Latest Hearthstone patch introduces four new card backs

Blizzard announced a while ago that it will be adding a new card back for Hearthstone players to collect at the start of each new season, which coincides with the start of each new month. You won’t get it just for logging into the game though, as you’ll need to reach at least rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during a certain season in order to receive the card back at the start of the following one. That being said, Blizzard announced earlier that it is treating Hearthstone players with not one, but four new card backs to add to their collection. The announcement came via the patch notes of the latest Hearthstone patch which also includes a couple of bug fixes.

As for the card backs, you can get the Hallow’s End one by reaching rank 20 or higher in Ranked Play mode during October, so you better hurry because there’s very little time remaining. Next off, Blizzard announced that the next Hearthstone season the reward for reaching rank 20 or higher will be the Goblins Card Back. The other two card backs will not come for free and you’ll have to make a purchase in order to acquire them. One of them goes by the name of Blizzard 2014 Card Back and will be given as a reward to anyone who will be attending BlizzCon 2014, or to those who purchase a virtual ticket to the event. The ticket includes goodies for all the other Blizzard games as well, so it’s definitely worth it if you want to watch the event. Meanwhile, the last Hearthstone card back is called Warlords and you can get it by purchasing either the Collector’s Edition or the Digital Deluxe Edition of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion pack, Warlords of Draenor.

Aside from card backs, the latest patch also includes a bug fix for the iPad version of Hearthstone. Apparently the search field should now be showed properly at the top of the screen when the keyboard appears in the Collection Manager. Also, there is another iPad bug fix specifically for the China region that fixes a problem where log in sessions weren’t preserved when switching between Wi-Fi points.