Apple Pay users double charged by Bank of America

Apple Pay has just been launched on Monday, and it seems that just like with Apple Maps and iOS 8, the company is not off to a great start. While most users didn’t report having any issue with the new Apple Pay mobile payment system, Bank of America customers have reported that their accounts were being billed twice for the same transaction. Mobile payments through Apple Pay are done through the NFC chip in your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. The NFC chip stores credit card data and you can use your phone to pay on the spot at the hundreds of retailers already on board with Apple Pay.

Bank of America clients were disappointed to see that when they were using Apple Pay at various retailers, their accounts were being charged twice for the same purchase. When Apple was contacted about he issue, they said that only a “very small number” of Bank of America clients were experiencing the issue, even though hundreds of reports were sent in about Apple Pay flaws. Bank of America has also responded that the problem did not lie with them, instead customers should contact Apple Pay support. After going back and forth between companies, people started wondering why Apple Pay is encountering such issues the first day it launched. In any case, later on, Bank of America issued a statement declaring that they were working on a fix and were refunding those who had been double charge when using Apple Pay.

While mobile payments have been around for quite some time, it seems that once Apple picked the trend up, many more people and companies alike are getting interested. When Google Wallet launched, it didn’t cause a stir not even similar to what Apple Pay did. That demonstrates that when Apple picks up something that hasn’t been very successful, it makes it an instant hit, like it did with Apple Pay. While that’s certainly not fair, it does prove the kind of influence Apple has in the financial market and retail market. In any case, Apple Pay did not take off as well as Apple would have wanted it to. The fix is on the way for Apple Pay and Bank of America clients, but until then, maybe you should use your card instead of your phone to pay at stores. Or just use cash, that way you don’t have to pay a little extra to Apple or anybody else.