Reportedly, Hi-Fi Rush by Xbox is set to launch on the upcoming ‘Switch 2’ console

Nintendo’s latest Partner Showcase revealed two Xbox games coming to the Switch, leaving fans wondering about the Hi-Fi Rush speculation.

Insider Gaming reports that the rhythm-based action game is possibly aiming for a release on the Switch 2, suggesting that an announcement may still be months away. Here’s the precise commentary from the source:

“It’s currently unclear if Hi-Fi Rush will be making its way to the Switch or not either, but sources have suggested that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch 2, rather than the original Switch, so it could be a few more months before an official announcement.”

Upon the initial emergence of these rumors, concerns were raised regarding the potential impact on the rhythm-based gameplay on the Switch. Therefore, a launch of the speculated successor system could be a logical move.

An earlier datamine of Hi-Fi Rush this month also revealed possible “platform-exclusive t-shirts” for different versions of the game. It’s worth noting that the PlayStation release has been officially confirmed.

Two Xbox games have been confirmed for the Switch: Grounded and Pentiment. Pentiment has been released on the Switch eShop, with a physical version coming soon, and Grounded is set to launch in April.