Fallout 4: Shadow of Boston is a hoax according to Bethesda

If you’ve been following the recent Fallout 4 “news”, then you may have heard about something called Shadow of Boston. I know, sounds pretty cheesy. Just in case it somehow didn’t reach your ears I’ll fill you in real quick. Word on the street was that Bethesda recently filled a trademark for Fallout: Shadow of Boston, which was naturally assumed to be the fourth installment in the highly acclaimed series. At first glance this didn’t seem like just a mere rumor as there is an actual trademark filling for it, although you’ll have to know German in order to understand all the details. The bottom line is that this Fallout 4 filling falls under  “computer game discs. downloadable computer game programs, computer games programs downloaded via the internet [software],auditioning for tv game shows.”

Some have speculated that this filling was not in fact for Fallout 4, but rather for an upcoming TV show based on the Fallout universe. As interesting as that sounds, Fallout: Shadow of Boston is just hoax according to developer Bethesda Softworks. The company went on Twitter earlier to confirm that the filling in question is a fake and that it didn’t come from them. “The German trademark filing that’s making the rounds is a hoax. This didn’t come from our offices,” Bethesda said. So, no Fallout 4? I’m afraid not, at least not any time soon. In any case, the company would probably keep quiet even if the game was in development, so there’s no way of knowing for certain.

Interestingly, this filling does corresponds to previous “leaks” that said Fallout 4 will indeed take place in Boston. But Shadow of Boston? That sounded pretty fake to begin with, although it’s nice to get actual confirmation from Bethesda nevertheless. Still, we do need to give props to the one who made the filling as it does look pretty legit at first glance. Could have done a better job with the subtitle though.