Far Cry 4 director reveals PS4 resolution and FPS, shares other game related details

Ubisoft has lately developed a habit of showing up in weekly news with behind the scenes info on their upcoming titles, and this time Far Cry 4 holds the front page with two well known and overly debated subjects: resolution and FPS. On top of this, news on single-player campaign length have emerged. This time, Far Cry 4 creative director, Alex Hutchinson is the man in charge with spreading the latest feed on Ubisoft’s action-adventure first person shooter. This comes after the latest Assassin’s Creed Unity “30FPS looks more cinematic” fuss generated by another Ubisoft official, Nicolas Guérin.

In the light of this incident, Ubisoft recently came out and stated that their upcoming Rainbow Six Siege FPS will be running on 60FPS. We’ll see how that turns out, but now the main focus point is Far Cry 4, which according to Hutchinson, will be running on 1080p and 30FPS on PS4. The reason why the game is not running on 60FPS is design-related, as Far Cry 4’s creative director explained to fans. “We’d have to simplify the art, have less people or events on screen or make other sacrifices,” he said. Following up on that, in detail specs for PC and Xbox One will be soon available. “We will announce all PC and console specs in crazy detail very soon: no point restricting it to twitter. XBone looks great.” Hutchinson also shared his personal opinion regarding the game’s graphical aspect on PS4 compared to Xbox One: “I would say identical but then some asshat would say a tree had one more leaf on xbone. So let’s say I don’t see a difference.”

Turning our attention to Far Cry 4’s gameplay, the single-player campaign plus all side missions is estimated to clock around 35 hours. Far Cry 4 will engage players in action-packed adventures all throughout the Himalayas, in dynamic geographic in-game environments which will set the stage for some memorable gun fights. Players will have a wide array of weapons, vehicles and wildlife at their disposal to create all the advantages they need in order to carry out their missions successfully. Far Cry 4 stands out from other first-person shooters, as it provides a varied range of jobs and free environment exploration, which will keep the players at work for a fair amount of time. Far Cry 4 is expected to launch on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3, this November 18th.