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When he's not venturing Hyrule, he's probably out on the tennis courts. His Y-axis is always inverted.

Multi Platform Games to Check Out

Between consoles, both handheld and regular, PCs, smartphones and tablets, we have lots of options for gaming. Wherever we are and whatever we’re in the mood for, one of our devices will ensure we have game right for us. Ever since multiple console have been available, games have been purchasable for more than one system, ensuring that no matter what ...

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HUAWEI P8 GRA 4G Smartphone the Android beast from Gearbest

Huawei released the new P8 and the new P8 Standard GRA 4G models a few months ago. The devices are being thought of as Huawei’s best ones as of now, and the specifications that come along testify for the same. And now at the moment the GearBest launch the Pre-sale of the Huawei P8 Standard Edition GRA 4G Dual SIM ...

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Batman: Arkham Knight’s Endless Falling Glitch (No Official Fix, But Some Tips)

You would think that Gotham would be hiding something underneath it’s seedy streets. But, as the weeks fly by, not the case. While Batman: Arkham Knight has enjoyed a nice, steady release, several players (including myself) have encountered a peculiar glitch. It happens right after a loading screen, and before you know it, you’re watching Batman fall through the streets…and into whatever pixelated dimension ...

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Treyarch Unveils Call of Duty “Shadows of Evil” Zombies Trailer

Call of Duty Black Ops III Shadows of Evil

When Call of Duty: Ghosts was released, gamers saw a departure from the beloved zombie mini-game, and were instead introduced to an episodic adventure of aliens. While Extinction had it’s own intriguing story-line, some wondered if the franchise would reintroduce the undead. Then Advanced Warfare was released, and much to everyone’s delight the Exo Survival Easter egg on Riot confirmed that zombies were making a ...

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Another Google Glass in Development?


When the $1,500 Google Glass was introduced, the world stepped into the future. However, it was short lived.  As of January 15, 2015, Google halted their sales of the Glass in an attempt to improve their product. People assumed that the idea was dead.  That was not the case. On April 24, the Wall Street Journal reported a new development. Italian ...

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Lenovo’s New LavVie Z Laptop: A Lightweight to rival the MacBook?

Lavie Z Lenovo

It arrives in two forms.  Both are 13- inch systems, with Quad HD screens, fifth-generation Core i7 processors, 8GB of RAM and both have a 256GB solid-state drive. What could it possibly be? It’s Lenovo’s answer to the ultra-lightweight MacBook. And, dare we say it, may be the MacBook killer. What’s cool about the Lenovo’s laptop is that it’s chassis is made ...

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Microsoft Acquires Surface Digital Pen From N-Trig

Microsoft has shelled out $30 million in acquiring the technology for the Surface Digital Pen from their Israeli partner, N-Trig. The company has been responsible for this type of digital writing, especially playing a key part in the development of pen-input technologies used by Microsoft and other tech companies. The move comes as a surprise, especially among claims that N-Trig was ...

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Microsoft’s Hololens: Don’t Be Too Hasty

It may come as a shock, to some of you, that Microsoft’s Hololens will cost more than the Xbox One. Hold on, before everyone panics, this is the virtual reality market. The Oculus Rift costs about $350, which is already sizable heap of money, and Sony’s Morpheus may be following that same route. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of ...

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