Dragon Age Origins is now free with the Origin ‘On The House’ program

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts started a new program called ‘On The House’ on their Origin platform. Every once in a while EA announces that a certain game is on the house, which basically means that you can download it for free and it’s yours to keep. This time around, you can grab the highly acclaimed Dragon Age Origins at no cost whatsoever and in the process, prepare for the launch of Dragon Age Inquisition. This offer doesn’t really have any downsides per say, although there are a few things that need to be mentioned.

First off, Dragon Age Origins won’t stay ‘On The House’ forever so you better grab it now just to be on the safe side. You can do so at this page. Also, you will need an Origin account in order to be able to download and play the game. Aside from that, there’s not a whole lot to talk about, just download it and it’s your forever. While you’re there, you can also get Bejeweled 3 for free, the other title that’s currently ‘On The House’. Origin features another program that also let’s you play games for free, but only for a limited time. This program goes by the name of ‘Game Time’ and currently features Titanfall and Kingdoms of Amalur. You can play both of them for free for 48 hours ┬ábefore deciding if you want to reach for your wallet and purchase them. As for Dragon Age Origins, you’re likely already familiar with this title, but just in case you’re not, you can find the game’s description further down.

“The survival of humanity rests in the hands of those chosen by fate. You are a Grey Warden, one of the last of an ancient order of guardians who have defended the landsthroughout the centuries. Betrayed by a trusted general in a critical battle, you must hunt down the traitor and bring him to justice. As you fight your way towards the final confrontation with an evil nemesis, you will face monstrous foes and engage in epic quests to unite the disparate peoples of a world at war.A romance with a seductive shapeshifter may hold the key to victory, or she may be a dangerous diversion from the heart of your mission. To be a leader, you must make ruthless decisions and be willing to sacrifice your friends and loved ones for the greater good of mankind.”