New iOS 8 bugs affecting connectivity

Apple didn’t get off to a really good start with the launch of iOS 8 along with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Once the company released iOS 8, there were numerous reports of bugs and crashes from dissatisfied users and Apple quickly issued iOS update 8.0.1, but that seemed to make matters worse, leading up the release of iOS update 8.0.2 but it seems that the second update didn’t fix the issues either. New user reports claim that iOS 8.0.2 brought even more connectivity issues.

iOS 8 users are beginning to experience problems with Bluetooth connectivity, especially when it comes to in-car gadgets like stereos and different navigation systems. Some are reporting that iOS 8 won’t allow for Bluetooth calls, while the music features work just fine with an iPhone 6. Others are reporting the same issues on iOS 8 on the iPhone 5S. Many reports state that iOS 8 has trouble pairing with various devices via Bluetooth.

It seems that the Bluetooth bug on iOS 8 is pretty widespread, affecting speakers, gadgets, cars, navigation systems and keyboards as well. Some have found a temporary solution, but it’s a hassle, really. You need to log out of iCloud,┬ádisconnect all Bluetooth devices, reset all settings, restart the iPhone and then logging back into iCloud. The Reset All Settings option isn’t so great either, causing iCloud to lose documents on iOS 8.

Rumors say that developers are already working on an iOS 8.1 update, but a release date hasn’t been mentioned neither by developers nor by Apple. All these issues with iOS 8 suggest that the OS was released in a hurry, maybe because Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 seemed a pretty dangerous rival to the iPhone 6 Plus and other gadgets that were introduced at IFA Berlin in September also posed a threat to the iPhone 6 and iOS 8. With Android L Lemon Meringue Pie or Lollipop[ coming up, Apple should saddle up and get iOS 8 fixed if it doesn’t want to get overrun by angry iOS 8 users.