Pay what you want for Darksiders, Titan Quest, Spellforce 2 and more with the Nordic Games Humble Bundle

Another week, another Humble Weekly Bundle. This time around we’ve got no less than 13 excellent titles courtesy of Nordic Games. You can pay virtually whatever you want for these games, although there is a minimum sum required for some of them. All the games will be available for you to play on Steam if you pay at least $1. For the very cheap price of “pay what you want”, the Humble Weekly Bundle Nordic Games 2 offers you Supreme Commander Gold Edition, AquaNox, AquaNox 2: Revelation, Black Mirror and Summoner. If you pay more than the average price (currently at $4.77) you will also receive MK vs ATV, Titan Quest Gold, Darksiders and Red Faction Armageddon. Last but not least, if you are willing to fork out 10 bucks or more you get all of the above plus Darksiders 2, SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past and DeadFall Adventures. A few┬áimportant details regarding the Humble Bundle can been found below.

  • Pay what you want. If you bought all of these games separately, it’d cost you up to $214, but we’re letting you name your price.
  • Available on Steam. All games in this bundle are available on Steam for Windows. Deadfall Adventures is also available on Steam for Linux. Pay $1 or more to gain access to these games on Steam. Please check the full system requirements.
  • Support Charity. You choose where your money goes: between Nordic Games and two vital charities, the American Red Cross and Child’s Play Charity. If you like this weekly bundle, a tip to Humble Bundle would be greatly appreciated!

You can view the Nordic Games Humble Weekly Bundle at this page. While you’re there you can also check out the other Humble Weekly Bundle (Neko Entertainment) currently available or the Kiss Humble Flash Bundle. Stay tuned for all the latest news and updates.