Space Rogue resurfaces after 25 years, announce teaser released

At long last, a new Space Rogue game has emerged from a distant galaxy. The guys over at Red Beat Ukraine will be developing this new Sci-Fi title, and it’s worth pointing out that this will not be a game destined to carry the legacy of the medieval Space Rogue combat simulator initially released in 1989 on Apple II Comodore 64 and MS-DOS. The only thing it will be perpetuating is the name. Space Rogue is to be looked at as an “RTS game telling a story about the infinite universe,” with a golden age Sci-Fi heart. Here’s how the fellas from Red Beat describe it: “Space Rogue is a procedural and expandable space exploration game with that 1960s vibe. Shiny space ships, new frontiers, heroes and villains – you know the drill.”

Developers aim to “combine crew management of FTL: Faster Than Light with space exploration of Space Rangers.” The teaser trailer of Space Rogue does not shed any light on specific gameplay details, all we know is that the action is set in a procedurally generated universe, while the game will feature space battles, crew and ship management, and the ability to land on different planets. Red Beat is an independent studio founded by ex-Nival developers. The current dev team has had a hand in Nival’s Prime World: Defenders, and are now working on offering fans a new game about star adventures, which we will hopefully see in Space Rogue. What’s quite impressive is that these guys have not requested any crowdfunding money to fuel their development efforts, at least for now. Let’s see what the game has in store for fans of the genre:

  • Procedurally generated universe: every play-through will be unique. Every location you enter would differ from the previous one
  • Space battles: only the strongest will survive
  • Crew & ship management: Improvise. Develop. Turn the lowly space boat into powerful cruiser
  • Game events: they will make your journey across the Universe more varied and give you interesting experience
  • Steam Workshop: we’ve added support for the user-generated content from the outset
  • Planet landing: the adventure will be not only in space, but on solid ground as well

There you have it. Space Rogue promises to be an entertaining old fashioned space adventure title that will allegedly be released next year, which I think is pretty unlikely considering that the game development kicked off this January. Until more updates come in, check out the announce teaser of Space Rogue below.