Destiny expansion The Dark Below is being developed with player feedback in mind

It’s hard to argue with the fact that Destiny ended up being a huge success even though the game got its fair share of complaints. In order to make all their fans happy, Bungie released a number of updates aimed at making the game better as well as announcing plenty of additional content. Indeed, the company previously stated that it was going to support Destiny more “aggressively” than any of its previous games and plans to do just that are apparently well underway. A new expansion pack called The Dark Below is scheduled to arrive sometime during December and will bring with it new content, including but not limited to new missions.

What’s interesting is that Bungie seems to be developing The Dark Below with player feedback in mind and is prepared to change Destiny in a number of ways to please the fans. “We are the new Bungie,” said Community Manager David “Deej” Dague. “We’re the Bungie that shipped Destiny and that has changed us. If you look at how many times we have updated this game, you can see how many things we have learned from our game and how many thing we have been willing to change about our game. We’re very deliberately taking action on how the game can be stronger, or more stable, or more diverse in the way you are all powerful.”

It almost sounds that Bungie wants to further improve Destiny and they’re not just talking about adding new content. So far we know that The Dark Below will bring several new story missions, a couple of new strikes and a new raid called Crota’s End. Is Bungie planning to add something else as well? That remains to bee seen. We’ll likely find out more about the new expansion as we approach its release date. Stay tuned for more news and updates.