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Tracking lost smartphones is easy, regardless of OS!

No matter what smartphone you own, Apple or Samsung, Nokia or any other company, when you lose it or it is stolen from you, there is a big change that you will think about tracking your device. Last week, a few companies like Samsung, Apple, T-Mobile, U.S Cellular, Verizon Wireless and AT&T, decided to place anti-theft tools in their devices, ...

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Minecraft coming to Windows 10

Windows 10 Minecraft Beta

In a move that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, Minecraft is coming to Windows 10 soon, as announced by Xbox Wire. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta will be released on July 29th. Like the original, it is promised that this version will “develop and evolve over time with the help of your feedback”. Updates will still be free so ...

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The Rift Between Facebook and Windows – Facebook Connect No Longer Connects

Facebook Connect for Windows

Facebook and Windows seem to have fallen out with each other. Strange considering Microsoft’s recently announced partnership with Oculus – owned by Facebook. Facebook has updated their graph API, their post states that the move was in response to feedback that people want more control over where and when their information gets shared. This also makes changes for people who are ...

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Windows Phones need Windows 10 to save them

Windows Phones have been struggling these past few months. Whether or not you own a Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone, you will have noticed the lack of Lumia’s you see out in the wild. The lack of consumers adopting the third option is evident in the latest statistics, which suggest that Microsoft has lost over one million users and is ...

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Windows 10 Release Date Revealed

Windows 10

We’ve been in the era of Window 8 for some time now, and love it or hate it, most people would agree that it’s been an awkward time. An operating system that wasn’t necessarily ideal for business or leisure, it’s served as Windows’ stepping stone. Now, Microsoft has revealed exactly when we’ll see the fruits of their labor, and get ...

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The Future of Windows with Windows 10


I’m sure that many Windows users are excited for the free upgrade to Windows 10 that is coming later this year – unless you’re a pirate. In which case you may be feeling a little lukewarm over the whole thing after Microsoft’s redacted their statement on who qualifies for free. But the news that the newest operating system will be free, even if ...

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Microsoft 10 Emoji Changes – Including the Middle Finger

I had to do a bit of a double take when I spotted this emoji on the Emojipdia Blog. But with the new release of Windows 10, Microsoft will be making their next big update to their emojis since Windows 8.1. Apparently this will only be their third substantial update, as emojis made a late appearance on Windows systems. With the ...

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Windows 10 Coming to Xbox One

In the light of the recent Windows 10 announcement, Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 will be coming to the Xbox One, the new HoloLens, and other mobile devices. What does this mean for the future of Microsoft’s gaming products? Gamers will be able to experience their console games from the comfort of their laptops, but only on a local ...

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How Will Windows 10 Impact Gaming?

Microsoft be praised. In light of recent developments, Microsoft promises to introduce fan-requested features on Windows 10 and the mobile Xbox Smartglass. Some of the features include an Avatar Tile, live TV streaming and PIP (picture in picture) support, and even Voice Messages. It’s great that Microsoft is building a solid console-to-computer relationship. What players can do on their consoles can ...

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Orion Trail Kickstarter Announced

Orion Trail Ad

The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has been a massive boon for video game developers. It allows fans to support games they love and developers to take on projects that are not commercially viable. One of the newer projects on Kickstarter is Orion Trail. Players become the captain of a ship in this resource management simulation that lets players choose their own adventures. “In the game, ...

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