The Skyrim mod transforms a mace into Mace

It’s fair to say that physical fighting is a key component of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a beloved but dated fantasy role-playing game from Bethesda. It never seems to get old to lash out violently at adversaries with a large sword, axe, or warhammer, tossing them around with your weapon of death like armour-plated sausages frying in a skillet. What if there was a non-lethal way to accomplish that that was also more morally correct? Keep your butts on the ground because vanilla Skyrim modder drumfire has the answer. It’s a mace, thus it’s a mace.

Unexpectedly, the spiky whacking staff that the Frosty Rusty Mace of Submission mod introduces deals no physical damage. But that does not imply that the mace has no impact. This bash-rod has been given a small coating of frost damage by Drumfire, which lessens if your chosen opponent’s health drops too low. The magical mace starts to release a level 99 fear spell that lasts a full minute if their HP drops below 2.5 points. That will almost certainly cause someone to run back to their mother.

The Mace of Submission can be found at the entrance of a cave close to the Honningbrew Meadery, east of Whiterun, once the mod has been loaded in your vanilla Skyrim. You’ll be relieved to learn that the chest where the mace is located respawns if you lose it or decide you need more for followers. Additionally, the enchantment doesn’t require any charge, so you should be able to repeatedly spray fear in the faces of bad guys like some sort of Dragonborn skunk.

Compared to the hench bees that used to launch the cart from Skyrim’s intro into the air while the game was being developed, the Mace of Submission sounds a lot nicer. However, it’s surely not as innocent as the mod that adds Skyrim Grandma Shirley Curry as a follower or the dog-petting feature of the game. Why not take a look at our list of the top Skyrim mods if you’re looking for more things to fiddle around with?