Final Fantasy XIII no longer locked at 720p on PC thanks to a special patch

Square Enix finally released their Final Fantasy XIII RPG title on PC yesterday and expectations were pretty high among those players who fell in love with the game after playing it on PS3 and Xbox 360. There’s no denying that Final Fantasy showcases state of the art graphics both on PS3 and Xbox 360, but this PC version seems to have already left some trails of discontent post launch. Usually, PC players are accustomed to have a varied range of graphics options at their disposal, especially when playing big titles such as this one, but this does not seem to be the case with Final Fantasy XIII. Reports of basic graphics options, unlockable 1280×720 720p resolution, and poorly compressed cinematics started coming in after a group of players from NeoGaf, Reddit and Steam forums have had the chance to try out the game.

Square Enix allegedly said that Final Fantasy XIII runs at 60 FPS, but locked at a maximum resolution of 720p. No worries though, because an ingenious user going by the name of Peter “Durante” Thoman, who has a record of fixing great titles such as Dark Souls, has come up with a patch that will give gamers the chance to play Final Fantasy XIII at resolutions of up to 3840×2160. There are currently some bugs that need to be mended in the future, but overall the patch works pretty good. Take a look at the features and known bugs and issues of the “GeDoSaTo” patch:


  • Arbitrary rendering and presentation resolutions (only 16:9 though)
  • HUD hiding (using the normal GeDoSaTo keybindings)

Its bugs and known issues are:

  • Some off-by-a-bit scaling issues, making the output less sharp than it should be in some circumstances
  • DoF effects are unchanged (still at original, low resolution – this is more apparent in contrast to higher resolutions)
  • Probably some stuff somewhere is cut off. I saw some scissor calls and am not dealing with them yet
  • Crashes when taking screenshots using GeDoSaTo
  • Rendering resolutions larger than 3840×2160 don’t work
  • Probably lots more

Some observations:

  • The game performs really well from what I’ve seen, both GPU and CPU-wise. But their frame limiting/pacing stuff sometimes seems to bug out.

You will be able to download the installer and get some more information from here. Hope this will help you play Final Fantasy XIII with your desired graphics settings.