Tesla Model D – the affordable luxury electric car

Elon Musk, the renegade CEO and inventor tweeted last night about the unveiling of the D model. His company, Tesla, will premiere the affordable luxury electric car on the 9th of October. The way Musk announced it made waves on the twittersphere. His posting reads “About time to unveil the D and something else”. “The D” has a certain connotation on the internet. Musk later replied that he was literally rolling on the floor laughing.

Tesla has been in the news for being very innovative. TV and movie personalities such as Stephen Colbert rapidly grew in love with the car. Although it doesn’t match the success of the Prius, the company is expanding manufacturing to achieve 100.000 cars in 2015, many of which might be the Tesla model D. Up to this point it wasn’t affordable for many people, at prices over 70.000$ for a Model S, it’s not exactly the car for everyone. The Tesla model D is rumored to be about half the price, and an E model, that will be available in 2017 will be even cheaper.

The Model S has a range of over 230 miles. It features such improvements over a standard saloon car that you will feel like you’ve stepped into the future.

  • It’s keyless, it will open when you get close to the car.
  • It can fit 7 people, even though it’s a saloon car.
  • Panoramic glass roof, which reflects 80% of the heat
  • 302 – 416 horsepower. On electric only!
  • 0-60 in 4.6 seconds
  • Suspension and transmission.
  • A screen bigger than your iPad with everything you’ll ever need.

The Model S is already a few years old and it has rave reviews. The Model X, which is a crossover SUV, has falcon doors. We can only expect that the budget Tesla Model D will be a great value beauty. One thing’s certain, they can’t give it a lesser range, as it is one of the biggest flaws of electric cars. It will definitely not have the 416 horsepower that the S has. The falcon doors of the X might be overkill for a budget car. You better sign up quick though, as production is limited. The company is still up to tens of thousands in production. Even if you sign up you will have to wait until it’s actually finished. It’s in such high demand that you might have to wait up to a year for it, but it will be worth it, as you will be driving the car of the future. The budget car of the future.