The latest SteamWorld game did not meet Thunderful’s expectations in terms of sales

Thunderful’s latest fiscal report indicates that the December release of SteamWorld Build did not meet their sales expectations.

Martin Walfisz, the CEO of Thunderful, discussed how the game had not quite met expectations despite a new surge in momentum. He pointed out that the genre did not resonate with the company’s core audience and was not a good fit for the Switch, a platform that Thunderful has always prioritized.

“We are pleased to have new momentum with regard to our most important IP, but sales during December fell slightly short of our expectations”

Additionally, the company has paused work on its upcoming project, SteamWorld Headhunter, without providing a reason for this choice. The company is currently undergoing a restructuring phase and is reportedly considering selling the Bridge Constructor publisher, Headup.

In 2024, the company aims to make a comeback by transitioning into a more stable and focused organization, as mentioned in its latest report. Walfisz anticipates significant potential in the upcoming years, highlighting the prospect of high-quality, impactful game releases and the buzz surrounding the speculated next Nintendo console generation.

SteamWorld Build impressed us when it arrived on the Switch in December. We gave it a solid 8 out of 10 stars and praised its intricate design, highlighting its unique approach to management simulation games.