The final 13 hours of Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life stream: Tazing, puking, Cheesemaster Gus, and shaving

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The final 13 hours of Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life stream, like their previous Extra Life streams, proved to be very eventful, all in the name of helping kids. Unlike previous years however, this year’s stream involved far more bodily harm of both the internal and external variety.

As is tradition, Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life stream is led by Jack Patillo, featuring other prominent members of Rooster Teeth as the stream goes on. This year, their donations are going to what are essentially crash test dummies that the doctors at Dell Children’s Hospital can use to practice their medical skills on. Donations can be sent here.

Adam Kovic of Funhaus learning exactly how many donuts he can fit in his mouth
Michael Jones forcefully voiding his stomach (the first time) for the kids
Rooster Teeth’s newest creative director hard at work making content
Michael getting tazed for the first time
Thanks to the Rooster Teeth community, Michael’s getting tazed again-for the kids!
The stream decides to channel their inner Bob Ross, some in more creative ways than others
Jack Patillo, minus the beard, as promised
Cheesemaster Gus making his first move of the night…
…which somehow led to this. Unfortunately for the rest of the group, this is one of the tamer things he did

As the night went on, Gus Sorola, at that point known as Cheesemaster Gus, became rather intoxicated to say the least. During the last three hours he was in Stage 5, he routinely “encouraged” the other members of the stream to eat parts of Jack’s beard (which they all did, much to everyone’s dismay), perpetuate their own intoxicated states with more alcohol (which they also did), and wanted to do questionable things to Miles Luna in particular. As to where his new nickname came from, it involved a strange desire to make (and consume) cheese from what remained of the 2 gallons of milk that Michael and Gavin brought earlier.

But by the end of Rooster Teeth’s Extra Life stream, they raised over $365, 000 in direct donations and sold 20,518 posters. At $10 per poster, and assuming that all the money made from posters sales go directly to Extra Life, this means that the Rooster Teeth Extra Life stream raised a total of $570,180 in their 24 hour stream.

This surpassed all other donations made by a landslide, even if poster sales are taken out of the equation. For example, the next highest amount of donations was made by the Mindcrack team, coming in at just over $200,000. By comparison, donations made under Jack Patillo’s fundraising page alone made over $200,000, a significant amount for the children of Dell Children’s Hospital.

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