The Rise of the Esports Phenomenon

A Whole New World

Video games have had such a powerful impact on society that they have changed the entire world. There is nowhere you could go in today’s world that you won’t see or hear about some form of video game being played enthusiastically by men and women, children and adults alike. Video games seem to be the great equalizer that everyone can agree on loving.

One of the best things to happen to video games in recent times is the rise of the Esports scene. Esports is essentially video games being played at such a high competitive level, that it is professional. Yes believe it or not fans come from all over the world just to watch the screen of their favorite players duke it out on the big stage. Esports has become a multibillion dollar industry, and with all the excitement it can generate, it is easy to see why.


The Arena

One easy to see clue that Esports is becoming more and more of a phenomenon all across the world is the recent news from Vegas. Vegas is installing an Esports Arena,  a significant event that shows that even some of the biggest investors in sports and gaming are putting their faith in the industry. Really there isn’t much faith needed considering how fast the gaming industry has grown.

Gaming is getting more popular than ever, and with a now well-established competitive and professional gaming scene, kids even have something to aspire to. Gaming full-time can be a real job. So now more than ever is a great time to jump on the Esports bandwagon.


A Safe Bet

There is so much involved in the world of Esports these days that it would be easy to get lost in the culture. There are hundreds of events taking place all across the globe, causing people from all over the world to drop what they are doing and rally around something they love. In fact, Esports has gotten so big that not only are people capitalizing with merchandise, they are even doing Esports betting.

There seems to be so much money pumping into the scene these days that there has been a point of critical mass reached. You can bet that now the dam of doubt has been broken, and the flood of cash flow will now be cascading down and drown early investors in cold, crisp cash.


Still Growing

Some have been so awed by the quick growth of the Esports movement that they believe that Esports will be bigger than the NFL. One reason for this is that video games seem to be a lot less about where you are from, and more about the games themselves. While there is still a lot of national pride taken in the Esports community, most of the time people just want to battle it out and share their love of the game. Esports can also reach almost the entire world instantly as a result of most popular games being played online. This has caused a phenomenon we have likely only seen the beginning of.