iOS to Android made easy by Google guide

Google thinks that there are many people out there using iPhones or iPads that are interested in switching from an iOS based device to Android based gadgets. Google thought that it would be a nice gesture to help iOS users out by publishing a guide on how to make the transition to Android easier. Seeing as Apple published its own guide for Android users in case some of them wanted to convert to iOS, the Google guide to Android for iOS users acts as a retaliation from Google, in some way. In any case, now both iOS and Android users have their own guides in case they want to switch mobile operating systems. We wonder when Windows Phone will be included in a guide such as these.

Google’s new guide for iOS users is called “Get going on Android” and teaches users how to transfer photos stored on iPads and iPhones, and details the differences between iTunes and Google Play, Google Drive and iCloud and also helps iOS users copy contacts, set up e-mail and set up messaging. Google will actually let iOS users transfer songs from iTunes to Google Play Music for free. You will be able to transfer up to 20.000 songs from iTunes to Google Play Music. While these transfers will be done within apps, in order to transfer your photos, you will have to download Google+ on your iPad or iPhone and select the Auto Backup option which will copy all the photos on the device to Google Drive.¬†Importing contacts from iOS will require a vCard in order to export to your Google contacts.

Google teaches iOS users how to transfer their photos from their iPhone or iPad to an Android device

Since iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile operating systems for smartphones and tablets, these guides for iOS users and guides for Android users come as a natural development in the process of trying to bring over people from the other side. While many Android users did actually migrate to iOS since the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8.1 have been launched, but there has been a constant migration from iOS to Android as well, since there are a number of users who don’t appreciate being locked into the iOS and Apple ecosystem. While the iOS 8.1 update does bring considerable features and functions to iPads and iPhones, many are saying that these features have long been available for Android users. Apple critics also say that iOS 8.1 has a lot to do for it to catch up with all the features Android OS has already made available to their users. Even though the iPhone and iPad are high quality devices, many would rather see them running on Android than iOS.

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