Flickr for iOS gets update for iPad optimization

As you’ve all probably heard by now, Apple has launched a whole new line of products, including the new iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K and the Mac Mini. While the iMac and Mac Mini have received a fair share of attention, the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 are much more hyped than the computers. With the new iPad Air 2, tablet enthusiasts will have more screen real estate as well as a thinner, more bendable (get it?) body to work with. An update to iOS 8 has also been scheduled for Monday, October 20 and app developers are now rushing to get their apps optimized for the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. Flickr is among the first to announce that it has optimized its iOS application for iPad.

Flickr for iOS on the new iPad Air 2

Flickr is a photography application that’s quite popular with iOS, Android as well as Windows users because it offers a camera app as well as sharing and editing tools, not to mention the free 1 GB cloud storage for you photos. Flickr has just announced that the Flickr iOS app has been updated so that it can take advantage of the screen real estate on the new Apple iPads. The new Flickr should be able to use your iPad screen better and display high resolution photos with up to 3 million pixels per photo. Flickr has released a statement about the new update: “This version of the Flickr iOS app is optimized to take full advantage of the larger screen on iPad, while delivering the gorgeous design you expect of Flickr, our powerful camera, and the versatility you need to manage your photos while on the go. On iPad, Flickr can now display images in high resolution by pushing up to 3,000,000 pixels per photo.”

Flickr has also updated its sharing tools, so that you can share photos through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, straight from Flickr on your iPhone or iPad. Now you can also edit photo details and perform detailed searches across your Flickr groups, photos and albums. Besides the new features, the Flickr update also brings stability improvements as well as bug fixes, naturally. You can get Flickr for free from the Apple App Store, and the app will come with the new updates included. Flickr includes a camera app that has various filters and and editing tools built in.