couple of months. Perhaps the most interesting of these rumors is that Cortana will make her way to Windows 9 when it releases next year. The Halo inspired personal assistant is ...

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Windows 9 screenshots surface

There has been a lot of hype around Windows 9 and Microsoft has been probably receiving millions of suggestions either asking them to go back to the Windows 7 look or to stay with live tiles and the Windows 8 look. New screenshots have been leaked online, showing that Microsoft might have paid attention to all of our cries and ...

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Nokia and Windows Phone brands schduled to disappear this Holiday


Soon after Microsoft acquired Nokia’s mobile division earlier this year rumors saying that the Nokia brand will eventually disappear went rampant. While the Redmond-based company still used the branding for the most recent Lumia devices, it seems that they plan to transition to the new brand in the near future. According to a leaked internal document uncovered by GeekOnGadgets, Microsoft will stop ...

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Windows 9 Threshold to come earlier than expected

Windows 9 code-named Threshold will possibly be launched earlier than expected after Microsoft China posted on Weibo and leaked the new OS’s logo. Microsoft China has posted the following: “Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?” That’s all that we got except for the ...

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Windows 9 rumored to be unveiled on September 30th


Earlier this month we reported that a preview of the upcoming Windows 9 operating system will presumably arrive in late September or early October. This rumor is still going strong and now there’s one more source backing it up while also giving us a more specific date for when to expect the OS. According to The Verge, Microsoft will be a hosting a press ...

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