ESO Tamriel Unlimited – Future Content Revealed

If you’ve spent any time ambling around Tamriel in ESO then you’re probably aware that the game is pretty huge. Mind you, I still haven’t purchased a mount so my perception of the space may be a little skewed. It has only been a little over a week since ESO Tamriel Unlimited was released onto consoles and at E3 Bethesda has already provided us with a teaser of what’s to come in the game’s future. A few of those inaccessible provinces on the map are going to get filled in – one can hope they’ll eventually get to each province. We’re also going to see a few more additions. ESO’s developers were unable to make it to Bethesda’s E3 show, they said they were busy at work on the game, but they provided a teaser trailer for fans that you can watch below.

ESO’s new trailer has a few new features, a few new zones, and a surprise for fans right at the end. ESO fans can expect to see the Imperial City, with a few images heavily influenced by Oblivion, with demons and cultists in control of the city. The trailer shows large groups of people battling it out, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a new area for higher levelled characters, or even a dungeon. Then we are provided with images of Orsinium, the Orcish Capital, and images of the surrounding land; this area seems to also be a new zone that players will get to explore.

I may be wrong in this, but the armour shown in Orsinium also looks to be new. So there may be new gear and equipment on the way. If that isn’t enough, then it looks like you can always get a bear mount. Trundling about Tamriel on an armoured bear would certainly feel majestic.

Now, for fans of the Elder Scrolls series, I think the biggest reveal here comes at the very end. The Black Hand. ESO recently implemented crime and justice systems; but the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood have remained notably absent. We have crime, but no criminal organizations – it looks like this may soon be remedied. The Dark Brotherhood had arguably one of the best story lines in Oblivion, and was still quite good in Skyrim. And it looks like ESO’s developers want them to appear again in ESO. With A new guild or two with their own quest lines and skill trees and even potential new regions; this would be provide loads of new content for the game. Unfortunately we won’t be hearing anything else about it until July with an Imperial City pre-launch, but until then I’m sure players will find plenty to keep themselves occupied with in ESO.