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Windows 10 latest stats and figures are in courtesy of Microsoft

It’s no secret that Windows 10 has sparked a lot of interest ever since it was first announced earlier this year. Microsoft has made it so that anyone who knows a little something about the inner workings of an operating system can participate in the Technical Preview by signing up via the Windows Insider Program. The company recently posted a new update ...

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Microsoft is hosting a Windows 10 consumer preview event in January

Microsoft already unveiled the highly anticipated Windows 10 back in late September, but word has it that the company is planning yet another press event for January. While a technical preview of the operating system has already been released and is still available for everyone to try out, this event will showcase something much different. Sources close to the matter have ...

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Windows 10 has already been tested by 1 million people


Microsoft surprised everyone last month when it announced that Windows 9 is no more and the new version of the operating system will be called Windows 10 instead. Shortly after making the announcement the tech giant launched a technical preview to give us a taste of what the OS is all about. This preview can be downloaded by those who ...

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Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12 says Microsoft


Windows 10 is already shaping up to be one of the best versions of the operating system we’ve had in years and it will only get better. Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12 when it launches next year. Moreover, the current build of the operating system already features a developer-oriented version of DirectX 12. “The final version of ...

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Windows 10 is between Windows 7 and 8

Windows 10

Microsoft has decided to drop the rumored Windows 9 and Windows Threshold name for the new operating system the company will be rolling out soon. Windows 10 is the new name for Microsoft’s latest OS and it seems that the platform will be a balancing act between the well-received Windows 7 and the pretty criticized Windows 8, with its Metro-style ...

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Windows 9 will come free for Windows 8 users


Windows 9 is expected to be finally unveiled in just a few days and Microsoft is said to launch a technical preview of the operating system after the grand reveal. We reported a couple of days ago that the President of Microsoft France accidentally spilled the beans and confirmed that Windows 9 will indeed arrive in just a matter of days. ...

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