Surface 3 and Surface Mini scheduled to launch later this year

The Surface Pro 3 tablet has been doing very well on the market and is widely considered to be the best device of its kind released by Microsoft. The tablet is in fact so good that you can even use it as a laptop and you’ll hardly feel the difference. That being said, the Surface Pro 3 is pretty expensive and not exactly small so it’s definitely not for anyone. Luckily, Microsoft can also offer a smaller and more affordable tablet in the form of the Surface 2, which is a pretty good device as well all things considered. The problem here is that the Surface 2 is already more than a year old and can no longer be considered one of the best out there. Well, the tech giant seems to be aware of this fact and is planning to release a replacement soon according to TK Tech News.

Seeing as how we don’t know who these sources are we advise you to take this with a grain of salt for now. However, TK might be on to something here as this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the Surface 3. There were multiple reports earlier this year regarding the matter and they all indicated that the Surface 3 will launch sometime during October. This coincides with TK’s “before holiday” time window, although the specific release date remains unknown at this time. The Surface 3 is believed to be both slimmer and lighter than the Surface 2 and rumor has it that it will also feature Surface Pen support. Further details are still scarce at this time so we don’t have much else to go on I’m afraid.

As for the Surface Mini, word on the street is that Microsoft is not yet ready to launch the tablet due to various technical issues. However, TK seems to know something that we don’t and are of the opinion that it will actually launch alongside the Surface 3. They do note that there will be “limited supply” at launch so maybe Microsoft did manage to straighten things out, but only partially and the tablet is not ready for mass production yet.