Flight attendants want the FAA to reinstate the ban on electronics

The FAA has lifted the ban on the use of electronics during take-offs and landings of a flight not so long ago, but it seems that flight attendants have noticed an alarming change after the ban was lifted. Flight attendants sued the FAA over the issue and would like the commission to either reinstate the ban as it was, or change it so that small electronics like tablets and phones could be left powered one, but should have to be stowed away in passengers’ bags or pockets.

The Association of Flight Attendants has taken the matter to court on Friday, and detailed the fact that when passengers board a flight and take their seats, the tend to meddle with their devices instead of paying attention to the safety measures the flight attendants are presenting before a take-off. Flight attendants say that passengers ignore important training demonstrations like where the emergency exits on a plane are, how to use the oxygen masks in case the cabin depressurizes or how to use the flotation devices in case of an emergency water landing.

Flight attendants said that the FCC should at least force passengers to put their gadgets away during the crucial times of a flight, namely take-offs and landings, reiterating the fact that it would be for the passengers’ sake. So far, passengers could use their phones or tablets even during these crucial times of a flight, as long as Airplane Mode was turned on. Some airlines in Europe were actually planning to dismiss Airplane Mode as a requirement, too.

Flight attendants also said that the use of devices during take-offs and landings might slow passengers down in case of an emergency and that coupled with the fact that they were not paying attention to the safety announcements flight attendants were making prior to take-off could lead to a state of chaos in case of an emergency. So far, the debate between the FAA and flight attendants did not result in any official change in legislation, and the Justice Department disagrees with the flight attendants’ claims.

What is your opinion on the matter? Are passengers really distracted by their gadgets insofar as to be incapable of correctly reacting in case of an emergency? Do you think flight attendants are exaggerating or do they really have a problem getting passengers’ attention?