D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die new trailer released

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die got a post-release trailer that shows off some of its features to new players. D4 is an episodic game that combines the action-adventure genre with mystery and horror elements. It was developed by Access Games and published by Microsoft Studios exclusively on Xbox One. Even though it’s numbered accordingly, D4 is not tied to the original “D” game series.

The trailer shows some of the game’s mechanics and gives those who are not acquainted with it a glimpse into its weird world. This kind of game is usually appealing for the Japanese market, but this title, meant for international release, seems to have caught the attention of a larger audience. You can watch the trailer below and form your own opinion on the game.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die follows private investigator David Young as he tries to find out who murdered his wife. Young is unable to recollect any memories of the events that led to her death. However, he now has the ability to travel through time as he finds certain objects that bring him to specific points in the past. An interesting thing about D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is that the game was designed to be played entirely through Kinect. Don’t worry, though, if you feel like it, you can switch to the Xbox controller, but you won’t get the same experience.

While the game is promoted as episodic, you can only purchase D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die as a whole season, consisting of three episodes. The game was released on September 19, 2014, on Xbox One. So far, there is no information regarding a sequel or a fourth episode, although judging by the fact that the game ended in a cliffhanger, one can safely deduce that the story will be continued somehow.