Graywalkers: Purgatory – Factions update, second batch of Raffle Giveaway

Dreamlords Digital have announced yesterday on Kickstarter that their crowdfunded project, Graywalkers: Purgatory has reached the 57% mark in crowdfunding efforts, with 16 days left to go until the end of the campaign. Meanwhile, developers wanted to let us in on some details regarding the Factions we will be seeing in Graywalkers: Purgatory. As it turns out, Graywalkers is a game in which making connections and building relationships will prove very useful for players – whether you are trying to find something in particular or someone, knowing where to turn for pointers will be the key. In Purgatory you’ll find many organizations, ragtag, but influential. Therefore, you’ll have to gain faction with the parties you seek to form alliances with.

Players will be receiving faction scores which serve as rating of how strong their relationship is with a certain faction. Naturally, players will start with different scores in relation to a given faction; the normal score is 0, meaning that the specific faction is neutral towards you. It is possible to kick off with a negative score which will reflect the “bad blood” between you and a certain faction, or a positive score which will translate into a friendly relationship with the faction in question. You’ll be gaining faction points as a reward for helping your faction either directly or indirectly. Direct ways of doing this is by carrying out successfully missions assigned by faction members of the faction itself. When triumphing in a mission, your reputation among them will increase, while the way you are perceived by faction members will alter for the better, of course. It is worth mentioning that faction members will be spread all across the game environment, so you may never know where they could turn up. Faction point loss will occur when you succeed in a mission for a particular faction, and its direct rival gets a negative point loss. More specifically, if for example you would be carrying out a mission for a demon faction, your angelic faction score will drop every time you are successful in your trials.

Take a look at the main factions in Graywalkers: Purgatory:

Major Factions

These are factions who’s influence are spread all over Purgatory, and the rest of the world of Graywalkers.

  • The Choirs of Heaven (Angels) – this is the faction of the Angels who were left exiled on Earth because of the Rupture. 
  • The Infernal Order / The Fallen (Devils) – this is the faction of all the Devils on Earth. Despite both coming from Hell, the Devils hold themselves different from their demonic allies. In Hell, they were the elite, as most of them were fallen angels, making them feel superior over demons.
  • The Abyssal Tribes / The Accursed (Demons) – these is the faction of the Demons. Though they are part of one big faction, they do have many minor factions under them. They are mostly separated into tribes
  • The Vampire Empire / The Bloodcursed (Vampires) – this is a large organization that has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Before the Rupture, they have always manipulated from the shadows but now they openly use their power and influence to meet their agendas. The rumor is that there is a vampire lord that literally controls all the vampires in Purgatory
  • The Werewolf Packs / The Mooncursed (Werewolves, Lycanthropes) – the werewolves and other lycanthropes are organized into groups which they call “Packs”. They are led by their own code and rules. The Packs are led by a Council of Alphas from each of the major packs in the organization. Like their vampiric enemies, they too have been around for centuries living in the shadows but now run free in the wastelands between the settlements.
  • The Black Market – this is a large organization that controls the flow of resources all across Purgatory. They have representatives in almost every settlement and they have their hands in many businesses, especially those that deal with more exotic items such as heavy weapons, rare technology, and mystical items.
  • The Humanitans – They are a militant group of purist pro-humans. They hate all things supernatural and rely heavily on technology to survive. They are heavily prejudiced against anybody who has any hint of the supernatural in them. 

Minor Factions

Like the major factions, their influence is also spread all over Purgatory and can be found almost anywhere. These are not the only minor factions in Purgatory, simply the most notable ones. 

  • The Ravagers – this is a large roving band of cannibals. They are mostly nomads who go through different settlements raping, killing and pillaging. It is said that they are tainted by supernatural energies but they are not known to be working with any demonic factions. They seem to just love chaos and will kill anything and everything they can when they want. 
  • The Dark Coven (Dark Witches) – these are the group of dark witches who are aligned with the demons and devils. Of course, despite their alliances, they do have their own agendas as well. 
  • Adeptus Dei – they are a secret order of scholars and adventurers seeking to reclaim old technology and find ancient magics. They have agents all over the land, trying to get information about these items. 
  • United States of Purgatory – these faction were the remnants of the US government. They have a legitimate president though so far they only have a few towns under their banner. Backing their play is another faction called Fort Independence. 
  • Fort Independence – this displaced former secret US army base that is rumored to actually have control of a functional nuke in their silo. It was said that they decided not to fire their nukes during the Trinity War. 

In other news, game developers have prepared a second batch of Raffle Give away for fans in which they will be giving away big titles such as Battlefield 3, Dead Space (Origin key this time), Brutal Legend, Far Cry 1, Far Cry2, and a few others. Check out the full Graywalkers: Purgatory news feed on Kickstarter